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Kikkake’s My Custom Show #7…


Kikkake‘s online custom show returns with a whole slew of one-off goodies today

  • Size: TBC
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • As always, whilst information on the release is thin on the ground we’ve been teased 3 featured figures; a split paint app Masuda, mixed part OG Iron Monkey and a custom painted Den-Tetsu-Jin
  • All and more will be going on sale in the Kikkake store at 11pm Japan time tonight (2/4)

Shifty Toys’ latest custom lottery sale…


Shifty Toys comes with a whole host of one-off customs available via lottery this week

The sale includes 6 figures;

  • Poison Teal Mini Mockbat 105$
  • Hawaiian Punch Rangeas SS 225$
  • Iron Cat Mecha Nekoron MKIII 135$
  • Slimer Cadaver Kid 135$
  • Hawaiian Punch Cuccumi 185$
  • Hell Cadaver Kid 135$

Interested parties are going to need to send their Instagram name, name, address and country, phone number, email and PayPal address along with their desired figure to before close in the next 24 hours at the time of writing

Sofubi Brothers’ “White Porcelain Pretend” Iron Meat lottery…


The Sofubi Brothers have been hard at work preparing a very special one-off custom, the gorgeous “White Porcelain Pretend” Iron Meat! Standing at around 8″ tall and featuring 5 points of articulation, the Restore Created piece has been cast in a white soft vinyl, coming with beautifully realised blue and white ware-style hand painted detailing from Kam Shing Yan (aka WORDist 彩繪文字師). Available via 48 hour lottery starting Thursday, August 18th HK time, the single lucky winner will be expected to pay just $300 plus shipping. Fancy your chances? Then be sure to fire over your name, Instagram name, country, shipping address, phone number and PayPal address to within the allotted timeframe. Good luck!

Plaseebo x Psycho Scimitar’s “Incognito Atomic Woebegone Masquerading As A Night Gamer” for Clutter’s Kaiju Battlers group show…


Wasting no time since the reveal of the Son of YouZha just yesterday, Bob Conge aka Plaseebo has just unveiled one of two entries he’s created for Clutter‘s upcoming Kaiju Battlers show… the Incognito Atomic Woebegone Masquerading As A Night Gamer! An ingenious mash-up of Psycho Scimitar‘s Woebegone and Plaseebo’s own Night Gamer, the 7″ figure boasts a seamlessly fused torso/head, numerous slime filled pipes and a striking brown to yellow sprayed fade. Up for grabs alongside a whole host of other creepy kaiju at the show’s opening this Saturday, March 12th, those of you in the Beacon, NY area who fancy checking it out can find more info on Clutter’s site right here

The GEEK! × Kenth Toy Works “Kerberosman” Kenth custom lottery…


Originally debuting back in December of last year, GEEK!’s breathtaking Kerberosman has received a limited custom run courtesy of its creator, Kenth Toy Works! Based on the three-headed hell hound found in Greek mythology, this upwardly mobile interpretation stands at a towering 11.8″ tall with 5 points of articulation. Produced in a Japanese soft vinyl, the lumbering beast has been treated to KTW’s signature “Hologram” paint app complete with rubbed detailing, pointilised dot work and meticulous, hand brushed highlights. Going on sale via email lottery for $350 plus shipping starting Midnight Japan time tonight (3/4) until Wednesday, March 9th, anyone looking at bagging the piece is going to need to fire over their name, address and email to… As always, good luck to all who enter!


Psycho Scimitar’s Woebegone Mamilla custom trifecta…


Following last month’s second blank release, the “Woebegone Mamilla” sofubi from Psycho Scimitar is set to make a welcome return this week with the release of 3 one-off customs! Designed and sculpted by PS’s Alex Gavryushenko, the “miserable nipple” stands at 8″ tall and around 6″ wide, featuring articulation in the neck as well as 2 interchangeable eyeballs and a tongue that can be fitted in the eye-sockets. Treated to 3 very unique paint apps using a wide spectrum of VColor paints, the trio will be making their way into the Psycho Scimitar store this Thursday, February 25th at 8pm Eastern time, priced at just $99 each plus shipping… Can’t get enough Woebegone? Then be sure to look out for news of the next painted versions soon!

Plaseebo’s “Skullo” Arachnid one-off custom…

Bob Conge aka Plaseebo is proud to reveal the third entry into the Arachnid Series, the rather aptly titled Skullo! Coming in at a monstrous 10″ wide, 6″ deep and 4″ high, the one of a kind custom mash-up features a clear vinyl Skulloctopus head on top of a hand cast resin body, coming complete with swirled glass eye inserts and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit that illuminates glow-in-the-dark and gel brain parts from within. Hand finished with Monster Kolor sprays and brushed detailing, the signed and dated piece will be touching down in the Plaseebo store this coming Thursday, February 11th for an undisclosed sum…