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Brodarrfest online sale…


Following a hugely successful showing at Five Points last weekend, Bwana Spoons of Gravy Toys has put the remaining figures from Brodarrfest up online

Featuring a ton of one-offs and painted runs based on the Sons of Brodarr line, featured artists include-

  • Dustin Cantrell
  • Joseph Harmon
  • Grizlli Atom
  • Drill One
  • Amanda Visell
  • Leecifer
  • Michael Skattum
  • Submission Toy (Ooze Troopers pictured below)

Interested parties can check out what’s on offer in the Gravy Toys store right here



MAN-E-NEWS// Peter Kato’s “Jeff the Scrapper” resin figure from Brodarrfest U.S…


Our good friend Peter Kato has just revealed his entry for Gravy Toys‘ upcoming Brodarrfest U.S group show, proudly presenting his latest resin figure, Jeff the Scrapper! A youthful rendition of Suns of Brodarr’s lead character in his early days as a “Mad Max-style pit fighting wrestler” – Peter’s words! – the little guy has been digitally sculpted, 3d printed and hand cast in resin, coming in a gorgeous mint green with subtle pink sprays and black detailing. Exhibiting alongside works from a whole host of artists from across toys and illustration, Jeff the Scrapper will be available at Brodarrfest’s opening at the FOE Gallery on Saturday, June 6th… Here’s hoping we see further editions in the not too distant future!