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MAN-E-NEWS// The Phalanx mini exposition at C2E2 revealed…


With Chicago’s C2E2 opening it’s doors later this week, Ben Spencer over at Nerd City proudly presents the entire Phalanx line-up in full! A mini exposition featuring an incredible collection of neo-vintage 5.5″ action figure customs, bootlegs and original figures, the strictly limited designs will be available to view and purchase from the Nerd City booth. Here’s a quick rundown of what will be on display (including edition sizes and pricing)-

  • DOC Dead DieBias$e (previously featured here)// Created by Goodleg Toys, these have been limited to 5 for the Phalanx, priced at $60 each.
  • Rudo Rey Mar the Lucha Shark (previously featured here)// The third Lucha Shark colourway, the figure, sculpted by Ben Spencer and cast by Marty ‘Godbeast’ Hansen has been limited to 5, priced at $75 each.
  • Prince Algor and Toron (previously featured here)// Created by Rampageo Industries, the prince and side kick come cast with neo mag joints in an exclusive glitter black/gid colourway. Limited to 4 and priced at just $40 each.
  • Lilith Eve the Deadstar Diva// Designed/kit-bashed by From the Styx Toys’ Tim Seeley, Lilith has been cast by ManOrMonster? Studios, once again coming with WoW neo-joints. Limited to 4 hand painted figures, the Diva has been priced at $50.
  • Torix and The Phantom King// Coming from the legendary 5.5 Customs, these guys have been limited to an edition of 6 with 1 white ‘Phantom King’ chase. Priced at $85 and $100 respectively.
  • The Orc// Taking a break from their Mego-style releases, Imagination Asylum proudly present their latest original figure. Limited to 5 exquisitely crafted pieces, they will be available for $75 a piece.
  • Stealth Squad Skeletoncrew// Ro3co comes with the latest iteration of his popular Skeleton knock-off, this time around cast in a crystal clear ‘stealth’ resin! Limited to 5, these have been priced at just $50.
  • Bunny Warrior// Not to be out done by brother Tim, From the Styx Toys’ Steve Seeley has also contributed to the show with is latest creation, the Bunny Warrior! Produced by Giant Japanese Monster, Bad! in a flesh coloured resin, the oddball figure has been limited to 3 pieces, available for $50 each.
  • Mechgarr// Leaving the best ’till last (in our slightly biased opinion anyway!), our good friend and partner in crime, Bigmantoys, has teamed up with ManOrMonster? Studios for this Phalanx-exclusive Treegarr. Featuring WoW compatible neo-mag joints, the beautiful piece has been given a chrome finish with detail hugging black rub. Limited to 5 and priced at $80 each.


On top of this crazy line-up, both ManOrMonster? Studios and Marty ‘Godbeast’ Hansen will be on hand with a number of different exclusives including the pictured ‘Infection‘ Galaxxor (limited to 10 pieces @$125 each) and ‘Gamma Meltdown’ Bog-Narr (limited to 5 @$80 each), alongside the debut of Mystical Warriors of the Ring, WoW’s Clawbber, a Skinner Galaxxor and more! Stay tuned for more tomorrow…


MAN-E-NEWS// The ‘Shipwrecked Plunderboys’ debut from Goodleg Toys…


Swiftly following their Phalanx reveal at the end of last week, the guys over at Goodleg Toys are proud to announce that their first 100% originally sculpted line, the Shipwrecked Plunderboys, will finally be making it’s official debut tonight! Starting with the series’ main protagonist, Captain John “Goodleg” Blackweird, the incredible 5.5″ neo-vintage action figure has been sculpted by Goodleg’s Pablo Perra, coming cast in resin with what appears to be a total of 5 points of articulation (another first for the company!). Limited to just 10 pieces, Blackweird will be heading to the Goodleg Toys store at 9pm GMT+1 for an undisclosed sum… Stay tuned for yet more from the guys in the very near future!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Phalanx’s DOC Dead DieBia$e from Goodleg Toys…


With the mighty Phalanx group project making it’s debut at C2E2 next month, the first figure reveal comes from our friends over at Goodleg Toys, as they proudly present DOC DeadBia$e… As with previous WOTU releases, the figure has once again been kit-bashed from various vintage MOTU and WWF figures, this time around coming cast in a GID resin with eye-catching prison orange paint job. Limited to just 5 pieces and priced at $60 each, DOC will be making an appearance alongside a staggering selection of other Phalanx figures exclusively at Nerd City’s booth #967 in The Block at C2E2 starting April 26th… Head over to the dedicated Phalanx blog here for more information on the project, and be sure to stay tuned for a whole lot more from Goodleg in the very near future!