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Uncut’s [Videogame Ver.] Jisonson…


The latest sofubi in Uncut‘s Bom Bom Monster line receives its first online painted release

  • Size: 5″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $50 plus shipping
  • Designed by Uncut’s Kotobuki Man based on Friday 13th’s Jason Vorhees, the latest Bom Bom Monster comes cast in a GID blue sofubi, coming with masked purple, black and red sprays inspired by the 8-bit Friday 13th game
  • Currently available via lottery, interested parties are going to need to send their name, shipping address, country and telephone number via direct message through the Kotobuki Man Instagram feed here

Secret Base’s [Full Color Ver.] Gizmo…


Secret Base‘s officially licensed Gizmo sofubi returns in an all-new colorway this week

  • Size: 6″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 0 points
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 13,824yen plus shipping
  • Gizmo comes cast in a white sofubi for this release, coming complete with the little guy’s classic brown/white/flesh paint app
  • Comes packed in a toy car display base inspired by the infamous scene from the first Gremlins movie
  • Currently available to purchase in the Secret Base store right here

Rampage Toys’ [Hand paint AP] Shoudai Goji…

Rampage Toys‘ officially licensed Godzilla gets a special overseas artist proof release

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 6 points (neck, arms, legs, tail)
  • Edition size: 10
  • Price: TBC
  • Designed and sculpted by Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt based on the first generation Godzilla, the classic kaiju comes cast in sofubi (clay proto pictured) with additional, brighter metallic green, purple, gold and red sprays with new hand painted detailing
  • Going on sale through the Rampage Toys store this Wednesday, March 7th at 10am Eastern time

Awesome Toy’s [Bubblegum] Twins…


Awesome Toy‘s Twins return for an all-new blank release this week

  • Size: 9″ each
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, arms, waist)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $80 each, $150 per set plus shipping
  • Cast in a pink soft vinyl, the pair remain unpainted for this release
  • Currently available via e-mail lottery. Interested parties can fire over their name, shipping address, phone number, PayPal address and Instagram/Facebook name (optional) to to enter, being sure to include “Bubblegum TWINS” in the subject header

Justin Ishmael’s Galligantus and The Deadly Spawn mini vinyl figures…


Originally making a limited appearance at DCon ’17, Justin Ishmael‘s officially licensed Galligantus and The Deadly Spawn mini vinyl figures finally make their online debut today

  • Size: 2″ each
  • Articulation: 0 points (finger puppet-style open cap)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $15 – $20 each plus shipping
  • Based on illustrations by Death Cat Toys’ Johan Ulrich, the officially licensed Galligantus and Deadly Spawn minis have been cast in a variety of colorways for this first release, including GID, flesh and green blanks as well as standard and GID painted versions
  • Currently available in the Ishmael store right here

Star Case’s “Gold” Robot R2 Space Convoy…

27579026_1781285468550210_1699713090980937728_nScreen Shot 2018-02-14 at 16.49.49

Star Case‘s knockoff Star Wars line Space Convoy returns with an all-new Robot R2 colorway

  • Size: 4″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms), plus additional body and head parts
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 7,000yen (TBC) plus shipping
  • Star Case’s R2D2-inspired figure has been cast insofubi, coming with a gold chrome paint app for this release
  • Comes packed in the standard vintage Poppy-style Space Convoy box
  • Available to purchase in the Star Case store right here starting February 20th

Deadly Delivery’s “Melted Radiated Flesh” Incredible Melting Maba…


Deadly Delivery‘s Incredible Melting Maba returns for one last release this week

  • Size: 2.25″
  • Articulation: 0 points
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $30 plus shipping (TBC)
  • Designed and sculpted by Dead Delivery’s Retroband, the MaBa-style figure – inspired by cult flick The Incredible Melting Man – comes cast in a semi-flexible red/flesh-colored resin, remaining unpainted for its release
  • Going on sale in the Deadly Delivery store this coming Saturday, February 17th at 12pm CST