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Super7’s SDCC ’17 sofubi exclusives…

Super7 unveil a grip of sofubi exclusives they’ll have on offer at SDCC ’17 next week

Revealed releases so far include-

  • Caveman Dino, Wing Kong, Batboy “Clear Green” micro figures, coming in an unpainted clear green sofubi for $10 each
  • “Metallic Blue Mayhem” Alien Queen, coming in a black sofubi with a metallic blue rub for $65
  • Super7 x Secret Base x Steve Caballero’s “Black” Cab Dragon, coming in a black sofubi with flesh, grey, white and gold accents for $50
  • Super7 x Invisible Creature’s “Glow” Colonel Stinson, in a GID sofubi with masked silver, blue and white detailing for $65
  • “Furious Fossil” Caveman Dino, in a flesh sofubi with blue, orange, gold and brown sprays for $35

All will be available at the Super7 SDCC ’17 booth (#4945) starting preview night on Wedneday, July 19th


MAN-E-NEWS// Super7’s NYCC ’15 line-up revealed in-full…


Hot on the heals of our look at the “Firecracker” Wing Kong yesterday, the guys over at Super7 have just revealed the full list of toys that’ll be joining the beast exclusively at NYCC ’15 next week! Featuring new releases from the Masters of the Universe line, ReAction Figures and S7’s extensive line-up of sofubi, personal highlights include the “Mean Green” Pocket Mummy and Rose Vampire, GID Cab Dragon, “Red Death” Alien and “Nostromo Crew” Alien 3-pack. Up for grabs at Super7’s booth (#174) starting Thursday, October 8th, interested parties can click the image above for comprehensive info on colorways and pricing for each release…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Super7 x Secret Base x Steve Caballero “CabDragon” test-pulls revealed…


Originally teased right here way back in October of last year, legendary skater Steve Caballero‘s collaboration with Super7 and Secret Base – the CabDragon – has finally been revealed in test-pull form! Loosely based on Cab’s legendary “Enter the Dragon” skate graphic first seen in the late 80’s (check it out here), the 4.5″ tall figure draws inspiration from Super7’s recent Astro-Mu 5 reboot, featuring the same “legs closed, arms up” pose as well as a fully removable dragon mask hiding a rendition of the skater’s head underneath. Due to be making it’s debut at SDCC in a couple of months time, be sure to stay tuned for the full lowdown on this awesome team-up soon…