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Super7’s [Tribute] Ghostfighters…

Super7 pay a loving tribute to two close friends who passed away earlier this year with a special Ghostfighter release this week

  • Size: 5.5″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • Super7 will be releasing 2 different designs; black with white free/masked sprays in memory of Anthony Conte; and GID with free/masked blue, purple, black and white sprays in memory of William “Scott” Godon­ Decoteau
  • Both fight figures will be going on sale in the Super7 store next Wednesday, December 12th at Noon Pacific

Secret Base’s “Screwbiter” heviORM and Skull Brain…

Secret Base team up with Pushead for special versions of both heviORM and Skull Brain

  • Size: 6.5″ (heviORM), 5″ (Skull Brain)
  • Articulation: 5 points each
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 11,500yen (heviORM), 9,000yen (Skull Brain)
  • Both heviORM and Skull Brain have been cast in a triple-pour gold/silver/clear sofubi
  • Skull Brain features additional hand painted detailing, plus removable golden orange skull brain
  • Currently available to purchase in the Secret Base store right here

Max Toy Co x Cronic’s “Marbled Black/GID” Kaiju TriPasu…

Max Toy Co‘s long lost collaboration with Cronic returns in an all-new marbled colorway this week

  • Size: 5.75″
  • Articulation: 3 points
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $39 plus shipping
  • Featuring all-new molds, the resurrected Kaiju TriPasu – co-designed by Max Toy and Cronic – comes cast in an unpainted marbled black/GID sofubi for its latest outing
  • Currently available to purchase in the Max Toy Co store right here

Super7 x Secret Base’s first painted Cyclobot…


Super7‘s Brian Flynn has just revealed that their Cyclobot fight figure is set to return this week in its first official painted colorway! Standing at around 5″ tall and featuring articulation in the arms and neck, the Minion-esque piece has been collaboratively produced alongside Secret Base in a GID soft vinyl, coming complete with masked purple, ice blue and red sprays. Going on sale in the Super7 store this Thursday, May 12th, expect to pay around $60 for the little guy…

Secret Base’s “Mixed Part Skull Brain #3” release…

Secret Base are proud to present that their hugely popular “Mixed Part Skull Brain” release has returned for it’s third year in a row! Featuring the classic fight figure in a variety of different glitter-infused, LED inserted and glow-in-the-dark mixed parts, every MPSB #3 purchase will also give collectors a chance at one of a handful of glow red Evil Bado-inspired figures too. Currently up for grabs through the Secret Base store right here (international orders can be placed through the inquiry button), the MPSB #3’s will set you back just 5,400yen ($46) each plus shipping…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Superfestival 69 exclusive “Grim Purple Haze” SkullWing sofubi from Astro Zombies…


Funnyara over at legendary Japanese toy retainer Astro Zombies is proud to reveal that the highly sought after “Skull Wing” sofubi will return for Superfestival 69 over the weekend in an all-new “Grim Purple Haze” colorway! Standing at around 4.5″ tall and featuring articulation in the neck, shoulders and waist, the classic fight-style figure has been produced by Secret Base in what appears to be a marbled, glitter-infused gold and purple vinyl this time around, coming complete with simple silver/purple masked sprays and logo detailing. Touching down at Sufes this coming Sunday, September 27th, pricing and edition size for the figure are still to be confirmed…

MAN-E-NEWS// Devils Head Productions’ “Apalala” sofubi prototype teased…


“The ‘Ta fang hsi-yu chi’ by Hsuan-tsang (a Chinese scholar who wrote about India) tells the story of Apalala. Kasyapa Buddha was a man with the power to control the weather. He did so by controlling the evil dragons that possessed the power to bring storms. In return for his good will in controlling these storms, the local people offered him grain. Eventually, the people started to forget to offer the grain and Kasyapa grew angry. He prayed that he would become a dragon, so that he could punish them for their selfish behavior.

This prayer was eventually granted and after his death he became the dragon Apalala. He made his home in a pond in Udhyana (an old name for the area of the Swat valley). He destroyed the area with powerful storms and rain. This continued every crop season until Sakyamuni Buddha visited the area. He persuaded Apalala that what he was doing was wrong. They came to an agreement where Apalala would stop his destruction in return for one crop every twelve years. Rather than relying on the people to provide the offering, he would take it himself by flooding the land.”

Having had continued success with his Alavaka sofubi, Toby Dutkiewicz over at Devils Head Productions has just announced that he’ll have another figure ready for soft vinyl soon! Whilst we have very little to go on aside from the name “Apalala” and the detailed backstory above, we can confirm that the piece will be around the same size as a standard “fight” figure at 4.5″ tall. Be sure to keep an eye on the DHP Instagram feed here for more details on this intriguing project soon…