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MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Disarticulators’ Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con exclusives: Part 2…

final promo tatt real

As promised earlier in the week, we’re very proud to present the second round of exclusives we’ll be bringing along to the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this weekend! Featuring a mix of uber limited “Preview” edition figures, the return of Lobsterman, plus a second AshMadeThis exclusive, we bring you the full lowdown of what to expect, plus those all-important online sale details…

Snack Attack: Sgt Angus// Ahead of a full release next month, 1Shot Toys‘ first Snack Attack figure, Sgt Angus, receives his first official outing in a limited CTaTC preview exclusive! Cast in the standard neon orange/blue colourway by the Disarticulators’ Tru:Tek, the keshi-style rubber figure has been limited to 5 pieces, priced at £10 each. Expect more news on the general release next week…

Elephantos: Keshi Edition// Making the move into rubber courtesy of Tru:Tek, turboPISTOLA‘s awesome Elephantos mini figure will also be debuting as a preview exclusive. Packed with a header designed by Tru:Tek, this initial run has again been cast in a blue/orange mix. Limited to an edition of 5, these have been priced at £15 a piece.

TTFTD: Lobsterman// Everyone’s favourite Tiny Terrors from the Deep figure returns for CTaTC in it’s first marbled colourway! Sculpted by our very own Zectron and produced by Tru:Tek, the mini has been limited to just 5 this time around, priced at £10 each.

Star Flaws: D.E.A.T.H 3 Pack// The latest figures to feature in our Star Wars inspired H.U.S.T.L.E off-shoot, 3 of Edge of Doom‘s custom bootleg figures feature, including the highly popular Big Daddy Vain. Originally released in resin (and still available here), these have been cast in rubber by Tru:Tek, coming blister packed on an authentic M.U.S.C.L.E/Star Wars mash-up header. Available in both flesh and a con exclusive blue/orange, each has been limited to just 5 pieces at £20 each.

H.O.R.D.E Wave 2// Last, but by certainly no means least, we’re very proud to reveal the latest batch of H.O.R.D.E figures! Designed/sculpted by Ironhaus and produced by Tru:Tek, the 3 figures, Danny Cancer, Xackis and Sarcophokill, stand at just under 2″ of bone-crunching rubber. As with Star Flaws, these will be available in both flesh and orange/blue, offered up separately for £10 each. Colourways limited to just 5 of each design…

Unable to attend the con? Then you’ll be glad to know that any remaining stock will be heading to the Man-E-Toys store next Wednesday, July 24th at 9pm London time…

The CTaTC exclusive “Skate and Destroy” Critter from AshMadeThis x The Disarticulators…

critterheaderASH blog

Mentioned in our coverage of the “OG Cyclops” Madball of Death earlier in the week, we bring you a full reveal of the second exclusive AshMadeThis will be carrying at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this weekend… the “Skate and Destroy” Critter! The latest iteration of Zectron’s insanely popular mini, the figure has been cast by Tru:Tek in a marbled light blue/pink colourway, coming with the signature ‘safety manual’ insert and header art from Ash. Limited to 20 pieces, these will be available from the AshMadeThis booth for £10 each…


MAN-E-NEWS// Elephantos t-shirt pre-order from turboPISTOLA…


Looking to push the Elephantos brand to new heights in 2013, turboPISTOLA has a number of awesome projects in the pipeline for the highly popular mini figure’s adoring fans- the first coming in the form of this rather sleek looking t-shirt! Up for pre-order through the turboPISTOLA store right now up until June 3rd, the double sided, screen printed design comes on a high quality teal American Apparel Jersey T-Shirt (slim fit type) with maroon artwork. Grab yours now for just $18 ($20 2XL+) plus shipping… We’ll have some more exclusive details on the future of Elephantos soon, including a rather interesting collaboration with our very own Tru:Tek!

MAN-E-NEWS// New resin and custom drop from turboPISTOLA…


Never one to rest on his laurels, the ever busy turboPISTOLA is proud to present yet another swathe of incredible customs and original figures! Featuring a mix of Monster Kolor sprayed OMFG, hand brushed Kidrobot minis, plus Solar Color Dust-tinted resins, we bring you a rough rundown of what you can expect after the drop-

  • All new custom and open edition Elephantos figures that will make your knees shake!
  • Custom OMFG figures
  • Custom Goon Squad DJ Aya Holla figure
  • Custom Meltdown Dunny
  • Custom Pirate Lion Battle Beast
  • Big fun for broken homes!

Priced between $15-$45 plus shipping, the above will be hitting the turboPISTOLA store today (May 13th) at 1pm Eastern… Stay tuned for some exclusive Elephantos news right here on Man-E-Toys soon!


MAN-E-NEWS// turboPISTOLA’s 4/20 toy drop…


Celebrating the high life in style this 4/20, turboPISTOLA proudly presents his latest slew of figures with more than a little nod to the ‘green’… Featuring a number of new Elephantos’, customs and original artwork, we bring you a quick rundown of exactly what will be on offer-

•Elephantos Gamma edition: Cast in a Hulk-inspired neon green glitter glow in the dark resin this ‘Gamma’ variant comes with hand painted purple pants. As with the previous ‘Faker’, these will be available on a made to order basis until May 1st. (Note- GID figures pictured appear here un-photoshopped, what you see is what you get!)

•Elephantos 4.20.13 edition: A glow in the dark green glitter resin figure  coming with a blind bag glow weapon, these will once again be made to order until May 1st.

•Elephantos Internal bleeding edition custom: A one-off piece featuring a beautiful swirled red/clear design, the figure comes complete with sword accessory.

•Elephantos Tarpits edition custom: Hand painted in a mixture of brown, black and blue, this custom comes with detachable resin mace accessory.

•Original artwork: turboPISTOLA will once again have a number of one-off pieces available for sale in his unique mixed media style. Exactly what will be on offer is still to be confirmed.

•Customs: Joining the already impressive list of figures and artwork, the artist will also be revealing a collection of customs pieces too, including both Real x Head and Dunny hand paints.

Dropping in the turboPISTOLA store today (April 20th) at 4.20pm EST, expect prices to range between $25-$50…


MAN-E-NEWS// New resin and custom drop from turboPISTOLA…


Daniel Smith aka turboPISTOLA continues his onslaught of releases this year with yet another jaw-dropping horde of OMFG customs and original Elephantos resin figures, this time around with a distinctly 80’s ‘saturday morning’ cartoon vibe… So without further ado, we bring you a quick rundown of the various figures available to purchase in-store right now-

  • Scam edition Elephantos set: Taking inspiration from He-Man’s evil doppelganger Faker, the stunning orange-on-blue figure comes with a painted mini canvas, sword accessory and hand made box. An open edition available through April 2nd, the figure has been priced at $45 plus shipping.
  • Scam edition custom Baby Deadbeet and Shirtle: As with Scam Elephantos, these guys have once again been painted in an orange/blue/purple combo with black detailing. Priced at just $20, they are available in strictly limited numbers.
  • Glow in the dark Elephantos resin figures: Back by popular demand, turboPISTOLA is offering up both painted and unpainted GID versions for $25 and $30 respectively.
  • 5 Lions edition custom Cuddlehard: Inspired by the classic Voltron colours, this edition of 5 custom Cuddlehard APs (turboPISTOLA’s very own entry into OMFG), these have been priced at just $20 a piece.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 5.06.37 PM

MAN-E-NEWS// New Elephantos resin figures by turboPISTOLA…


It’s been a while since we last saw turboPISTOLA‘s Elephantos resin, so it came with great pleasure yesterday to find the artist has been working on not one, but two all-new colourways! Entitled the “Skellas”, the first edition has been inspired by MOTU’s Skeletor, coming in a faithful mix of yellow, blue and purple brushwork on top of a detail-hugging black base. Limited to just 3 pieces, the little guys come packed in the signature block printed box for $25 plus shipping… Joining the “Skellas”, turboPISTOLA has updated one of the series’ most popular past colourways with the reveal of Breakbeat Mk.2. Painted in the artist’s familiar  multi-coloured daubs with black detailing, the figures have once again been limited to 3, available on the newly opened turboPISTOLA Storenvy right here for $25 plus shipping.

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Imagination is King” and “Spectra” Elephantos from Turbopistola…

“The Defender of Leisure has returned to wage war on circumstance and responsibility. Your ally, my ally. Who else will defend our right to do as we choose, when all we choose to do is absolutely nothing?”

After a brief hiatus, Turbopistola is back once again with another two Elephantos drops, the awesome “Imagination is King” and “Spectra” editions… Cast in a variety of beautiful clear tints including the aptly named Fire, Banana, Sweet Lime, Bottom Feeder, Berry and Smoke Duece, each Spectra Elephantos has been finished with contrasting detailing, and a hearty coat of Monster Kolor gloss for that candy shine! Limited to just 15 (some colours being more rare than others), the figures are due to come bagged with a hand-stamped header for $25 plus shipping… Taking inspiration from childhood memories, the “Imagination is King” Elephantos is the latest to be granted a weapon accessory… this time in the form of a (resin cast) wooden sword! Limited to just 5 pieces this time around (with only 3 available for sale), the figures come with Turbopistola’s signature brushed and rubbed paint job, each with a different coloured band on their pants. Packaged in a custom built lino cut box, the Imagination is King Elephantos will be joining the Spectra’s in the Turbopistola store tomorrow (Monday, 20th August) at 10am Central time for $35 plus shipping…