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Art Junkie’s Arktz exclusive [Black Rose] Shitton set…


Art Junkie‘s sofubi duo return for an Arktz exclusive release this week

  • Size: 4.3″ (standard), 2.2″ (mini)
  • Articulation: 1 point each (neck)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 7,000yen plus shipping
  • Designed by Art Junkie and produced by One-Up, the matching pair have been cast in a milky white sofubi, coming with layers of purple, blue, green and red sprays with brushed detailing
  • Currently available in the Arktz store right here

Five Star Toy’s Arktz exclusive [Skull Ver.] Childhood Ashuraman…


Arktz teams up with Five Star for their latest exclusive release

  • Size: 6″
  • Articulation: 7 points (neck and arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 12,000yen plus shipping
  • The multi-faced Ashuraman has been cast in what appears to be a black sofubi this time around, coming with masked red and white sprays
  • Currently available to purchase in the Arktz store right here

Aimodo’s Arktz exclusive Future Roman Rage…


The latest iteration of Aimodo‘s Otomodachi sofubi receives an Arktz exclusive release

  • Size: 4.5″
  • Articulation: 6 points (retractable waist, shoulders, detachable arms, neck)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 4,500yen plus shipping
  • Future Roman Rage comes cast in clear green and clear red sofubi, complete with matching white, silver and gold sprays inspired by Microman
  • Comes packed with interchangeable GID sabre attachment
  • Currently available in the Arktz store right here

Siccaluna’s Arktz exclusive [MAD Series] Dohatsu Oni set…


Siccaluna and Arktz‘ MAD Series continues with a special Dohatsu Oni set release

  • Size: 9.4″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, arms, waist)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 16,200yen plus shipping
  • Dohatsu Oni comes cast in a mixed-part sofubi (with GID head), coming complete with layers of gun metal, silver and c-thru purple sprays, hand painted detailing and matching bunny omake
  • Currently available in the Arktz store right here

Uky Daydreamer’s Arktz exclusive Qutoo and ULTIOTL…

Two of Uky Daydreamer‘s staples return as Arktz exclusives this week

  • Size: 4″ (Qutoo), 8″ (ULTIOTL)
  • Articulation: 1 point (Qutoo), 4 points (ULTIOTL)
  • Edition size: 9 (Qutoo), 4 (ULTIOTL)
  • Price: 5,000yen (Qutoo), 8,000yen (ULTIOTL)
  • Both Qutoo and ULTIOTL have been cast in a GID sofubi, coming with matching masked neon purple sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Both will be available through the Arktz store (here and here) starting February 10th at midday Japan time

Siccaluna’s Arktz exclusive 2018 Lucky Bag…


Siccaluna team up with Arktz for a special Lucky Bag release this week

  • Edition size: 15
  • Price: 24,000yen plus shipping
  • Each lucky bag is set to include a total of 4 different figures; the pictured clear pink Dororas and green Four Eyes, plus 1 secret large-size figure (19cm-30cm) and 1 mid-size figure (9cm-11cm)
  • One in five sets will include a clear blank Yabanjin
  • Going on sale in the Arktz store right here at midday Japan time on January 26th

Siccaluna’s Arktz exclusive “Psychedelic” Galmega…


Siccaluna‘s latest offering receives its second Arktz exclusive this week

  • Size: 10.6″
  • Articulation: 6 points (neck, arms, legs, tail)
  • Edition size: 5
  • Price: 18,000yen plus shipping
  • Galmega comes cast in a white sofubi for this release, coming with layers of multi-color psychedelic sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Comes packed in a deluxe box
  • Going on sale in the Arktz store this Saturday, January 13th at Noon Japan time