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MAN-E-NEWS// I Love Antix’s ANTIX Mini Bod resin figures…

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Whilst we wait with baited breath for the release of their debut action figure, I Love Antix are proud to present something that’ll fill the gap rather nicely… the ANTIX Mini Bods! Designed to fit the previously released ANTIX heads (the very same that will feature in the main release), the figures have been digitally sculpted by iamscumbag based on the original ILA ant mascot, with production duties handed over to the more than capable hands of DuBose Art. Cast in a GID resin to match the main head colourway, the Mini Bods are up for grabs on the ILA store right here for $10 plus shipping… Please note that these are purchased separately from the heads. If you’re looking to pick up a whole figure, you’ll need to pick a head from the variety of colour choices here.