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MAN-E-NEWS// Flaw Toys’ “Kaonashi” Instagram giveaway…


Celebrating the debut of his Spirited Away inspired Kaonashi (No-Face) resin, Sander Dinkgreve over at Flaw Toys is currently giving fans a chance at a special one-off version via Instagram! Standing at around 3.7″ tall, the super-smooth figure has been cast in a beautiful clear red resin, featuring a separate, sleek unpainted matt black mask. Those looking to enter are going to need to follow the artist on Instagram at @flawtoys, and repost the above image with the tag #FLAWTOYSWIN. A winner will be picked at random after the 11/23 closing date… Good luck to all who enter!

MAN-E-PROFILE// ‘Tiny Terrors from the Deep’ mini figure 3 pack from The Disarticulators…

photo 1

With the much talked about first toy show at the newRampage Studios opening it’s doors later this week, we’ll be giving you guys the full lowdown on all the various figures we’ll be debuting as The Disarticulators. Today we start with our first truly collaborative project, the Tiny Terrors from the Deep mini figure pack…


Featuring 3 separate figures from Tru:Tek, the Amazing Zectron and Bigmantoys, each design has been influenced by a different character from 90’s underwater RTS videogame, XCom: TFTD. Initially produced in an authentic kesh-style rubber by Tru:Tek, a standard blue/pink edition (pictured) will be available in extremely limited quantities at the Rampage Studios opening, with further stock hitting the Man-E-Toys store alongside an edition of 5 ‘M.U.S.C.L.E fleshies’ soon after. Aside from the debut rubber variants, a mini artist series is in the works (artists TBC soon!), as well as a slew of special edition ‘singles’ and custom resin 3 packs from Bigmantoys… Packaged in a PS One style window box, the set will be retailing for around $40, with singles starting at $15- expect release dates and exclusive colourway reveals soon!


Character Profiles//

Lobsterman (designed and sculpted by Zectron): “The Lobsterman is a formidable opponent. Lobstermen form the shock troopers of the deep and also hold very high positions amongst the alien hierarchy.

The Lobsterman, in addition to using standard alien weaponry, has big meaty claws that allow it to viciously strike aquanauts when in close quarters. This means that whether or not it is carrying firearms, a Lobsterman is a constant threat until it is incapacitated.

The Lobsterman’s other – and perhaps most – distinguishing feature is its thick carapace that makes it nearly invulnerable. Their actual protective plating is very light, but the Lobsterman’s extreme damage resistance greatly reduces the effectiveness of most weapons. Low powered weapons are rendered ineffective.”

Bio-Drone (designed and sculpted by Tru:Tek):“The Bio-Drone is a creation only an alien mind could conceive of. It is a brain, (human or alien) suspended in amniotic fluids and connected to a powered base unit that can fly on land or below water.

Each Bio-Drone is armed with a powerful auditory disruptor, part machine and part organism. Some of our scientists have suggested that the weapon is driven by the host organisms original vocal cords. Highly accurate and tenacious these super guard dogs are widely used by the aliens to protect valuable assets.”

P.A.T (designed and sculpted by Bigmantoys):Little is known about this relatively unthreatening, yet horrific creature. No doubt a failed attempt at alien assimilation, “Pat” (Partially Assimilated Terrestrial) as we call him, still lives near or within alien colonies. This would not be so disturbing if it were not for his remaining human traits. He still goes through the motions of waving hello as he advances on our troops. Rather than neutralise him, Aquanauts tend to run away, perhaps out of reluctance to kill any remaining humanity inside.”

[info: UFOpaedia]

Rampage Studios Opening and Show,  January 25th 2013
Featuring new works from The Disarticulators, Peter Kato, Nama Niku, Eric Nilla, Art Junkie and Hellopike

MAN-E-NEWS// The ¢ock ‘ED and Puss-tule B.A.S.T.A.R.D 2 pack from Triclops Studio…


As if the jaw-dropping TMNT minis we posted over the weekend weren’t enough, the guys over at Triclops Studio have just unveiled details of their latest Xclusive B.A.S.T.A.R.D release… the ¢ock ‘ED & Puss-tule (pictured) 2 pack! Unfortunately postponed from an original Christmas release due to problems in production, the all new additions to the bootleg M.U.S.C.L.E series should hopefully be making an appearance at some point later this month… Triclops have stated they’ll be unveiling details of their plans for 2013 soon (including a B.A.S.T.A.R.D Artist Series!), so expect the full lowdown on Man-E-Toys as soon as we hear anything!

MAN-E-NEWS// The new Thundercrap Spiki set plus Revolver Girl SDCC exclusive from Rotobox…

Just in time for the upcoming  Anime Expo (June 29th – July 2nd), Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica are proud to present their latest wave of Thundercraps figures, this time coming in a 3-piece box set! Originally previewed here way back in January, the final roster has been confirmed as Evil Lion-Oh Really, OG Cheatarah, Siberian Tigrowl and Goldigger Cheatarah. As you can guess by the amount of figures that have been revealed, one of these guys will be a chase… well, we can confirm that out of the 300 box sets that will be heading to retail, 100 of them will contain the Goldigger variant of Cheatarah, whilst the remaining 200 will feature the OG. Standing at around 4″ each, the vinyl figures will be officially released after the Anime Expo, priced at $45 per pack…

Rotobox have also revealed their first exclusive for this year’s SDCC, the Revolver Girl “Barenaked” edition! Limited to just 100 pieces, the latest Celcius styled figure comes with 2 guns, a removable towel, plus mini comic. Due to drop at Kuso’s booth (#4937) for $75 each, the Rotobox guys will will be on hand to sign and chat throughout the con (signing schedule tbc)…

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Slash” custom Street Shark from Adam Pratt…

What with his stunning Candy Coated Custom Show entry, numerous commissioned projects, a micro resin drop and an upcoming blind boxed custom Android series, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Adam Pratt has little time for personal projects… but as you can see from his latest stunning piece, the “Slash” Street Shark custom, he always manages to squeeze in the odd self-indulgent custom here and there!

Remembered for their sheer bulkiness and size, the under-used Street Shark platform has proven to be an awesome canvas for Adam’s meticulous paint style, with a considered use of washes, weathering and fine detail really helping to elevate the action figure into the realms of art. Sadly, this guy has already been accounted for, but Adam plans to work on another of Dr Piranoid’s goons, Slobster, in the near future. Follow Adam on Instagram @monsters_eye for daily studio updates…

T.M.N.T Walkabout custom from Adam Pratt…

Art toy designer/customiser Adam Pratt has just revealed to us his latest custom project, in the form of vintage T.M.N.T action figure, Walkabout. The first in a series of around 10 planned T.M.N.T customs (a selection of which should be available at this years Toy Street trade show), Walkabout is currently available to purchase for $50 through Adam’s shop here.

Adam explains a little about the project-

I really enjoy painting up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. The sculpts on them are crisp, and there are many little details that got lost in the original paint schemes (which were garish and neon).

This guy got painted up in a very realistic paint scheme, and I added a bunch of little freehand details that really made the figure pop.

He was painted with acrylics, washes and weathering powder before being given a matte seal. He dried with a tiny amount of shine, and the paint applique looks like it was originally printed on the figure.

Thanks for the heads up Adam!

London Comic Con MCM Expo @ ExCell London

With the mighty San Diego and New York Comic Cons opening to record breaking crowds this year, UK fans and collectors of sequential (comic) art have been largely left out in the cold- that was until now; Opening this Friday at London’s ExCell convention centre, the London Comic Con MCM Expo 2011 covers the bases of all things ‘geek’. From comic illustration to art toys, Japanese computer games to anime cosplay, there’s something for anyone even remotely interested in indulging their inner nerd.

2000AD’s LCC 2010 Booth

Featuring well over 130 of the comic/graphic novel industry’s finest, including the quirky Studio Taiko Fish, Marvel’s legendary Frazer Irving and Sci Fi writer Peter F Hamilton, the LCC’s Comic Village gives fans the chance to meet their favourite artists, ask questions and buy any of the exclusive merchandise on offer at the numerous booths.

A selection of LCC 2011’s attending artists

Modern Monstrosity Comics’ 2010 LCC Booth

The rest of the convention has been split into several different sections; ‘JapanEx’ will offer a fusion of Japanese and Asian culture, featuring a host of Anime/Manga, toys, games, Taiko drumming, Origami, and martial arts; LCC’s ‘Steampunk’ will become home to some of the niche genre’s leading artists and designers; the ‘T.V/Film’ area plans to cater for all things cult, including previews of Immortals and The Thing; whilst the Warner Bros sponsored ‘Games Expo’ is set to showcase the hottest products from the likes of Nintendo, Ubisoft, Capcom and Japanese game distributor, Rising Star.

LCC 2011’s Game Expo, featured games

On top of the daunting amount of booths and artists, leading art toy and comic distributors including the legendary Forbidden Planet, Neon Martian and Tokyo Toys will also be attending, featuring prints, toys, books and elusive comic con exclusives across the board.

The London Comic Con MCM Expo 2011 runs from October 28th-30th at the London ExCell, with tickets starting from £10. Check the web site here for more information.

(photos- lccmcmexpo)