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Grizlli Atom x Tru:Tek’s 5 Points exclusive Ooze Corpse keshi…

Ooze Corpse 2 5 Points

Grizlli Atom teams up with our very own Tru:Tek for 2 special 5 Points exclusives, the first to be revealed coming in the form of the Ooze Corpse resurrected in keshi-form

  • Size: 3″ (sitting)
  • Articulation: 4 points (hook jointed arms and legs)
  • Edition size: 5 (Green), 5 (Flesh)
  • Price: TBC
  • Designed and sculpted by Grizlli Atom, Ooze Corpse returns in a keshi-style rubber courtesy of Tru:Tek, with this initial batch coming in flesh-tone and neon green colorways
  • Going on sale at the Black Drove 5 Points booth starting Saturday, May 20th

Hateball’s [Glowth Spurt] Wolfpack…


Hateball comes with a surprise sofubi and keshi set release today

  • Priced at $125 plus shipping, the [Glowth Spurt] Wolfpack features;
  • Both Zinwolf and Duckwolf in mixed-part GID and black sofubi, each complete with double crown and magnetically attached mask
  • Droolid sofubi mini sets in both black and GID
  • Therefore Ghost keshi in both black and GID rubber
  • Stickers and 3/4″ enamel pin

Currently available in the Hateball store right here

Death Cat Toys’ 5 Points exclusive Berserker keshi…


Death Cat Toys‘ Johan Ulrich reveals release details for the first keshi in his ongoing Elder Demons line

  • Size: 2.5″
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • The oversized Berserker has been designed by Ulrich and sculpted by Largaburg, coming in-scale with the recent wave of larger keshi
  • This first release sees a limited amount cast in flesh, green, blue/red and red/blue keshi-style rubber
  • Each figure comes packed in a Neclos-inspired box with artwork from Johan
  • Going on sale May 20th-21st at 5 Points booth 322

Alien Robot Monster’s S.D. Joe LOBAT (Little Offensive Battle Tank) keshi…


ARM‘s much-anticipated keshi homage to GI Joe sees its first release this weekend

  • Size: 2.5″ (TBC)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $30 plus shipping (TBC)
  • Inspired by iconic toy line/cartoon series GI Joe’s Steeler and his MOBAT tank, ARM’s miniaturised rendition has been digitally sculpted in a similar style to classic 80’s keshi line Spiral Zone, featuring an articulated turret and removable driver
  • Comes cast in a Bandai kinkeshi green for this first release
  • Going on sale in the ARM store this Sunday, April 30th at 3pm Pacific time
  • Interested parties can try their luck at an early set by entering the latest ARM competition. Details on how to enter can be found here

Alien Robot Monster’s “Light Blue” Stranger Minis…


ARM‘s highly sought after Stranger Minis #1 keshi set returns in light blue this week

  • Size: 1.5″-2″
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $30 plus shipping
  • Featuring both Eleven and the Demogorgon from the hit show Stranger Things, both have been faithfully recreated in digital 3D form courtesy of ARM, coming in-scale with classic mini figure line M.U.S.C.L.E.
  • Cast in a light blue rubber for this release
  • Going on sale in the ARM store this Sunday, April 23rd at 3pm Pacific time
  • Interested parties can try their luck at an early set by entering the latest ARM competition. Details on how to enter can be found here

Uncut’s Capsule Case in Big Bro keshi…

After over 6 months hiatus, Uncut‘s Splatter Retsuden finally series returns with an all new keshi

  • Size: 2.5″
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • Designed and sculpted by Uncut’s Kotobuki Man, Big Bro has been inspired by cult classic Basket Case’s lead antagonist, Belial
  • Comes cast in a keshi-style rubber with an initial selection of 7 colorways; flesh, orange, blue, black, green, yellow and lavender
  • Each figure is packed with a Bukkuriman-style holographic sticker
  • Going on sale at Superfestival 74 on Sunday, April 23rd, look out for online sales soon after

“Neo-Clam” Duwas, “Oil Slick” Smog Balls and more in the latest Softoy Hobby sale…

clear black smogballs 2.jpg

Our very own Tru:Tek of Submission Toy will be dropping a number of blanks, painted runs and customs in-store this coming Friday, March 31st at 9pm London time

The release is set to include;

  • “Oil Slick” Smog Ball- Submission Toy’s debut figure has been double-poured in a gorgeous clear/black sofubi, with blank ($75) and factory painted ($85) options available. Limited to 5 of each
  • “Silver Strobe Mine” Smog Ball- Smoggie gets his first online painted run, coming in a mix of black, silver, metallic purple and green sprays courtesy of Tru:Tek. Limited to 5 with 1 reverse chase, priced at $120 each
  • Warui Zonbi: Series 1 “Teal”- The MaBa Zombie-inspired series returns in a super-limited blank teal colorway (painted version will be dropping at ToyCon UK next month). Features both SS Werewolf and Selwyn for $30 per set. Limited to 5
  • “Cockwork Orange” Bukkake- Electric Monarchy‘s debut keshi receives an exclusive from it’s producer, Tru:Tek. Limited to 10, each coming cast in an orange UV resistant rubber and packed in a resealable bag with Clockwork Orange-style stickers. Priced at $25 a piece
  • “Neo-Clam” Moonwalker Oozeballs- Submission Toy’s Rich Page and Tru:Tek come with another limited batch of Walkers. Cast in a Japanese sofubi with acrylic brushwork and sprays, the balls come packed alone or with a resin-cast Walker stand. Limited to 5 priced at $110/$90 each
  • “Neo-Clam” Duwa- Toysbian‘s Duwa is once again taken on by Tru:Tek. Cast in a GID sofubi with metallic pink, pink and silver VColor sprays, these are limited to 3 priced at $250 each
  • “Golden Shower” Duwa one-off- Cast in a GID sofubi with metallic pink, pink, neon purple and gold VColor sprays with silver brushed detailing (Hi-gloss coat not shown). Priced at $265
  • Click through for more pics

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