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The launch of Dust Catcher…


Briefly featured last week, we give you the full lowdown on new publication Dust Catcher and it’s exclusive Elegab launch release

  • Dust Catcher is an independent print magazine about contemporary character design, illustration and collectibles. Bringing you a selection of interviews with their favorite makers, ranging from illustrators and painters to sculptors, toy designers, and manufacturers, the first issue is now available at
  • Volume #1 includes interviews with Acne JR, Case Studyo, Cleon Peterson, Elegab, Hedof, Irma Gruenholz, Joakim Ojanen, Pepe Hiller, Troy Coulterman and Zebu
  • 210 x 275 mm
  • 96 ad-free pages
  • Printed on uncoated paper
  • Cover with translucent paper sheet for that extra dusty look!
  • 14€ (plus worldwide shipping from Germany, only 3,90€)


Exclusive Toys

In addition to the magazine launch, Dust Catcher has secured 2 toy exclusives including a Meteorg from Elegab

  • Edition of 10
  • 8 inches tall (20 cm)
  • 4 points of articulation (arms, neck, waist)
  • Red soft vinyl
  • Including a “Deppa King” omake!
  • 95€ plus shipping
  • Going on sale in the DC store alongside “Popsy” from Pepe Hiller on Thursday, March 9th at 5pm CET time

Finally! The team are giving away 3 copies of Dust Catcher on their Instagram. All you have to do is follow them (here), go to this post and then repost it with #dustcatchermag. Giveaway ends on March 21st


MAN-E-NEWS// The Rivet Wars board game from Super Robot Punch x Cool Mini Or Not…


After a whole year in the making, Ted Terranova is proud to announce that Super Robot Punch will be teaming up with Cool Mini Or Not for the release of the Rivet Wars board game! As a few of you may remember in our interview with Ted last year, this was definitely on the cards for the brand at some point down the line- we just never knew it would happen so quickly! With rules, sculpts, art, tiles and other components already in the final stages of development (including the various protos we’ve posted recently), Cool Mini Or Not will be rolling out a Kickstarter to help support the game in the next couple of weeks, which, if successful, will allow the team to add more miniatures and items to the core game and hopefully expand things well beyond that. In lieu of a full reveal next week (hopefully!), we leave you here with new images of the heavy horse cavalry officer, Wolverine heavy assault suit and the latest print of the monowheel… Expect more news as soon as we get it!

Ted Terranova Art

MAN-E-NEWS// Rivet Wars ‘Archival MT-1 Locomotion Tests’ from Ted Terranova…


Ahead of a full reveal of the latest additions to the Rivet Wars series (check out the protos here), Ted Terranova has leaked some secret ‘archival’ test footage of a never before seen design, the MT-1 Locomotion! Appearing to be a cross between the new ‘Walker’ vehicle and the original Vert tank, we can only assume that this was how the Walker was originally fleshed out… although we’re kind of hoping it’s the reveal of Rivet Wars’ first articulated figure! As always, Ted remains tight lipped about exact release dates or availability, but you can be sure that as soon as we here anything of the MT-1, plus the previous 3 designs, we’ll be covering it right here…

MAN-E-NEWS// The M.U.S.C.L.E Man lamp from Sit&Bolt…

We rarely deviate from the art toy/minifigure formula here at Man-E-Toys, but upon seeing the latest lamp design from upstart lifestyle company Sit&Bolt (kindly shared by @sandwhichempire), we couldn’t resist showing you guys! Created by collaging together a huge selection of M.U.S.C.L.E figures, the piece has then been sprayed in a beautiful dark metallic blue finish… an absolute must for all lovers of little rubber guys! Unfortunately, the M.U.S.C.L.E lamp is currently unavailable to purchase, but with the launch of the Sit&Bolt site not long off, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this will become one of the first pieces to feature… expect an update soon!

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// WIP H.U.S.T.L.E “Skworm Hunter” 3 pack revealed…

With ‘Ed Skworm Vs. Min-E-Face finally hitting the Man-E-Toys store in little under an hour, we’ve decided to celebrate by exclusively revealing the next batch of incoming figures… the Skworm Hunters! Allies of Min-E-Face, the Skworm Hunters are due to come in a blistered pack featuring 3 all new designs; Skworm Hunter Grunt/Archer, Skworm Hunter Youth Brigade, and our favourite, the Bully… Created from a mixture of digital sculpting, M.U.S.C.L.E kit-bashing and good old fashioned clay, we’ve decided to once again cast these in a mixture of resin and rubber to appease both mini figure and art toy fans alike… With the Archer already cast (head over to the awesomeUniversity of MUSCLE for a sneak peek), and both Bully and Youth figures nearing completion, expect the trio towards the end of next month.

CALLING ALL CUSTOMISERS/SCULPTORS! We are currently looking for artists to team up with for future H.U.S.T.L.E releases (we plan to work on a series of Vs. sets in the near future), so if you think you fit the bill, contact us directly at with any examples of your work you can supply…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Rivet Wars Rocket Bike from Ted Terranova…

With the previously posted MonoWheel now awaiting production after a successful test-print last month, Ted Terranova is proud to reveal the latest vehicle to join the Rivet Wars fight, the Rocket Bike! Shown here in an exploded view, we’re glad to see the multi-part assembly of the Quad Stugs hasn’t put Ted off doing a similarly complex figure… this beast is set to come in 5 different pieces! Judging by the grunt (soldier) design, this will form part of the Allies side, joining the Vert Tank and Quad Stug in the battle against the evil Blight. No news on an exact release date for either the MonoWheel or Rocket Bike, but we have our fingers crossed for a debut at NYCC in October. Stay tuned for more news soon.

MAN-E-NEWS// The ‘Rivet Wars’ Blighter Monowheel from Ted Terranova…

Recently revealed here a few weeks back, Rivet Wars creator Ted Terranova has been hard a work developing the highly anticipated Blighter Monowheel! Pictured above is a near-finished sculpt of the contraption… as you can see from previous shots, Ted has added a huge amount of detail, pivoting the vehicle to give the soldier a more dynamic stance. In line with recent grunt designs, Ted has made the figure instantly recognisable as a Blight, decking him out in ceremonial suit, hat and cutlas. Soon to be heading to the 3D printers for prototyping, expect more news on this promising release, alongside the recently revealed grunts, soon…