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Marc McKee x Blackbook Toy’s Rocco 3 Devil Bear…


Blackbook Toy team up with legendary skateboard graphic artist Marc McKee for their latest release

  • Size: 9.8″
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs) plus removable pitch fork
  • Edition size: 100 (50 available)
  • Price: 17,820yen plus shipping
  • Designed by McKee, sculpted by Monster Farm’s Chop and produced by Blackbook Toy, Rocco 3 comes cast in an orange sofubi complete with yellow/black/blue sprays with t-shirt graphic decal
  • Figures comes packed with pitch fork from Chop, plus a limited edition (of 50) screen print featuring McKee’s original 1989 deck illustration
  • Currently available in the Blackbook Toy store right here

Toy Art Gallery x Ron English’s [Monochrome] Poultry Rex…


Ron English and Toy Art Gallery‘s POULTRY REX returns in an all-new painted colorway

  • Size: 8″
  • Articulation: 5 points (arms, legs, tail)
  • Price: $105 plus shipping
  • Produced by TAG in a grey sofubi, Poultry Rex has been treated to black and white sprays and rubs
  • Available this Friday, August 23rd at Noon Pacific through the TAG store

Secret Base’s [Matte Black] MC Super Sized…


Secret Base‘s collab with Ron English returns in an all-new colorway this week

  • Size: 6″
  • Articulation: 0 points
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 15,660yen plus shipping
  • Designed by Ron English and produced by Secret Base, MC Supersized comes cast in a black sofubi with matte black and red masked sprays for this release
  • Currently available in the Secret Base store right here

Marvel Okinawa x Blackbook Toy x Frank Kozik’s [Biohazard] A Clockwork Carrot…


Frank Kozik‘s A Clockwork Carrot sofubi returns with a specially priced run from Marvel Okinawa

  • Size: 11.25″
  • Articulation: 4 points (waist, arms, neck)
  • Edition size: 4 each
  • Price: 14,580yen plus shipping
  • Frank Kozik’s Lil’ Alex and Dim have been cast in a marble meat sofubi this time around, coming with white and black sprays courtesy of Marvel Okinawa
  • Going on sale in the Blackbook Toy store this Monday, July 16th at Midnight Japan time

Hateball’s Zinewolf [Evangelion]…


Hateball comes with a Zinewolf inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion this week

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 7 points (boots, waist, arms, hat, removable mask)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $65 pluis shipping
  • Hateball’s Zinewolf has been cast in a black soft vinyl by Grody Shogun, coming with various purple, green and white sprays from Dski One inspired by NGE’s Unit-01
  • Comes packed with a full color fanbook
  • Currently on sale in the Hateball store

AE Workshop’s [Monochrome] Fattie…


Eric Chow and AEWorkshop‘s Fattie returns in an all-new monochrome colorway

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 3 points (waist, head)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $95 plus shipping
  • Designed by Eric Chow and produced by AEWorkshop, The Fattie comes cast in grey soft vinyl with white, grey and black sprays with hand painted detailing
  • Currently available in the AE Workshop store right here

Tru:Tek x AE Worshop’s [Incredible Bulk Beet Burger] Fattie micro-run…

beet burger promo2.jpg

Originally available at ToyCon UK last weekend, the remaining [Incredible Bulk Beet Burger] Fatties from our very own Tru:Tek will be available online later this week

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, waist x2)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $135 plus shipping
  • Designed by Eric Chow and produced by AE Workshop, The Fattie has been treated to a paint app inspired by Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, coming with 2-tone green and magenta/purple sprays, fitted black glass eyes and an Iron Man sippy cup
  • Going on sale in the Softoy Hobby store alongside a limited supply of other TCon leftovers this Friday, April 13th at 4pm London time