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MAN-E-PROFILE// ‘Tiny Terrors from the Deep’ mini figure 3 pack from The Disarticulators…

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With the much talked about first toy show at the newRampage Studios opening it’s doors later this week, we’ll be giving you guys the full lowdown on all the various figures we’ll be debuting as The Disarticulators. Today we start with our first truly collaborative project, the Tiny Terrors from the Deep mini figure pack…


Featuring 3 separate figures from Tru:Tek, the Amazing Zectron and Bigmantoys, each design has been influenced by a different character from 90’s underwater RTS videogame, XCom: TFTD. Initially produced in an authentic kesh-style rubber by Tru:Tek, a standard blue/pink edition (pictured) will be available in extremely limited quantities at the Rampage Studios opening, with further stock hitting the Man-E-Toys store alongside an edition of 5 ‘M.U.S.C.L.E fleshies’ soon after. Aside from the debut rubber variants, a mini artist series is in the works (artists TBC soon!), as well as a slew of special edition ‘singles’ and custom resin 3 packs from Bigmantoys… Packaged in a PS One style window box, the set will be retailing for around $40, with singles starting at $15- expect release dates and exclusive colourway reveals soon!


Character Profiles//

Lobsterman (designed and sculpted by Zectron): “The Lobsterman is a formidable opponent. Lobstermen form the shock troopers of the deep and also hold very high positions amongst the alien hierarchy.

The Lobsterman, in addition to using standard alien weaponry, has big meaty claws that allow it to viciously strike aquanauts when in close quarters. This means that whether or not it is carrying firearms, a Lobsterman is a constant threat until it is incapacitated.

The Lobsterman’s other – and perhaps most – distinguishing feature is its thick carapace that makes it nearly invulnerable. Their actual protective plating is very light, but the Lobsterman’s extreme damage resistance greatly reduces the effectiveness of most weapons. Low powered weapons are rendered ineffective.”

Bio-Drone (designed and sculpted by Tru:Tek):“The Bio-Drone is a creation only an alien mind could conceive of. It is a brain, (human or alien) suspended in amniotic fluids and connected to a powered base unit that can fly on land or below water.

Each Bio-Drone is armed with a powerful auditory disruptor, part machine and part organism. Some of our scientists have suggested that the weapon is driven by the host organisms original vocal cords. Highly accurate and tenacious these super guard dogs are widely used by the aliens to protect valuable assets.”

P.A.T (designed and sculpted by Bigmantoys):Little is known about this relatively unthreatening, yet horrific creature. No doubt a failed attempt at alien assimilation, “Pat” (Partially Assimilated Terrestrial) as we call him, still lives near or within alien colonies. This would not be so disturbing if it were not for his remaining human traits. He still goes through the motions of waving hello as he advances on our troops. Rather than neutralise him, Aquanauts tend to run away, perhaps out of reluctance to kill any remaining humanity inside.”

[info: UFOpaedia]

Rampage Studios Opening and Show,  January 25th 2013
Featuring new works from The Disarticulators, Peter Kato, Nama Niku, Eric Nilla, Art Junkie and Hellopike

MAN-E-NEWS// The “7 Seals” blind-box resin series from Menace Inc…

Fresh from the huge success that was “The Rise of the Samhain“, Jeff Beck over at Menace Inc teases us with the first promo image from the studio’s debut collaborative art toy project… the 7 Seals! Due to feature some of the resin scene’s finest including Cash Cannon, We Become Monsters, Motorbot, and of course Jeff himself, the series is set to come blind boxed, with a Christmas release of December 21st. No news as of yet as to what will be featuring in the series (although we’re guessing wax seal designs must feature!), so be sure to stay tuned for more reveals and release info to follow very soon!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Resin is King Series 2 from Dead Hand x Tenacious Toys…

Tenacious Toys and Deadhand Toys have teamed up once again for the follow-up to THE blind-box series of the year, Resin is King! Featuring a staggering list of 16 artists this time around, each has developed their very own sub 3″ figure, casting them in a strictly limited run of 10. Offering a huge amount of diversity this time around, anyone lucky enough to grab a box can expect to find the likes of David Bondi’s famed Akashi heads, Argonaut Resin’s Sucio, UME Toy’s Patty, or even Killroy III’s fully working Hungry Hippo rings inside! As with the first series, one box will also contain a golden ticket, which will entitle one lucky collector a brand new 8-inch Tuttz that matches Argonaut’s Sucio mini figures in the series! Working alongside Kidrobot NY, Tenacious Toys and Dead Hand Toys will be hosting a launch party at the store on October 4th from 6-8pm, where you’ll be able to pick up a box (or a case!), meet a few of the featured artists, plus get a chance to score one of five exclusive limited edition prints! Any remaining stock will be hitting the Tenacious Toys store the following day for $25 a box or $400 for a case (which guarantees one figure from each of the 16 artists).

MAN-E-NEWS// The mini “Kings of Atlantis” resin skulls from Argonaut Resins…

As promised in our post on Friday, Eric Nocella of Argonaut Resins has released full details (and pics!) of his latest resin series, the mini Kings of Atlantis skulls… Similar to the original “King” edition that was released and instantly sold out a while back, the new shrunken down versions of the mysterious Demi-God skulls have been inspired by the 10 King rulers of the island of Atlantis… Coming  blind boxed in numbered mini custom crate-styled packaging, each of the 10 kings has been represented in a variety of different styles and colours, ranging from clear tints, jade tints, solids and even 3 GITD chases! Here’s the full breakdown of what to expect-

  • War King – reds
  • Vengeance King – oranges
  • Sun King – yellows
  • Peace King – silver
  • Wealth King – gold
  • Love King – pinks
  • Sky King – blues
  • Sea King – Purples
  • Forrest King – greens
  • Wisdom King – bronze

Limited to an edition of 100 in total, Eric will be dropping the first batch of 25 skulls on the Argonaut Resins store on Monday, August 20th at 10PM EST, priced at just $28 shipped (in the US). Stay locked on the Argonaut Resins site for details of the following releases soon, plus a reveal of the supposed powers that each king’s skull possesses!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Kings of Atlantis mini resin skulls from Argonaut Resins…

Ahead of a full reveal (expected later in the week), Eric Nocella over at Argonaut Resins has announced details of his latest project, the Kings of Atlantis skulls… in mini form! Similar to the original “King” edition that was released and instantly sold out a while back, the new shrunken down versions of the mysterious Demi-God skulls have been based on the 10 King rulers of the island of Atlantis… Due to come cast in Argonaut Resins’ signature wide range of finishes including solids, metallics, and clear tints (plus a few chase GID’s!), the mini KoA skulls will be released in 4 waves of 25  blind boxed pieces, with the first wave dropping next week sometime and the last hopefully making an appearance at NYCC in October. Stay tuned for a full reveal in the next few days!

“Ten Demi-God Kings ruled the fabled island of Atlantis thousands of years ago. They all perished when their paradise was destroyed by the Gods. All that remain are their skulls…each endowed with an incredible power that is passed onto whomever has the skull in their possession. They say too much power is not a good thing…are you willing to take a chance and find out if this is true…?”

MAN-E-NEWS// Squid Kids Ink’s Mini 10-Doh! Series 1 released…

Following a successful debut at SDCC earlier this month, Squid Kids Ink are proud to reveal that the long awaited Min 10-Doh’s are finally ready for general release! Paying tribute to 80’s console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the cartridge inspired figure is available in 16 different designs from 12 of the art toy scene’s elite, including 4 super rare gold chases! Priced at just $10 each, the blind-boxed minis are available in a case of 20 through the Squid Kids Ink store, with singles due to hit your nearest art toy emporium some time soon. Anyone interested in stocking the series should head over to DKE Toys‘ wholesale site with any enquiries…

Featured artist include// Andrew Wilson, Doktor A, Jerome Lu, Jesse Hernandez, Kozik, Kwestone, Luke Chueh, Matt JOnes, Nakanari, Nate Mitchell, Scott Tolleson, and Tracy Tubera.

MAN-E-NEWS// The CAPSL designer pill fob from Jason Freeny…

“For my first line of designer toys, I wanted to add function… Everything else out there is all about form, but CAPSLs are actually useful too. And I wanted to add a 4th dimension, since so much of what I do focuses on what’s inside; CAPSLs let you go inside and actually use that space to store things.” -Jason Freeny

As if the recently announced X-Ray Gummis weren’t enough (find out more here), “dissection master” Jason Freeny is proud to reveal yet another long awaited project now coming to fruition, the CAPSL designer “pill” fob keychains! Working alongside Jailbreak Collective’s FCTRY division, Freeny has produced a series of 12 original designs plus chases ranging from sweet (Flower Bomb) to zany (Frog Squid), that can be taken apart to either store small objects, or interchanged with other designs (FCTRY has stated there are well over 100 combinations!). Available from the official CAPSLs site now, the full series can be purchased for just $99 plus shipping (including a free limited edition Medicine Man figure), or individually for $7.99. FCTRY have promised several other new designs over the next few weeks, so be sure to stay tuned for more news as soon as it hits…