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MAN-E-NEWS// The “8-Ball” Radioactive Rumbler last chance preorder…

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 13.56.30

Whilst the recent 8-Ball Kickstarter shattered it’s target funding, creator John Santagada over at Radioactive Uppercut has bowed to the requests of fans who missed out by offering up the figure in both “Standard” and “DIY” colourways one last time! Standing at around 4″ of Japanese produced soft vinyl and coming with articulation in the neck and shoulders, the pair are currently up for grabs in the Radioactive Uppercut store for just $50 and $40 respectively. Those interested are going to need to act quick though, preorders will be closing this Sunday, February 23rd at 11.59pm EST! Check out our extensive coverage on the project right here

MAN-E-NEWS// New one-off customs for the Radioactive Uppercut “8-Ball” Kickstarter campaign revealed…


With just 2 weeks (and 27% funding!) left until the end of the 8-Ball Kickstarter campaign (extensively covered here), Radioactive Uppercut‘s John Santagada is proud to present not 1, not 2, but a staggering 11 new one-off resin customs to be added as incentives starting from tomorrow, August 9th at 8pm EST! Featuring the return of Motorbot and DuBose Art & Design, the pair have been joined by Monster Island, Johan Ulrich, Manny X, Tim Stephson, Blurble One, SeriouslySillyK, Tony Simione, and 8-Ball’s original fabricator, ERA Sculpture. Better pics, pricing and info on the various pieces can be found on the campaign page right here, although we will impart one piece of advice before you head over- the original 13 customs sold out within a matter of minutes, so if you’re looking to bag one from the second round you’re going to need the F5 skills of a ninja… Still haven’t bagged either the DIY or OG painted sofubi versions of the figure yet? Then you’ll be glad to know that both are still up for grabs until the end of the campaign (August 24th) for just $35 and $55 respectively.

8ball comp

MAN-E-NEWS// Radioactive Uppercut’s “8-Ball” sofubi Kickstarter campaign now live…


“Prepare the fallout shelter, the radioactivity is at maximum levels, Get ready for a 1st round TKO!”

It’s finally time folks… After 2 months of drip fed teasers and reveals, the long awaited 8-Ball Radioactive Rumbler Kickstarter campaign is finally upon us! To those that missed our previous posts, the 4″ tall beast will be the first in an ongoing line of sofubi figures from John Santagada’s Radioactive Uppercut, coming cast in a Japanese soft vinyl (NOT Chinese rotocast!), with 3 points of world destroying articulation… As mentioned in our earlier coverage, John has pulled out all the stops when it comes to reward tiers, offering low-cost entry points including stickers and buttons, a whopping 11 one-off customs from some of the art toy scene’s finest (listed below), 2 hand cast resin variants, PLUS both the standard red deco version AND DIY blank “Decontamination Edition”- each coming with a three-panel cardstock diorama and collectible character trading card. Priced at just $55, the standard edition will stay exclusive to the campaign, whilst the $35 blank is likely to reappear at some point in the future, although that certainly doesn’t mean you should sleep on it!


Running until 10pm EDT on Saturday, August 24th, we suggest heading over and making your pledge ASAP, a number of the customs have already been picked up, and we can’t imagine the rest will be hanging around for long either… But wait, that’s not all! As co-sponsors of the 8-Ball campaign alongside Spanky Stokes, John has been kind enough to supply us with our very own one-off exclusive! Due to come cast in a clear purple resin (TBC), the figure will be up for grabs via a very special competition soon… Expect more news on the specifics closer to the end of the campaign!

MAN-E-NEWS// The one-off ‘Radioactive’ 8-Ball resin for the Radioactive Rumbler Kickstarter campaign…


With Radioactive Uppercut‘s debut vinyl figure hitting Kickstarter in just under 2 weeks time, creator John Santagada reveals what has got to be one of the campaign’s hottest reward incentives yet… the mighty ‘Radioactive’ 8-Ball! As with the previously revealed customs (check them out here), this piece is unlike the standard sofubi release offered in the lower tiers… this 4″ tall beast has been hand cast in a day-glo green tinted clear resin! Strictly limited to 1 one-off casting for the campaign with no others planned for the future, we’re told there may be hope in seeing the return of the Radioactive colourway at some point in the future- albiet as a vinyl figure instead! Stay tuned for more tier reveals as we draw nearer to the July 1st ‘live’ date..

MAN-E-NEWS// Motorbot’s custom 8-Ball for the Radioactive Rumbler Kickstarter campaign…

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 13.45.36

Following our look at the 8-Ball paint master last week, we bring you the latest finished custom for the fast approaching Radioactive Rumblers Kickstarter campaign… this gruesome purple and yellow take from none other than Motorbot! Brainchild of Radioactive Uppercut‘s John Santagada, the awesome 4″ kaiju will be up for grabs in a number of different level tiers, including the standard painted vinyl, a number of blank resin casts, plus customs from the likes of Topheroy, D-Lux, Monsterforge, George Gaspar, and of course, Motorbot. Head over to our original posts here for the full lowdown on the project, and be sure to look out for more custom reveals as we get closer to the campaign’s launch!

MAN-E-NEWS// Radioactive Uppercut’s 8-Ball “The Terror from Space!” revealed in full…


With Radioactive Uppercut‘s debut vinyl figure hitting Kickstarter in just a few weeks time, creator John Santagada exclusively reveals the pics we’ve all been waiting for… presenting the final paint master! Entitled 8-Ball “The Terror from Space”, the stunning 4″ tall figure has been sculpted by Joshua Sutton at ERA Sculpture, coming complete with 3 points of articulation; a pivot joint in the neck and super-posable ball joints in the shoulders! Due to be produced in a roto-cast vinyl, the standard painted release will include a collector’s trading card featuring a faux 8-Ball comic cover on the front and bio/stats on the flipside, plus custom signed and numbered header for just $55 shipped…

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 13.30.04

Alongside basic ‘entry’ donation incentives of trading cards, stickers, magnets, original art and of course the standard 8-ball figure, a number of custom one-of-a-kind resin 8-Balls will be available for purchase. Some fantastic artists have donated their time and talent to the cause, with the previously revealed Living Dead Dolls creators Ed Long and Damien Glonek, MF Gallery’s Frank and Martina Russo and Monsterforge now joined by Topheroy (pictured), Motorbot, D-Lux, tattoo artist extraordinaire Tom Connors, John “Spanky’ Stokes and last but certainly not least October Toy’s own George Gaspar… But that’s not all! Also available as ‘donation incentives’ within special tiers will be a one-off  ‘behind the curtain’ unpainted resin 8-ball and a one-off ‘radioactive edition’ clear green tinted resin 8-Ball- expect some shots of those soon!


The first figure to feature in John’s ongoing “Radioactive Rumblers” series, a successful Kickstarter campaign will see the inclusion of a number of new designs, many of which have already been sculpted and tooled for production! Stay tuned for the full bio on 8-Ball as we get closer to the Kickstarter campaign start on July 1st, and be sure to head over to the official Radioactive Uppercut Facebook page here for all the latest news and updates!

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The ‘8-Ball’ Radioactive Rumbler vinyl figure revealed…


Hot off the heals of our exclusive teaser last week, John Santagada over at Radioactive Uppercut kindly shares some more details about his upcoming debut vinyl line, including a peak at the project’s first figure, the fearsome 8-Ball! Revealed as the ‘Radioactive Rumblers’, the ongoing series is set to feature a number of 4″ designs inspired by old sci-fi and horror flicks, 80’s toys, garbage pail kids and comic books of the 50’s and 60’s, each coming rotocast in vinyl with a number of ‘city crushing’ points of articulation (3 in the case of 8-Ball!)… As mentioned in our previous post, John will be funding the project through Kickstarter, with a tentative ‘live’ date set for July 1st. Alongside basic ‘entry’ tiers that include trading cards, comics and of course the standard figure, a number of custom 8-Balls have also been donated for the cause, with artists Ed Long and Damien Glonek of Living Dead Dolls, Frank and Martina Russo from MF Gallery and Monsterforge all confirmed so far… We’ll be bringing you guys a comprehensive lowdown closer to the Kickstarter campaign, but in the meantime, be sure to head over to the Radioactive Uppercut Facebook page here for all the latest developments!