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Bigmantoys’ Bogeyz debut…

Bigmantoys‘ real-size mutant skate wheels make their debut this week

  • Size: 3″
  • Articulation: 0 points (comes with custom interchangeable bearings)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $15 plus shipping
  • Designed and sculpted by Bigmantoys, the first figure in the ongoing Bogeyz line has been inspired by Friday 13th’s Jason Vorhees, featuring both masked and unmasked versions of the cult horror antagonist in a 80’s/90’s Playmates-style
  • Each figure comes cast in a PU rubber similar to rwal-life skate wheels, each coming with its own unique finish
  • Currently on sale in the Bigmantoys store right here



BigManToys comes with the first trio in his all-new line of super-deformed keshi this week

  • Size: 2.35″ each
  • Edition size: Open (flesh), 20 (pink/orange/green/yellow), 5 (painted)
  • Price: $40 per set (keshi- single or mixed color options), $60 per set (painted resin)
  • Featuring the DTA nominated Treegarr; Moribund, the death bringer endorsed by members of Samhain and owned by Glenn Danzig; and Hydraxe, the two-headed dragon formerly released as a giant 14″ custom, each have been re-sculpted in completely new SD formats, coming 3D printed and recast in rubber by BMT
  • Each set comes with a unique spray-painted and stencilled neon header card in random colours
  • Going on sale in the BMT store this Sunday, May 20th at 7pm EDT


Bigmantoys’ Puppet Muscle: Wave 2 mini figures…

Bigmantoys‘ unofficial tribute to both the Puppet Master flicks and classic mini figure line M.U.S.C.L.E – Puppet Muscle – is set to return this week for a second wave of releases! Digitally sculpted by Bigmantoys’ Lee Burbridge at just under 2″ tall each, the latest batch of figures features the return of Blade and Tunneler alongside newcomers Pinhead and Leech, with fully painted resins coming in at $20 each, rubber flesh versions for $16 singularly and $28 as 2 pack sets, plus purple glitter infused for just $15- each coming packed in a poly bag with glossy header. Look out for all 4 figures in the Bigmantoys store this coming Saturday, March 19th at at Midnight London time…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Fake Baron keshi from Bigmantoys x Awesome Toy…


Hot on the heals of our Puppet Muscles coverage yesterday, we bring you the second release Bigmantoys will have up for grabs later this week… the Fake Baron keshi! Produced in conjunction with Awesome Toy’s ongoing “Artist Series”, the M.U.S.C.L.E-esque piece has been digitally sculpted by BMT’s Lee Burbridge based on the pachi Red Baron design, coming authentically scaled at around 2″ tall. Originally debut at Superfestival 69 last month in a red keshi-like PU rubber, the little guy will be making a return in his original red colorway alongside a version in the standard keshi gomu flesh tone. Up for grabs at just $15 each, expect to see the Fake Baron keshi alongside the Puppet Muscles in the BMT store this coming Friday, October 30th at Midnight London time…


MAN-E-NEWS// The “Puppet Muscles” keshi from Bigmantoys…


Lee Burbridge over at Bigmantoys kindly shares with us the first of 2 releases he’ll have up for grabs later this week, proudly presenting the long awaited debut of the Puppet Muscles! Heavily inspired by Full Moon’s cult horror flick “The Puppet Master”, the pair – Blade and Tunneler – have been digitally sculpted by Lee to resemble the classic M.U.S.C.L.E mini figures, coming in-scale at around 2″ tall each. Produced in a keshi-like PU rubber, 2 different colorways will initially be up for grabs; a standard “flesh” and a mixed “neon”, with both limited to just 15 sets of each. Priced at just $28 plus shipping, expect the Puppet Muscles 2-packs to touch down in the Bigmantoys store at Midnight London time on Friday, October 30th… Look out for details of BMT’s second release tomorrow!


MAN-E-NEWS// The “Artist Collection” Fake Baron keshi from Bigmantoys x Awesome Toy…


As promised earlier, we bring you yet more news from Awesome Toy today, as the Hong Kong-based toy producer introduces one of a series of figures from their recently announced “Artist Collection”… the “FAKE BARON” keshi from Bigmantoys! Drawing inspiration from the classic era of mini figures, the M.U.S.L.E-esque piece has been digitally sculpted by BMT’s Lee Burbridge, coming authentically scales at around 2″ tall. Produced in a keshi-style rubber and treated to a knock-off style header card (not pictured), these little guys are set to make their debut at Superfestival 69 this coming Sunday, September 27th. Keep an eye on the Awesome Toy Instagram feed here for news on an overseas release soon!

MAN-E-NEWS// Day of the Slug: Wave 3 and Shogu-Nasty mini figures from Bigmantoys…

unnamed (5) copy

“Say hello to Goreslug and Skinslug, sculpted by guest artist Jimmy Rommel of Ironahus Productions. Two truly wicked monsters that were accidentally released by the Portal Slug from the dark universe. To combat them, giant-sword-weilding Sir Slythe has been summoned from medieval times to the present, and has teamed with the clumsy but useful Miner Disaster to track down the evil invaders and destroy them!”

Our good friend Lee Burbridge over at Bigmantoys is proud to reveal that the third wave of “Day of the Slug” minis have just touched down online! Heavily inspired by Tim Clarke’s Mini Boglins, the 1″-1.5″ tall rubber figures have been jointly designed and sculpted by Lee and guest artist Jimmy Rommel of Ironhaus Pro. Releasing across 4 super-collectible waves of 4 figures a year – that’s a total of 16 in 2015! – this round features the pictured Skin Slug and Gore Slug from Jimmy alongside Miner Disaster and Sir Slythe from Lee. Currently up for grabs through the Bigmantoys store right here, the whole set are available in both resin or rubber for just $30 plus shipping…


But that’s not all! Joining the state-side “Strange Monsters” release, Lee has revealed that a limited batch of his figure – Shogu-Nasty – will be dropping simultaneously in the Bigmantoys store for his european fans. Priced at just $12 plus shipping, look out for the Unbox-produced vinyl figure this Friday, September 18th at an undisclosed time…