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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Game Over” Video Game Culture Art Exhibition at GR2…

This past Saturday saw the opening of Giant Robot‘s latest group exhibition, the video game themed “Game Over”. Featuring well over 90 artist from the world of low brow art including Grody Shogun, Luke Cheuh, Peter Kato and Martin Hsu, the huge show covered a wide variety of mediums including custom toys, original sculptures, prints and paintings. Standout pieces for us have got to be Luke “Grody” Rook’s Mario Bros Monster/EM customs, plus the wall hung “Yerren” board game from Sean Chao (both pictured below)… head over to the Giant Robot Flickr for a better look- this thing is huge!

Alongside the massive collection of art, Giant Robot is also playing host to a selection of indie games this month, including the works of programmers Beau Blythe and Shelby Cinca who have been creating a game with Game Over participants Sean Chao and Jeni Yang… If you’re in the LA area, be sure to pop down before the show’s June 27th close and have a look (and play!)…

Game Over
Video Game Culture Art Exhibition
June 2 –  June 27, 2012
Opening reception Saturday June 2th 2012, 6:30-10pm
GR2 – 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 http://www.gr2.net 310 445 9276

MAN-E-NEWS// “Pierced” vinyl figure from Parra x Kidrobot…

“As he pierces her with brutal force.”

Inspired by the melodramatic cover art of romance novels and based on his original silkscreen artwork, Dutch artist Parra has joined forces with Kidrobot to produce “Pierced”, a 10″ tall vinyl sculpture that has no front or back, telling a different story from every angle! Using his signature post-Pop imagery and highly saturated colours with contrasting matte and gloss finishes, Parra depicts two figures “entwined and suspended in a dramatic dance of passion and pain”.

As you can see from the turnaround above, one angle portrays two lovers engaged in an intimate moment, whilst changing your view reveals a brutal display of empowerment as the fully dressed man pierces the naked lady’s flesh… a truly breathtaking piece! Produced in a limited run of just 300 pieces worldwide, Pierced will be available for $150, hitting Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers from June 7th…

GROTY: new work from Casey Weldon @ Gallery 1988

Opening this Thursday (December 8th) at Gallery 1988’s Venice location, “Groty” is the first solo show from artist/illustrator, Casey Weldon. A regular to Gallery 1988’s group exhibitions, Casey has prepared a collection of paintings for the show, using iconic 80’s toys and their attached nostalgia as a focal point for his work.

Casey’s inspiration for the show draws from a vast catalog of Saturday morning favourites, including MOTU (Battlecat/Cringer pictured above), Glo Worm, My Little Pony and GI Joe.

The show runs from December 8th-24th 2011 at Gallery 1988 Venice. All of the artworks will be made available to purchase through Gallery 1988’s store here after the event. (more pictures to follow…)

Gallery1988 Venice, 214 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

(photos- gallery1988)


UME Toys @ The Thought Bubble Festival’s Comic Con

Celebrating sequential and comic art of all forms, the Thought Bubble Festival is the largest of it’s kind in the UK. Starting on Monday (November 14th), the week long event features a number of workshops, competitions, film screenings, signings, panels and book launches across Yorkshire, finishing off with a two day comic convention at the Saviles and Royal Armouries Halls- Leeds largest conference venues.

The comic con is set to feature over 300 exhibitors, artists, and writers including the likes of Tim Sale (Spiderman), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Martin Conaghan (Burke and Hare) and Gary Erskine (Dan Dare). The art toy community will also be out in force at the event, with the likes of indie designer UME Toys representing the scene in style.

UME Toys

Rich of UME has created this one off Iron Man custom for the event. Standing at over 8″ tall, the piece was hand sculpted using a mixture of clay, metal and wood. Unfortunately Rich hasn’t made it clear if this one will be up for grabs…

There will be a “bunch of other crap” (their words!) available to purchase at the show though, including their infamous UME Kittens, sketch pads, sticker packs, sketches and custom zombie toys. They’ll be at table 62, so if you’re going to the event, stop by and take a look at their amazing work.

(The UME Kittens)

(UME Custom Zombie Babies)

UME are also running a competition to win a whole bunch of goodies from the team for all of those who can’t attend. All you have to do is follow both @Umetoys and @elmos_empire, and then tweet “want to win #UMETOYS stuff”. The winner will be announced through twitter on Monday, November 21st.

Check UME’s big cartel store here for their latest releases.

(photos- UMEtoys)

“Post More Bills” Group Art Show @ Gallery 1988: Artwork Reveal

Opening to a warm reception last Thursday (November 3rd), Gallery 1988 Melrose’s latest tribute show “Please Post Bills” pays homage to the many faces of legendary actor, Bill Murray. Featuring well over 100 paintings, drawings and sculptures, all of Murray’s best loved film and Saturday Night Live characters have been interpreted, including Peter Venkman, Carl Spackler, Steve Zissou, Bob Harris and Herman Plume.

Featuring a huge roster of low-brow artists including Todd Slater, Mike Mitchell, Jude Buffum, Phantom City Creative and Casey Weldon, “Please Post Bills” will be running until November 26th. Gallery 1988 have now posted all of the artworks online, with both prints and originals available to purchase for a short time (prices starting at $30). Here are a few of our favourites:-

Gallery 1988 Melrose Presents:

an art tribute to a comedic legend

Dates: November 3 – 26, 2011

Hours: Wed – Sun: 11 AM – 6 PM Monday & Tuesday: Closed

(photos- gallery1988)

“THE EVOLUTION WILL BE FABULOUS”- New Sculptures by Peter Gronquist

Closing tomorrow after a two week stint at Gallery 1988’s prestigious Venice location, the “Evolution Will Be Fabulous” exhibition showcases the latest work by hotly tipped Portland based painter and sculptor, Peter Gronquist. Visiting familiar themes, Gronquist presents a series of spectacularly grotesque sculptures, featuring his trademark blend of animal busts, weaponry, designer label references and a staggering amount of 24 karat gold. The works are now available to view and purchase through Gronquist’s Revolution blogspot, with prices ranging from $300 – $8,000.

Whilst many read into Gronquist’s work as a comment on our culture’s glamorisation of violence, war profiteering, rampant consumerism and pervasive branding, the artist insists that his art has no real purpose- apart from satisfying his urge to “make something completely ridiculous”.

“…Then people gave me money for them. So I made a ton of them because I’m a whore. I find that it’s a parody of myself because I also like ridiculous things sometimes for no logical reason. I’m a victim of the rampant consumerism that I parody. It’s all very confusing.

– Peter Gronquist interview

Check Gronquist’s site here for a look at his extensive collection of painting and sculpture. The “Evolution Will Be Fabulous” pieces are available to purchase through GronquistRevolution here.

Next at Gallery 1988 Venice…

With the end of one great show comes the news of another, with Gallery 1988’s Venice location gearing up for the highly anticipated “Ghosts” exhibition, set to drop next Thursday (November 10th). A collaboration between four of America’s hottest emerging illustrators, including Double Fine’s (Physonauts/Brutal Legend) Scott Campbell, the show features a host of paintings, illustrations and prints, influenced by the artist’s love of the afterlife.

Scott will also be releasing his latest picture book, ‘Amazing Everything- The Art of Scott C’, on Saturday (November 12th) at the gallery, along with the eighth instalment of the Showdowns print set.

(photos- Peter Gronquist)

Zombiemonkie’s Zombie Art Project: The Best So Far…

Covered here at the Tru:Teknology Files at the end of last month, Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie’s Zombie Art Project is now in full swing, with over half of the putrid series now available to purchase through the Zombiemonkie store. Featuring a cast of over 65 customised Playmobil figures, a different pair of the zombified toys have been released each day throughout the month of Halloween. Prices for the pieces range between $30-$60 depending on the level of sculpting / customisation, with each of figures shipped in their own hand made and stained 6″ wooden coffin.

We love the project so much that we’ve decided to present to you a ‘best of’ collection of our favourite releases so far- here’s hoping the incoming entries over the next week can maintain the high standard! (back stories taken from Zombiemonkie’s site)

The Famished Father and the Succulent Schoolboy – $35.00

FF: This man of the cloth has had an insatiable hunger ever since he lost the top of his head last week to an overzealous parishioner. This hunger hasn’t disappeared despite feasting on a majority of the choir as well as quite a few of the Nuns that he found hiding around the castle like church he calls a home.

SS: Maybe it isn’t smart to keep the famished father and this delicious looking school boy trapped together in such a small coffin. If one bad thing doesn’t happen to the poor lad, another even crueler act is bound to take place.

The Thriller and Sanjay – $40.00

TT: This red leather clad pop star has been in zombie limbo since the mid 80’s. Only now after his official death can it be confirmed that MJ had been eating the flesh of young children for years to keep his appearance fresh and childlike (a little trick the zombie Elizabeth Taylor taught him).

SJ: MJ’s trusty boy servant, Sanjay has seen more than a child of his age should. Perhaps that’s why he can’t stop picking at his own brain. Luckily he still has that fancy turban to hide his self-inflicted wound from the ever watchful eye of his bizarre master.

The Pimp and Harriet the Half Ho – $45.00

TP: This dapper gentleman knows how to make a dollar the old fashion way…. pimping out street trash to the highest bidder. Although demand has tapered off lately, this “legitimate businessman” knows how to keep his customers happy…. introducing his new line of budget hookers- half the woman HALF the price!!

HH: Harriet would never go against her daddy. He helps her with money issues, never hits her, and above all else he buys her only the finest jewelry…. case in point her fabulous new Spine Bone necklace, a new design that is setting the zombie fashion world on fire!

Phantom Spaceman and Bongo – $50.00

PS: Ground control to Major Tom… Something with this space cadet is very, VERY wrong!
Ever since coming in contact with the on board scientific research animals, Tom here hasn’t been feeling quite himself…. In fact he is so spacy lately that he hasn’t even noticed the quarter sized meteor hole that has rendered his space helmet utterly useless.

B: Coming back on a deep space probe Bongo landed safely aboard the international space station and was whisked directly into medical care. This particular experiment seems to have gone horribly wrong, and bongo has become something the scientists on board have never encountered before… a new species that could very well destroy mankind as we know it.

The Ultimate Survivor – $50.00

Maxwell learned how to survive in the zombie wasteland quickly. Stay protected, stay armed, and above all else…. destroy their teeth and they can’t bite you! Frustrated with the current social climate, Max has decided to make a difference. Donning his custom survival suit and grabbing his sturdy sledge, Max has set out to take the world back for the living…. one smashed skull at a time!

We all scream… SOLD

Who doesn’t love the ice cream man? Smile on his face, bell brightly ringing, cart full of tasty treats. This business savvy fella has tweaked his once prosperous ice cream cart to fit a new business model…. all brains all the time and business is booming!!


Check out Graham’s other custom work over at the Zombiemonkie site here. His latest piece, entitled Hugo, uses the 10″ Bart Simpson Qee to hilarious effect (replete with rat/bird pet!), and will be featuring at the Bewitching Show at Stranger Factory this month.

(photos- zombiemonkie)