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MAN-E-NEWS// Super7’s SDCC sofubi exclusives revealed…


With San Diego Comic Con ’15 opening it’s doors in just a couple of weeks time, the guys over at Super7 have decided to reveal the horde of exclusive vinyl figures they’ll have up for grabs at the event! Featuring a total of 10 different pieces this time around, highlights include a trio of Kandy Kaiju in a “Chocolate Mint Swirl”, a “Pink Power” Pocket Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire, a “Green Ghost” Pumpkin Boy and a “Dying Light” Honoo. Click on the picture above for details on each figure and be sure to stay tuned for more SDCC exclusives from the Super7 camp soon!

MAN-E-NEWS// The official Healeymade x Martinez “Machete” resin figures revealed…

healey protos

Originally teased here earlier in the week, we can finally reveal the full line up of Machete figures that’ll be making an official appearance at Chicago’s Wizard World con this weekend! Sculpted by Mitch Martinez and produced by Healeymade, the extremely limited figure will be available in a number of different colourways, and more importantly, will be joined by a previously unrevealed sculpt- Lindsey Lohan’s character from the first film, April Booth! Due to go on sale at the Geek Room booth later today, Healeymade has stated that any leftovers will be heading online soon after… Don’t fancy your chances? Then the richer amongst you may be glad to know that Geek Room are currently selling the original prototypes for each colourway on eBay right here– at $1400 a piece though!

MAN-E-NEWS// The officially licensed Machete figures from Healeymade…

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 12.06.09

New York’s king of resin, the one and only Healeymade, is proud to reveal that he’s secured a licence to produce an official Machete figure! To coincide with the imminent release of Robert Rodriguez’s sequel, Machete Kills, the absolutely stunning 3.75″ interpretation of Danny Trejo’s blade wielding character has been sculpted by Mitch Martinez, coming cast by Healeymade in a clear blood red resin. Set for an exclusive one-off release at Chicago’s Wizard World Con this weekend, we suggest keeping a close eye on the Healeymade Instagram feed here for further details over the coming days…

MAN-E-NEWS// ‘Talisman’ C2E2 exclusive from Healeymade x Toy+Life…

Hot off our recent Nerd City C2E2 post, we can reveal to you yet another con exclusive, the David Healey x Toy+Life ‘Talisman’ collaboration! Set to drop at Toy+Life’s booth (#658) and at www.shoptoylife.com this Friday (April 13th), Talisman pays homage to football’s greatest rivalry – Healeymade style! Coming in 2 colourways, the incredibly detailed figures have been hand made in solid cast resin, featuring a unique marbleised team-specific colour scheme and number. Both editions have been limited to just 5 pieces, with an expected pricetag of around $70.

Anyone interested in picking up the original black/purple ‘Shadow Backer’ Talisman will be glad to know that a small quantity are still available through Mishka NYC here

MAN-E-NEWS// The Nerd City booth at C2E2 2012…

With excitement over the recently revealed ‘C2E2 exclusive’ Cyborg Space Barbarians reaching fever pitch, creator Ben Spencer has kindly taken some time out ahead of the Chicago con to give us an insight into what we can expect from himself and the rest of the Nerd City crew at their booth come Friday…

“At this year’s C2E2 (April 13th-15th at McCorrmick Place in Chicago), Nerd City’s booth #842 is going to be the place to be for lovers of indie/MOTU/Glyos/resin toys! Our long time friend, The Godbeast, will be returning this year, along with his sons, and they’ll be bringing a plethora of resin goodness. Additionally, I will be unleashing no less than 25 of my new Cyborg Space Barbarian custom figures upon the world. We’ll also be featuring an exclusive new resin Simulation from Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!, as well as hand painted OMFG! Phantom Shithouses from Mistuh Thye, resin MOTU-inspired Glyos Demon Skull Heads from FeedtheDead and more customs and resin goodness from Super Sandbagger.

All of the exclusives at Nerd City’s booth #842 will be featuring is either of a very limited quantity or a one of a kind nature. So, if you see something you like, you’re advised to jump on it asap…”

Ben gives us the lowdown on the featured artists-

The Godbeast

TGB will be bringing that resin magic that you’ve come to know and love with a bunch of new heads for his Glyos-compatable Armorvor figure. He will have the Granthan (previewed here last week), Flybee, Cobra and Kabuto Mushi (all sculpted by The Godbeast) and the awesome new Lion heads (sculpted by Jason Frailey.) Marty will also have a selection of his Bio Jumpers which have been brilliantly painted with Monster Kolor paints, as well as a stunning rainbow of his Repoclaimer Soldier figures (designed by Matt Doughty and sculpted and produced by TGB).

Marty will also have a selection of his Clawshine mini figures, as well as a selection of Glyos-compatible heads sculpted and designed by his uber talented sons, MJ and Kobe!

Ben Spencer

This Cyborg Space Barbarian figures Orion Axe, Wardraak, Hallogrim, Gammathrall and Drowlok consist of a helmet that was originally designed and sculpted by Ben Spencer and produced in resin by Marty “The Godbeast” Hansen. These Cyborg Space Barbarian figures also feature bodies from disused vintage Masters of the Universes that were rescued from second hand stores, flea markets and the like, and brought back to brilliant life with hand painting and tlc from Ben Spencer. Each character will be available in an edition of 5 with 2 special horned “chase variant” figures. They will come in standard bag and header card format and will be available for $40 each.

Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!

Giant Japanese Monster, Bad! will have the “Cherry Bomb” Edition of his Off figure from the Rejects of Eternia Similation line. The figure will be limited to an edition of 5, will come in a bag and header format with a He-Man head pin and will be available for $55 each.

Mistuh Thye

Mistuh Thye will have 20 different 1/1 hand painted versions of his OMFG! Phantom Shithouse figure. Each custom figure will be $20 and will come with a sticker, pin and a mini army man or hillbilly cowboy.


FeedtheDead will be bringing his new resin Demon Skull Glyos heads in Scareglow, Skeletor, Jewel Theif and GITD colorways. This awesome little piece of evilness was sculpted by FeedtheDEad and produced by TheGodbeast. Each version is limited to an edition of 7 and will be $20 per head.

Super Sandbagger

Super Sandbagger will be bringing an amazing collection of 1/1 customized Android figures and well as an edition of 6 of his Sandbaggler resin mini figures. And, as I’m told, he’ll be bringing even more resin goodness on the day!

UME Toys @ The Thought Bubble Festival’s Comic Con

Celebrating sequential and comic art of all forms, the Thought Bubble Festival is the largest of it’s kind in the UK. Starting on Monday (November 14th), the week long event features a number of workshops, competitions, film screenings, signings, panels and book launches across Yorkshire, finishing off with a two day comic convention at the Saviles and Royal Armouries Halls- Leeds largest conference venues.

The comic con is set to feature over 300 exhibitors, artists, and writers including the likes of Tim Sale (Spiderman), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Martin Conaghan (Burke and Hare) and Gary Erskine (Dan Dare). The art toy community will also be out in force at the event, with the likes of indie designer UME Toys representing the scene in style.

UME Toys

Rich of UME has created this one off Iron Man custom for the event. Standing at over 8″ tall, the piece was hand sculpted using a mixture of clay, metal and wood. Unfortunately Rich hasn’t made it clear if this one will be up for grabs…

There will be a “bunch of other crap” (their words!) available to purchase at the show though, including their infamous UME Kittens, sketch pads, sticker packs, sketches and custom zombie toys. They’ll be at table 62, so if you’re going to the event, stop by and take a look at their amazing work.

(The UME Kittens)

(UME Custom Zombie Babies)

UME are also running a competition to win a whole bunch of goodies from the team for all of those who can’t attend. All you have to do is follow both @Umetoys and @elmos_empire, and then tweet “want to win #UMETOYS stuff”. The winner will be announced through twitter on Monday, November 21st.

Check UME’s big cartel store here for their latest releases.

(photos- UMEtoys)

Exclusive: Interview With ‘Rivet Wars’ Creator- Ted Terranova

Featured here at the beginning of the month (our most popular article to date), Rivet Wars is the first art toy project from illustrator, Ted Terranova. Since the release of his first batch of ‘Vert Tank’ resin casts back in August, Ted’s series has gone from strength to strength, spawning comic strips, illustrations, back stories and a host of upcoming toy designs for his growing list of avid fans. With a strong underground following at NYCC this year, Ted’s beautifully created world has gained recognition from the likes of Onell Design, Super 7 and master resin caster, the Sucklord himself.

Rivet Wars New York Comic Con 2011 Exclusives

Taking time out from his very busy schedule, Ted has graciously answered a few questions I’m sure all of his followers have been dying to ask. If there’s anything else you’d like to pose to the Rivet Wars creator, e-mail him directly at info@rivetwars.com. Anyone interested in purchasing Rivet Wars’ first two toy releases can do so at Ted’s shop, here.


First off, how did you get on at NYCC? Did you meet any Rivet Wars fans / collectors, and did you get see any artists you admire / follow yourself?

It was great.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to meet up with anyone.  The show is so huge.  All I had was my Rivet Wars shirt to identify me and I knew that people would be hanging around the Onell booth.  So I did some stops there but then finally just asked someone if they hung out on the octobertoys forum, and it turned out that Jarrod from the forum overheard me say that and saw my shirt.  He introduced me to Connor and we all just started talking about toys and Rivet Wars, as well as Jarrod’s cool projects.  Then I met Matt of Onell and he just blew me away with his great attitude towards art, and creating.  Talking to him, you can tell how much thought he puts into all his work and how much he cares about the people who buy his stuff.  We did a toy trade which was amazing for me.

The next day I got to meet George Gaspar.  It is his podcast, Toybreak, that got me thinking about making toys.  Without his podcast and forums, Rivet Wars would not be.  He was super cool to talk to and really encouraging.  I can’t say enough good stuff about him.  At that same time I also met Steve of sketchbot fame.  He has really inspired me with how he made his toy and the process he went through.  And he was a fan of Rivet Wars!  Then I ran into my friend Roger, who I know from collecting Godaikins and Shogun Warriors toys.  He introduced me to Frank from Super 7.   It was great to hear some stories from the production retail side of things.  Super7 just makes amazing stuff. Later on I got Joe Ledbetter to sign two of his zodiac toys for me.  I’m a
big fan of his art and he’s just a really cool laid back nice guy.  Also met some of my favorite comic artists.  Geoff Darrow, Eric Canete, and Ben Caldwell all signed books for me and I got some great prints. Looking back at the show, it really could not have gone better.  I can’t wait for next year.

Ted with Matt from Onell Design and the legendary Sucklord


What artists / toy designers have inspired you in your work?

I think I’m most inspired by toys and shows from my childhood.  I grew up watching starblazers and gatchaman and playing with shogun warriors and Godaikins.  So I think Go Nagai and Leiji Matsumoto have had a huge impact on my work. Later on I got a hold of some dougram toys and a scopedog.  These are robot toys, but painted in camo, with armor and realistic cannons for
weapons.  That struck a chord with me.  The idea that you could have a war using tanks but in the shape of robots.  I still have my dougram toys with working hydraulics in the legs and removable cockpits.  Just amazing stuff.  The Vert Tank is very much inspired by the Scopedog.

I’d also have to say Hayao Miyazaki has really impacted my aesthetic.  I saw Nausicaa (Warriors of the Wind) in the early 80’s and again, there was this realistic look to the tanks and aircraft, but with an exaggeration of scale to the cannons and armor.  I just love his stuff.  The military stuff in Howl’s Moving Castle is also great.  And I love his Daydream Note book which compiles his illustrations from Hobby Japan.  His influence is pretty obvious in a lot of my designs.

And of course I think a lot about the cheap green army men everyone had as a kid.  That’s the look I wanted to go for.  But with something of the GiJoe feel.  GiJoe is where the idea for the stats card came from.


With the Rivet Wars universe constantly developing, have you ever considered working on a storybook or full length comic to expand on the line’s mythology?

Absolutely.  I have a pretty good idea of where I want to take the world. I’ve been working out the map of the world, the countries involved in the conflict and the characters the story would revolve around. I love the technology and the vehicles and the world of Rivet but I think I’ve finally learned that a good story is all about the characters.  I want to create a story about a team of soldiers sent on a dangerous mission, almost suicidal, and desperate.  A sort of last ditch effort to turn the tide of the war.

I’m planning to borrow heavily from my  favorite tales like Starblazers, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the Odyssey.  All stories about a group of people against whom the odds are stacked but who still have a chance to save their world if they can pull off the impossible.  And it’s that journey and the trials along the road that will hopefully make for a good tale.  And some crazy cool art 🙂

Sketches from the original batch of Vert Tank header cards


If there was enough commercial success in the series, would you ever consider a full production run for Rivet Wars? – a blind box line would be awesome!

I’d love to do that.  The more toys, the more people enjoying rivet wars the better.  I really didn’t start this expecting that many people to be interested and I still feel the same way.  Rivet Wars is just me pulling together all the stuff that I really love.  I didn’t imagine there were that many people who are interested in WWI tanks, resin toys and comics. But if there is enough of a following I’d really like to see more complex toys.  Toys with moving tracks, opening hatches, removeable

A blind box would be awesome.  It’d be so cool to have other artists design their own variants of the grunts.  I could really see it going like a GiJoe type thing – the snow soldier, navy seal, ninja warrior, flame thrower guy, etc.  And then to have a nice painting of each dude in action, like on the GiJoe cards.  That would be amazing.


What problems have you encountered as an ‘indie’ toy maker? Has casting with resin been as easy / difficult as you thought it would be?

When I first started making toys I had never done anything like this.  I did have a weird job in high school making molds of teeth for an orthodontist but that was using plaster.  I thought resin was like glass and really brittle.  But the information on the octobertoys forum is amazing.  After reading a bit and asking some questions I just jumped in. I’m an artist in video game industry so making the 3D model for the print was very familiar territory for me.

It was when  I started making the molds and pouring the resin that I made a few mistakes and learned a lot.  Some molds I rushed and they had bubbles in them.  Some of the molds I tried to make as one piece but they ended up ripping.  I also didn’t realize that I needed to do some work on the 3D prints before making the molds.  And I had no idea how much clean up there would be on each piece.  The Rivet Wars stuff is pretty detailed with lots of ins and out and that’s tough on the molds and makes for lots of places for bubbles to form and flash to build up.  Also the 3D prints are pretty expensive.  And don’t forget to use mold release…

But I think that for the most part I’ve been very fortunate with how my toys have worked out.  I’m learning new things each day and I hope to make better and better toys with each piece in the line.


What can we expect for the future of Rivet Wars? Any more colorways / editions for your existing range planned, and will the Quad Stug be available by the end of the year? (we seriously cannot wait!)

The Grunt two packs are in the works now.  I should be announcing something soon.  Then the Quad Stug is next.  I am REALLY excited about that toy.  It’s like a dream for me.  It’s a toy that I’ve always wanted but no one ever really made.  I plan to take my time with that one and do it right.  It’s also the most complex toy I’ve made with five separate pieces.  I promise I’ll try and get it out soon.

Then I need to make Blighter grunt two packs.  After that I’m not sure. An aircraft would be cool.  I also have some sketches of a powered armor suit.  Sort of like Ripley’s suit in the Aliens movie but with guns and armor.   I think people would dig that.  Or maybe a two legged walker type thing.

More paintings for sure and then I plan to compile my sketches, watercolors, photos, comics and notes into an art book.  I think that would be really cool and something fun for fans of the Rivet world to look through.

I’d like to finish by saying that it thrills me to no end that people in Mexico, England, Singapore, Germany, Canada, the U.S., people all over the world, have a Rivet Wars toy sitting on their shelf.  That these people see value in what I am doing, to me, is the greatest honor and compliment someone could give me.   In response to that I am always trying to make Rivet Wars cooler, better, and more fun.

Thanks so much for supporting this project.  And thanks for the interview 🙂

Vert Tank Walker Custom by Adam Pratt

We’ll be keeping you up to date on Ted’s progress over the next few months, including any details on the hotly anticipated Quad Stug and Grunt two-pack releases. Check the Rivet Wars site here for further information.

(photos- rivetwars)