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Marvel Okinawa x Yamakichiya’s one-off Tagosaku x Yamakichi sets…


Yamakichiya‘s Tagosaku and Yamakichi return with 4 one-off sets from master painter Marvel Okinawa

  • Size: 10.8″ (Tagosaku), 9″ (Yamakichi)
  • Articulation: 4 points (base, arms, neck)
  • Price: 65,000yen plus shipping
  • Tagosaku features a design inspired by classic sci fi robots including Lost In Space’s B-9, incorporating a similar domed head section, pipe-like arms and a tank track base
  • Features an additional cockpit piece so that Yamakichi’s SAL9000 can ride inside, plus 2 interchangeable faces
  • Coming cast in a mix of white and clear sofubi, both Tagosaku and Yamakichi have been treated to layers of masked/free sprays, pinstripes and hand painted detailing in Marvel Okinawa’s unique kustom style
  • EDIT- These are currently available via lottery in the Yamakichiya store right here

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