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MAN-E-NEWS// The Re-Venture toy exclusives from threeA Toys…

As we draw ever closer to threeA’s Re-Venture festival taking place at the end of the month (April 27th-May 4th, read more here), the art toy powerhouse has finally revealed the line-up of exclusive toys that will be making an appearance. Available to pre-order from the Bambaland store from April 10th at 9am HK (for pick-up only), the following figures will be up for grabs-

ANKOU EX SXCLB H SHADEY 1/6th $165 usd

WWRP Square MK2 KID SARGE 10 PACK 1/12th $150usd

YESTERDAY PRINCESS ( two versions, random ) 1/6th $90usd


OLD GUARD T KING SBV ( four versions, random ) 1/6th $90usd



As you can see, there’ll be a couple of unexpected releases alongside the originally publicised 1/12th MONGROL, so be sure to visit the site early to avoid disappointment. Anyone interested in picking up a few (or all!) of the toys on offer will be happy to know that threeA will also be offering up 3 sets, which will include either-

Set A:

TK (random), Nabler, 1/12th scale Square MK2 10Pack, Lady Sham, T-shirt and the FI 4 Book

Priced at $420

Set B:

TQ (random), Mongrol, Ankou ex, Wray Book, T-shirt and the Raw FI Book

Priced at $400

or Superset C, which combines both A and B for just $800…


MAN-E-NEWS// The Square Companion from Valve x threeA revealed…

With speculation regarding the recently announced Valve x 3A Toys collaboration reaching fever pitch, the 3A production blog has finally quelled any rumours with the reveal of the Square Companion. Combining Portal’s much loved cube with WWR’s Square robot, the figure is likely to make it’s debut at this year’s NYCC in October. Ashley Wood has previously mentioned that the Valve partnership is likely to spread across several IPs, so there’s still a chance that we’ll be seeing Half Life’s DØg or Left for Dead’s Smoker in the near future. Expect more news on this monumental collaboration as soon as it hits…

Featured here a couple of weeks back, 3A Toys’ latest collaboration with comic book legends 2000AD, Ro-Jaws, is finally available to pre-order exclusively from Bambaland now (March 22nd) for just $110 shipped. Anyone lucky enough to own a 3AA membership also has access to the limited ‘Blackhole’ edition (pictured). Anyone interested should head over to the store now- Ro-Jaws will only be up for 24 hours…

MAN-E-NEWS// 3AVOX: March releases from threeA Toys…

Making up for the lack of appearance last week, today’s 3AVOX came packed with information regarding the latest threeA releases, including the long awaited MGS Rex’s confirmed release date and pricing. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been revealed…

First up, threeA have officially announced a March release for their first 2000 AD collaboration, the 1/6th scale RO-JAWS. No news yet with regards to pricing or editions, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info on what has got to be one of A.B.C Warriors hottest figures yet.

Teased last week, Black Hole Mongrol will see his debut in 1/12 scale at threeA’s RE-VENTURE between April 27th to May 4th. Classic red/yellow 1/12 Mongrol will also go on sale through the Bambaland store at the same time for an undisclosed price. Let the 1/12th SMUSH begin !

Metal Gear Solid REX will finally be going on sale at Bambaland on March 2nd at 9am HK. Priced at $490 including shipping, the 18″ led lit behemoth is threeA’s most ambitious toy yet- we just wish that all that quality didn’t have to come at such a high price! Expect more details on the project to follow soon…

3A Toys’ 3AA 2012 membership goes live January 13th…

Announced this morning, 3A Toys’ annual 3AA membership goes on sale Friday January 13th at 9.00am HK for a strictly limited 24 hours.

Available through 3A’s Bambaland store, membership consists of a 15% discount on all 3A products over the next 12 months, an exclusive 3A messenger bag, 3AA baseball cap, membership card, and the exclusive F-Legion Adventure Kartel 1/6th figure, all for a reasonable $180 including international p&p.

If your interested in signing up, be sure to check Bambaland here on Friday, as there won’t be another chance until next year!

(photos via 3AVOX)