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MAN-E-FEATURE// A week in toys…

Welcome to the first instalment of our weekly art toy round-up as MAN-E-TOYS.com! We’ve missed a heap of important stories whilst working on the new site, so without further ado, we bring you the hottest news in the world of toys from the past week.

In this issue we take a look at the latest releases from Papagrim Toys, The Tarantulas’ and A Little Stranger’s forthcoming Nibbler, Jeff Lamm’s Spikewad reveal, plus much, much more…

Hope you enjoy!




Resin News:

New Releases from Papagrim Toys

Hot off the heals of the recent NUKED! 3 pack drop a couple of weeks back, Papagrim Toys’ owner, Steve Patt, revealed a number of projects that he’s been working on this week. First off, Wednesday saw the release of Steve’s third iteration of the Snot Beast resin figure. Available in five different colours (with only Black Rub and You Struck Oil still available), the 3″ toys are available to purchase through the Papagrim store for $15 each.

Also up on the store (sadly not pictured) is a freshly sprayed Podaigon figure. Long since sold out, the 5″ tall resin figure has been sprayed with an expert orange and purple scheme, and is still available to purchase over on the store for $65 plus shipping.

The big news for Papagrim this week though was Friday’s announcement of the Human Slayers, a collaboration with artist Michael Skattum. Available now to pre-order, the hand painted green resin character is set to come with 3 points of articulation, including a removable head with a “surprise inside!”. Head over to the Papagrim site for more information…

Vishnu Paramata resin figure from We Kill You

We Kill You announced the latest addition to their extensive range of resin this week in the form of Vishnu Paramata. Based on WKY’s The Boss figure (released in 2009), the mini figure stands at 3″ tall, with the initial ‘Mystical Time Zone’ edition limited to just 20 hand cast pieces. Set to drop January 31st, 2012 at 12pm PST via the WKY online store here, each of the 20 figures come with a different concealed weapon (knife, ninja star, bat)!

Nibiru Prototype X resin toy from Nerviswr3k x Motorbot

After what has seemed like an age, the long awaited collaboration from Nerviswr3k and Motorbot finally saw the light of day this week in the form of the Nibiru Prototype X. Sculpted and hand-painted by Nerviswr3k and cast by Motorbot of Deadbear Studios, these hand-cast resin figures come bagged with a hand drawn Motorbot header card. Limited to only 6, the toys are retailing at $45 each through Nerviswr3k.

Galaxxor: Monster Hunter 009 from Ben Spencer and the God Beast

Released last Friday (January 27th), Galaxxor 009 is the latest resin action figure to drop from the Monster Hunter universe. Standing at 5.5″ tall, the action figure, sculpted by Ben Spencer and cast by God Beast, comes in a beautiful aluminium pellet infused resin that gives the toy a stunning semi-transparent look. Limited to an edition of only 5, the toy can be purchased through the Galaxxor store for $120 each plus shipping.

Vinyl News:

Niblette: GID Nibbler from The Tarantulas x A Little Stranger

Revealed a couple of weeks back, the Niblette GID Nibbler from The Tarantulas and A Little Stranger has finally had it’s release date confirmed as February 1st at 8pm GMT. Available exclusively through the A Little Stranger shop, the vinyl figure has been priced at £50 each.

A Little Stranger explains-

A Little Stranger / The Tarantulas / Real x Head / Onell Design presents: Niblette. Ok, so he’s a GID Nibbler in a hot pink hoodie, but as the pretty counterpart to the SDCC release i thought he needed a pretty name 😉 These Nibblers are really, REALLY, GID and glow like crazy in the dark or under blacklight.

Each GID Nibbler comes with a hot pink hood and specially designed header cards. Vinyl Made in Japan by Real x Head. Cloak Made in UK by A Little Stranger.

Spike Wad figure from Jeff Lamm

Whilst this week’s London Toy Fair was sadly lacking on the art toy front, we did manage to find a glimmer of redemption in the form of Jeff Lamm’s latest vinyl toy release, the four armed Spike Wad. Produced by Unbox, Spike Wad comes with detachable limbs (which can be interchanged with the previous ‘M5 BRAVO’ & ‘STEE-GAR’ figures. Pricing and edition size is still to be confirmed, but watch this space for further details.

Spike Wad is a fairly new large mutant spider. It’s origins are unknown, some say it first appeared in the area of the Large Hadron Collider on the border of France and Switzerland. It was given the military nomenclature “Spider Quad” which was shortened to “Spi-Quad” and finally “Spike Wad”

‘Tomenosuke x ESC Toy exclusive’ toy teaser 

Erick Scarecrow over at ESC Toy has been busy preparing yet another exclusive collaboration, this time with Japanese lifestyle store, Tomenosuke. Information on the toy is still tightly under wraps, but expect to see a release some time in the very near future. Head over to the ESC Toy blog for more information…

Android mini figures from DKE Toys

Alongside the recently launched Chinese New Year 2012 edition Android mini figures, DKE Toys also sneakily announced the third series of popular blind-boxed Androids this week. Featuring the biggest collection of artists yet, including Google, Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Huck Gee, KaNO, MAD, KRONK, Kelly Denato, Scott Tollesonand Sket One, the series is now available to pre-order through DKE Toys’ store here at $8 each. This will be the first ‘closed edition’ series, so make sure you grab them before they disappear!

Plush News:

Dumpling Ninja NOTM from Shawnimals

As always, the beginning of a new month sees the release of yet another Ninja of the Month from Shawnimals, with February’s flavour coming in the form of Dumpling Ninja. Available to purchase through the Shawnimals store from Wednesday, February 1st, the 7″ x 7″ felt toy will be priced at a wallet friendly $30 plus shipping. Check Shawnimals site for more details…

Love Heart Cavey from A Little Stranger

Also set to drop this week is the latest hand made Cavey plush from A Little Stranger. Released in time for Valentines Day, the 4″ hand made Love Heart edition is inspired by the dreamy pastel colours of the like-named British sweet (of which a mini packet is included with every order). Love Heart Cavey has been limited to an edition of 75, which will be made available exclusively through the Cavey store this Thursday (February 2nd) at £16 each.

Come back tomorrow for the official launch of MAN-E-TOYS, where we’ll be featuring an exclusive interview with Tetsujin Turtle creator, Peter Kato, plus much, much more!

A week in toys…

Welcome to our third weekly round-up of the art toy scene! In our endeavour to search for exclusive content for the site, we regrettably miss a lot of the art toy industry’s biggest stories throughout the week. To combat this, we’ve decided to create a new weekly feature that helps sum up some of the most important developments in the scene…

This week we take a look at the soon to be released Matt Groening Simpsons x Kidrobot collaboration, MAD*L’s Mork artist proofs, J*Ryu’s ‘King of the Boards’ winning custom, and much, much more!


Tru:Teknology Files writer/editor


Simpsons x Kidrobot: Matt Groening 6″ vinyl toy

This week saw the reveal of the latest addition to the Simpsons x Kidrobot toy series, in the form of show creator, Matt Groening. Commemorating the show’s 5ooth episode (to be aired in February), the 6″ vinyl figure is set for release on February 9th at all Kidrobot authorised dealers for $50 (£40 UK).

If you were born in the last 35 years, and spent any of that time watching American television, odds are you learned a thing or two from The Simpsons. Some of us remember many more pearls of wisdom from the animated powerhouse THE SIMPSONS than from our own parents… which explains the continued success of donuts!

Created by legendary “Life is Hell” cartoonist Matt Groening, THE SIMPSONS is celebrating its 500th episode in February 2012, and Kidrobot is honoring the father of primetime animation in the only way we know how – making him into a 6-inch vinyl toy! Complete with goatee and glasses, director’s jacket, and pad and pencil accessories, it is the first EVER Simpsons Matt Groening toy. -press


UPDATE// Ron English’s Fat Tony: A ton of tiger with a short shelf life

Announced last week, the guys over at Clutter Magazine have just revealed new images of Ron English’s imminent Fat Tony vinyl toy. Gearing up to drop in the next couple of weeks, the 8″ figure will be limited to 500 in it’s original colourway, with follow up colours limited to 100 each. More news on pricing and release dates to follow…


MAD’s Artist Proof MORK and custom MORK MAD*Ls

Released on MAD’s web store yesterday, Mork ‘816’ and ‘913’ are the latest figures from the artist’s Pobber Toys company. First seen at New York Comic Con last year in extremely limited quantities, the 6.5″ tall signed and numbered artist proofs are available for only $80 each.

Coinciding with the vinyl toy release, MAD also released two one-of-a-kind 10″ Mad*L customs. Decked out in both ‘816’ and ‘913’s colours, the toys were available for $400 each, but have since sold out.


Skinner x Jay222: H.P Lovecraft “Figure-a-Month”- The Colour Out of Space

It’s been a long time in coming, but legendary artist Skinner and master sculptor Jay222‘s collaborative project is finally coming to fruition in the form of the H.P Lovecraft “Figure-a-Month” series. Limited to only 10 figures per batch, each release will feature a different creature inspired by the H.P Lovecraft universe. First up comes the 5.5″ Colour of Space figure, which will will be available Monday, January 23rd for $100 each. Anyone interested in the toy should e-mail Skinner directly via skimmerdog2003@yahoo.com, as this wont be available in any shops!


J*RYU- Kidrobot’s King of the Boards

In a relatively short amount of time, toy customiser J*Ryu has become widely regarded as one of the hottest talents the scene has to offer, so it comes with no surprise that he’s been crowned Kidrobot’s ‘King of the Boards’ for the month of January. Head over to Kidrobot’s blog for an extensive interview with the man himself, plus a chance to win the 3″ Dunny that got him crowned.

To enter you must find the secret title of this toy on J*RYU’s Twitter steam and email this Dunny’s name and where you are from to wheelbarrow@kidrobot.com by next Thursday, January 26 at 6pm EST. As an added bonus, Twitter addicts must Follow@Kidrobot & @J*RYU and Retweet the hashtagged name of the Dunny to be in the running to win a mysterious custom 3-inch Dunny. Only the lucky winner will be able to see the secret display in side the head.


Kaiju Coup’s ‘Warui Inu’ ‘Ghost Edition’ viny toy from Medicom

The elusive Kaiju Coup revealed his latest figure this week, with the ‘Warui Inu’ dog getting an official release through Medicom Toys in the form of a ‘Ghost’ edition. Limited to only 6 pieces, the 6.5″ tall vinyl figure comes with 2 motion activated led units set in color gels inside the head and body that project light effects through the clear vinyl. Available via e-mail lottery through kaijucoup@gmail.com, the figure will set the 6 lucky winners back $220 a piece.


Keithing’s ‘Black Gold’ edition Dragon Warrior

Revealed by Keithing earlier this week, his breathtaking Dragon Warrior is set to drop in it’s latest colorway- Black Gold. Hand sculpted, cast, and painted by the artist, the 10″ resin figure is likely to set you back around $165 on it’s release this Monday (January 23rd) at Toy Qube.

A week in toys…

Welcome to our second weekly round-up of the art toy scene! In our endeavour to search for exclusive content for the site, we regrettably miss a lot of the art toy industry’s biggest stories throughout the week. To combat this, we’ve decided to create a new weekly feature that helps sum up some of the most important developments in the scene…

This week we take a look at the newly released metal “Neo Eyezons” from  Mark Nagata, Jon-Paul Kaiser’s “Captain Sturnbrau”, Ugly Dolls’ M.U.S.C.L.E inspired “Lucky Uckys”, and much, much more!


Tru:Teknology Files writer/editor

Mark Nagata x Toy Art Gallery: Metal Neo Eyezons

Released on Wednesday (January 11th), Toy Art Galley’s latest addition to their extensive range of metal cast art toys came in the form of Mark Nagata’s (Max Toy Co) Metal Neo Eyezon. Available in four different metal finishes; Gold – $195, Silver – $175, Copper – $150, and Black Nickel – $165, the 5″ tall hand crafted figures have been limited to a run of 100 in total, and are only available through TAG’s store here.

Jon-Paul Kaiser x Toy2R: Captain Sturnbrau

Available to pre-order as of this week, Jon-Paul Kaiser’s latest addition to the Whispering Corsair series comes in the form of the Captain Sturnbrau mini Qee. Unique in its level of customisation for a Toy2R production run, the captain features a wooden leg, hook hand, and pirate hat, all in Kaiser’s unique comic book style. The figure can be found on Toy2R’s store here for $40.

UME Toys: Pembleton Stranglefoot prototype

Hot off of the heals of the recent Martin Longbottom prototype reveal last week, Richard Page of UME Toys revealed yet another new sculpt in the form of Pembleton Stranglefoot on Wednesday. Based on the sticker design Richard did for the promo pack during NYCC, there is no news with regards to the moustachioed octopus’ release date or availability, but we’ll bring you the news as soon as it hits…

Martin Hsu: Dragon Boy prototype

With the opening of Martin Hsu’s latest solo exhibition at Dragatomi this weekend came the final preview of his long awaited Dragon Boy production prototype. No release date or editions have been announced as of yet, but we expect the figure to drop in the next couple of months. Head over to Dragatomi’s site here for more information on the show.

New teasers from Super7

Following the deluge of January releases announced this week, Super7 rounded off the week with yet another two teasers in the form Chewbacca rocking a t-shirt and bowcaster, and a blister card design similar to that of the Sucklord. What these images are telling us is anyone’s guess, but we’ll keep you up to date on any developments as we get them…

Ugly Doll: Lucky Uckys

The recent resurgence in multi-coloured ultra mini figures (Cris Rose’s Robotones, October Toys’ OMFG to name a few) has finally infected the world of Ugly Dolls, with offshoot Lucky Uckys revealed this week. Coming in five different colourways (totally a staggering 60 toys), the 1.5″ M.U.S.C.L.E inspired Ugly Dolls come in packs of four at $5 per set.

Frank Kozik: Choice Cuts 10″ Labbit

Frank Kozik’s first 10″ Labbit for 2012 was announced this week in the form of Choice Cuts. Coming with handy dotted lines for butchering the finest cuts of Labbit, the tasty morsil is set to drop on February 9th for $80 in an undisclosed edition number  at Kidrobot retailers worldwide.

Ferg: K11 [FROZN WHOLE] III pac

Last up comes the reveal of Ferg’s latest Squadt addition, the K11 [FROZN WHOLE] III pac. Available this Monday (January 16th) through Squadt’s store here, the three pack features new characters “ROVR”, “SPIKE” and “FIDO”, replete with jackets, modular harnesses, and removable helmets. 50 out of the 200 available sets will come in the Yello Sno variant, with both colourways priced at $85 each.

New Feature// A week in toys…

In our endeavour to search for exclusive content for the site, we regrettably miss a lot of the art toy industry’s biggest stories throughout the week. To combat this, we’ve decided to create a new weekly feature that helps sum up some of the most important developments in the scene. Unfortunately our first post is a little late, but expect our weekly round-up to drop every Weekend for the foreseeable future…

Drop us a line at trutek.uk@googlemail.com with any comments/suggestions.



Tru:Teknology Files Writer/Editor

The Beast Brothers x Huck Gee- Skullendario Azteca custom collaboration
With a sneaky pic revealed a few weeks back on Huck Gee’s Twitter feed, last week saw the official announcement of his collaboration project with The Beast Brothers. The ultra limited run is set to feature a series of custom 8″ Dunnys that draw from both the shogun and Aztec aesthetics that have made the legendary customisers so popular. Each 8″ custom comes hand painted, adorned with Swarovski crystals, and entombed in its very own wooden box engraved with the revised Aztec calendar.
The Robotone Sprogs by Cris Rose
Starting 2012 with a bang, highly respected UK artist Cris Rose announced the latest addition to the Sprog family, the Robotone. Coming in either Reynold or Rourke flavours, a new colour is set to be released each month, forming a basic set of 12 colours. Any serious collectors who manages to get a full set will be treated to an exclusive grey colourway at the end of the year.
“January Blue” dropped on Saturday (January 7th) and is available for a reasonable $25 per fig. Check Cris’ shop here for further details.
Sherbert Swirl Oozebat by Super7
Chanmen’s beautiful Oozebat sculpt once again graced the Super7 store in its craziest colourway yet last week. Released Thursday (January 5th), the Sherbert Swirl certainly lives up to its name, featuring super-bright marbled pink and lime vinyl layered with purple, yellow, and black spray. The limited edition figure stands at $55, click here for more details.
1/12 Seamonkey Figure by Ken Wong
Three A’s long awaited collaboration with toy designer Ken Wong finally saw some more developments this week. The 1/6 scale Seamonkey figure (standing at a massive 22″ high) is set to arrive in a (slightly) more affordable and less space hungry 1/12 scale. No word yet on what will become of its bigger brother, or it’s proposed Snow Pea pilot figure (designed separately by Ashley Wood), but we will bring you news as soon as it hits…
OG “Mickey” Deathhead by David Flores
Originally revealed at DKE’s booth at SDCC 2011, David Flores has recently posted pics of his latest vinyl toy, Deathead. Created alongside BIC Plastics, the 10″ figure blends the iconic Mickey Mouse with fighter pilot stylings, skull and crossbones and Flores’ unique bold lines to form one of 2012′s most desirable pieces yet. Check BIC Plastics’ page here for further details.
New works from Paul Kaiju
Highly respected toy creator Paul Kaiju has been hard at work recently, with last week seeing the reveal of the long awaited Mockbat and companion Hellmock, in glorious lime green vinyl. No news as of yet regarding availability and pricing, so keep an eye on Kaiju’s blog here for further updates.
Last Monday also saw the reveal of Kaiju’s latest sculpt, the mini Andoro Seijin. The figure is still in its early stages, so no news yet as to wether it will eventually materialise in vinyl form- here’s hoping so, Kaiju’s clever design reveals a different monster face when viewed from different angles!
Lastly, the painstaking wait for Kaiju’s “Red Eye Distress” Boss Carrion is nearly over. Slated for a (rather vague!) January release, the Boss is set to come in a number of unique colourways alongside the official metallic orange and green. More info to follow…
WHAM BLAM BLAMO: Blamo Toys Exhibition @ Toy Art Gallery
Blamo Toys’ first art show at Hollywood’s premier toy gallery, TAG, opened to huge success last Saturday (January 7th). Offering fans a glance at new toys, exclusive colourways, and one-of-a-kind hand carved oversized pieces, the exhibition also saw the release of TAG exclusive, Panda Fuzzie Bare.
Limited to an edition of only 6, the stunning carving sold out within seconds of the show’s opening. Check Toy Art Gallery’s site here for more details.