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MAN-E-RECAP// The Toy+Life exclusive “Deep Dish” Critters…

toylife crite

Following news of Bigmantoys’ Legend Critters earlier today, we thought it rather apt to finally show you guys the recently released “Deep Dish” exclusives for Toy+Life! Cast by our very own Tru:Tek in an authentic keshi-style rubber, the Chicago inspired blue/white marbled mini figures came packed in a custom mini deep pan pizza dish and sleek velcroed box. Limited to just 6 pieces (all of which were accounted for at C2E2), another batch of 14 have been created for those unfortunate to miss the first round. We hear that a waiting list of interested parties has already been created, so we suggest hitting up Toy+Life directly through their site here to enquire about any remaining slots…

MAN-E-PROFILE// Rampage Studios exclusive ‘Critters inspired’ mini figures from The Disarticulators…

japan exc critter

The fourth and final piece we’ll be unveiling as ‘The Disarticulators‘ at Rampage Studios‘ opening show tomorrow (aside from Tru:Tek’s H.U.S.T.L.E debut!), we are proud to present the latest batch of exclusive ‘Critters inspired’ mini figures… Sculpted by Zectron and cast in a keshi-style rubber by Tru:Tek, the 1.5″ tall beasties have been limited to just 5 pieces this time around, coming in a marbled black and red finish (with one b/w chase!). Featuring an exclusive ‘rising sun’ header card and safety instruction booklet, the little guys are set to run around $16. Expect any leftover stock to hit the Rampage Toys store early next week…

MAN-E-PROFILE// ‘Tiny Terrors from the Deep’ mini figure 3 pack from The Disarticulators…

photo 1

With the much talked about first toy show at the newRampage Studios opening it’s doors later this week, we’ll be giving you guys the full lowdown on all the various figures we’ll be debuting as The Disarticulators. Today we start with our first truly collaborative project, the Tiny Terrors from the Deep mini figure pack…


Featuring 3 separate figures from Tru:Tek, the Amazing Zectron and Bigmantoys, each design has been influenced by a different character from 90’s underwater RTS videogame, XCom: TFTD. Initially produced in an authentic kesh-style rubber by Tru:Tek, a standard blue/pink edition (pictured) will be available in extremely limited quantities at the Rampage Studios opening, with further stock hitting the Man-E-Toys store alongside an edition of 5 ‘M.U.S.C.L.E fleshies’ soon after. Aside from the debut rubber variants, a mini artist series is in the works (artists TBC soon!), as well as a slew of special edition ‘singles’ and custom resin 3 packs from Bigmantoys… Packaged in a PS One style window box, the set will be retailing for around $40, with singles starting at $15- expect release dates and exclusive colourway reveals soon!


Character Profiles//

Lobsterman (designed and sculpted by Zectron): “The Lobsterman is a formidable opponent. Lobstermen form the shock troopers of the deep and also hold very high positions amongst the alien hierarchy.

The Lobsterman, in addition to using standard alien weaponry, has big meaty claws that allow it to viciously strike aquanauts when in close quarters. This means that whether or not it is carrying firearms, a Lobsterman is a constant threat until it is incapacitated.

The Lobsterman’s other – and perhaps most – distinguishing feature is its thick carapace that makes it nearly invulnerable. Their actual protective plating is very light, but the Lobsterman’s extreme damage resistance greatly reduces the effectiveness of most weapons. Low powered weapons are rendered ineffective.”

Bio-Drone (designed and sculpted by Tru:Tek):“The Bio-Drone is a creation only an alien mind could conceive of. It is a brain, (human or alien) suspended in amniotic fluids and connected to a powered base unit that can fly on land or below water.

Each Bio-Drone is armed with a powerful auditory disruptor, part machine and part organism. Some of our scientists have suggested that the weapon is driven by the host organisms original vocal cords. Highly accurate and tenacious these super guard dogs are widely used by the aliens to protect valuable assets.”

P.A.T (designed and sculpted by Bigmantoys):Little is known about this relatively unthreatening, yet horrific creature. No doubt a failed attempt at alien assimilation, “Pat” (Partially Assimilated Terrestrial) as we call him, still lives near or within alien colonies. This would not be so disturbing if it were not for his remaining human traits. He still goes through the motions of waving hello as he advances on our troops. Rather than neutralise him, Aquanauts tend to run away, perhaps out of reluctance to kill any remaining humanity inside.”

[info: UFOpaedia]

Rampage Studios Opening and Show,  January 25th 2013
Featuring new works from The Disarticulators, Peter Kato, Nama Niku, Eric Nilla, Art Junkie and Hellopike

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Disarticulators and H.U.S.T.L.E at Rampage Studios- full reveal!


After what has seemed like a lifetime in the studio, we can now finally present to you guys the HUGE selection of figures we’ll be dropping at the upcoming Rampage Studios opening and show… Featuring a total of 18 all-new mini figure designs spread across 5 different series from both H.U.S.T.L.E and Disarticulator brands (our collaborative project with Zectron and Bigmantoys), we’ll be profiling each in turn over the next couple of weeks to get you guys better acquainted. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of exactly what will be featuring…

  • ‘Rampage Exclusive’ H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series Wave 1// The debut of our long awaited custom bootleg mini figure line, the series features a total of 10 designs from 8 of the art toy scene’s finest. Standing at around 1″-2″ tall, each figure has been hand cast by Tru:Tek in an authentic keshi-style rubber. Coming in either neon pink or green (exclusive to Rampage), each figure is packaged in a gatcha capsule with insert and laminated stat card… Aside from the standard ‘singles’ release, we have also created a number of randomly packed blister carded 3 packs, plus another one-off H.U.S.T.L.E Battle Pack featuring a custom wrestling ring plus figures from both Rampage Toys and series creator Tru:Tek. Pricing and edition size TBC.
  • The ‘Tiny Terrors from the Deep’ XComunicated 3 Pack// Our first truly collaborative effort as The Disarticulators, the mini figure 3 pack features designs inspired by mid-90’s RTS videogame XCom: TFTD. Debuting at Rampage Studios in the Tru:Tek produced rubber edition you see below, the stunning figures come packaged in a hand crafted window display box that resembles the original PSONE box- a theme we’re sure you’ll become familiar with in our work soon! Edition size of 3, price TBC.
  • Break Fighters’ Higekami: Master of Beard-Fu// The first in an ongoing series of ‘single’ releases based on faux early 90’s beat ’em-up ‘Break Fighters’, Higekami: Master of Beard-Fu was designed and sculpted by Zectron, with production duties once again handed over to Tru:Tek. As with the TTFTD release, Higekami comes packaged in a beautiful custom made box, this time around lampooning the iconic SNES cartridge box. Edition size of 5, price TBC.
  • ‘Rampage Exclusive’ Masters of the Bootleg: KESH-E-FACE// Created to run alongside the ever growing H.U.S.T.L.E universe, Zectron’s beautifully sculpted KESH-E-FACE sees it’s second exclusive outing with the reveal of the Rampage Studios exclusive. This time around cast in neon green rubber with pink rotating head (plus one reverse chase!), the 3″ tall figure once again comes packaged in a hand finished blister card with artwork from Zectron. Edition size of 5 (although an open run ‘Rampage’ solid green is in the works!), price TBC.
  • ‘Rampage Exclusive’ Critters: Wave 2// Last but by no means least, we’re proud to reveal that the Critters inspired mini figures will be making yet another exclusive outing! This time cast in a marble red/black rubber (with white/black chase), each figure comes with an exclusive header and safety insert designed by Tru:Tek. Edition size of 5, price TBC.


[click on the images for a closer look]

Rampage Studios Opening and Show,  January 25th 2013
Featuring new works from The Disarticulators, Peter Kato, Nama Niku, Eric Nilla, Art Junkie and Hellopike

MAN-E-NEWS// The Critters inspired mini figures: Wave 2 is back for ONE LAST TIME!

Following the huge backlog of requests we’ve received over the past few weeks, we’ve decided to bring back the rubber “Critters inspired” mini figures: Wave 2 for ONE LAST TIME! Dropping in the Man-E-Toys store this Friday (November 9th) at 9pm GMT, all of the original colourways (marbled neons, solid neons and flesh) will be up for open pre-order for exactly one week, closing November 16th at 9pm GMT. Priced at the usual $15 plus shipping, each Critter comes bagged with ‘safety insert’ and hand drawn header card from Critters sculptor, the Amazing Zectron…

IMPORTANT// We cannot stress enough that this will be the last time the standard Wave 2 Critters will be available, so be sure to get your order in if you missed out the first time! As promised on Monday, we will be resuming usual posting here at Man-E-Toys over the next couple of days… Oh, and make sure you come back tomorrow for an exclusive first look at our latest project, the H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series!

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Critters inspired” mini figure: Halloween Orange “Non-Con” Exclusives!

Our very own Tru:Tek has once agin teamed up with the Amazing Zectron for the latest batch of “Critters inspired” mini figures… the Halloween Orange “Non-Con” Exclusives! Whilst we’d have loved to send a batch of the mischevious little creatures to NYCC this week, there was unfortunately no one willing to take on such a big and dangerous task… so we’ve decided to stick them up in the Man-E-Toys store instead! Dedicated to the thousands of frustrated collectors who won’t be able to attend the event over the weekend, the hand cast neon rubber figures will be available this Friday from 9pm London time. Featuring a black acrylic rub from Tru:Tek, each Critter comes bagged, with a hand drawn header from Zectron, plus safety booklet for just $15 plus shipping… LIMITED TO 13 PIECES!

MAN-E-NEWS// The resin “Critters inspired” mini figure restock at Bigmantoys…

Hot off the heels of our very own “Critters inspired” mini figure restock just yesterday, Lee over at Bigmantoys is proud to announce a return of the resin variants as well! Due to be touching down in the Bigmantoys store tomorrow evening (Sunday, September 2nd), Lee has created a huge selection of figures in a wide variety of finishes including multi-coloured glitter, glow in the dark, one-off hand paints and of course, the all important fleshies! Priced at just $13 plus shipping, each Critter comes packed with a hand drawn header from original sculptor Zectron, plus an extra special “safety manual” insert. Stay tuned for further a further update on the exact drop time soon…