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SKC and Philip [BLObPUS Paint Ver.] lotteries…

Kenth Toy Works‘ Space Knight Connell and Toysbian‘s Philip are the latest figures to receive the BLObPUS treatment

  • Size: 6″ (Space Knight Connell), 8.5″ (Philip)
  • Edition sizes: TBC
  • Price: 15,000yen (Space Knight Connell), 45,000yen (Philip)
  • SKC comes cast in a GID sofubi with BLObPUS’ signature metallic/black free and stencilled sprays
  • Philip is produced in what appears to be a black sofubi, again with layers of metallic/black free and stencilled sprays
  • Both currently available via e-mail lottery, interested parties are going to need to send their name, country, address, telephone number and PayPal address to, being sure to include either “KENTH TOY WORKS GID Space Knight Connell [BLObPUS coloring version]” or “TOYSBIAN Philip [BLObPUS Paint Ver.]” in the subject header

Blingaling’s “Flamin’ Hott” and “Disco Beetle” Ghoul customs…

Up and coming customiser Blingaling reveals a micro-run of Craig Gleason and Justin Ishmael‘s Ghoul 

  • Size: 5.5″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, hands)
  • Edition size: 3 (Flamin’ Hott), 1 (Disco Beetle)
  • Price: $55 each plus shipping
  • Cast in a blue sofubi, the “Flamin’ Hott” Ghouls have been treated to layers of metallic orange, pink and gold sprays with black lowlights
  • Cast in green sofubi, the “Disco Beetle” comes with metallic blue, green and gold sprays with silver detailing
  • Going on sale alongside a whole host of other items in the Blingaling store at 1pm Central next Thursday, August 24th

Mechnoiz’s Convict exclusive Black Ace…


Convict secures an excluisve version of Mechnoiz’s Black Ace this week

  • Size: 11″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 10 points (neck, waist, legs, arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $147 plus shipping
  • Designed and sculpted by Mechnoiz, Black Ace comes cast in what appears to be a black soft vinyl, complete with layers of metallic blue, silver and gold sprays
  • Available via email lottery until Midnight Japan time tonight (8/17), interested parties are going to need to send the name of the product (MECHNOIZ BLACK ACE CONVICT LIMITED COLOR), their own name, Instagram name, country, address, phone number and PayPal address to

Bwana Spoons’ one-off Goboking…

Gravy Toys‘ Bwana Spoons takes on Paul Kaiju‘s mighty Gobo King for a one-off release this week

  • Size: 10″
  • Articulation: 6 points (arms, wrists, waist, gun turret) plus removable helmet
  • Edition size: 1
  • Price: $375
  • Gobo King comes cast in a red sofubi, coming with layers of Bwana’s signature sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Currently on offer via lottery, interested parties are going to need to check out the recent post on the Gravy Toys blog here and leave a comment underneath

Daniel Yu’s August ’17 online sale…


Daniel Yu comes with a whole host of soft vinyl and resin goodies this week

Going on sale in-store this Friday, August 18th at 10am Eastern time, featured items include-

  • Hand paint Jiangshi Acolyte for $165
  • Blank blue GID Jiangshi Acolyte for $95
  • Hand paint 8″ resin Zuco Bananas for $145-$160
  • Hand paint resin Lunar Beast for $145
  • Glitter vinyl Lunar Beast for $72
  • A selection of resin minis (approx 3″) for $72 each

SQDBLSTR’s “Perseids Meteor” Sexy Galaxy Hop, Yakan and Bun-Chan…


SQDBLSTR‘s latest sofubi minis return in a Perseids Meteor colorway this week

  • Size: 2.25″ (Sexy Galaxy Hop, Yakan), 3″ (Bun-Chan)
  • Articulation: 1 point each
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $13 (Sexy Galaxy Hop, Yakan), $23 (Bun-Chan) plus shipping
  • Designed and sculpted by SQDBLSTR, all three figures come cast in a glitter-infused translucent purple sofubi, with Hop and Yakan filled with tiny black pebbles and Bun-Chan fitted with milky green eyes
  • Currently available in the SQDBLSTR store right here

Deadly Delivery’s Troll mini figure…


Deadly Delivery returns with a figure inspired by one of Stephen King’s classic tryptics

  • Size: 2″
  • Articulation: 0 points (comes with removable dagger)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $25 plus shipping
  • Designed and sculpted by Retroband, based on the Troll from Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye
  • Comes cast in an unpainted “dead” grey resin for this debut release
  • Going on sale in the Deadly Delivery store at 12pm CST today (8/12)