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MAN-E-NEWS// Nerd City at C2E2 2015…


Chicago’s legendary C2E2 is nearly upon us (April 24th26th at McCormack Place) and once again the boys from Nerd City will be out in force, bringing along with them a whole heap of guests and exclusives from around the world! Based out of booth #760 in The Block, the team will play host to an exciting lineup of friends and their creations, ranging from production indie toys, resin figures, far-out art, collectors dvd’s, games, and even apparel. Whilst the sheer range of pieces up for grabs is too vast to even attempt to list here, we can guarantee visitors of the booth will be able to find the likes of The GodbeastManOrMonster? StudiosOnell DesignRawshark StudiosBen Spencer/GalaxxorMystical Warriors of the RingTurbo PistolaJB RoeScott WygmansKaiju KaosJunk FedBattle BabiesCamera Viscera and Until We Burn on hand with their toys at various times during the event, with additional guest exclusive releases coming from Goodleg Toys x Ralph NieseFrenzy BrosExtra Truckestrial Customs and Lord Chaos… phew! Click through to check out of some of the various toys on offer, and be sure to head over to the dedicated Nerd City C2E2 mini blog right here for more info on the event… (more…)


MAN-E-NEWS// The Galaxxor x Goodleg Toys “Tricera-Tank Lazer Saur…


“Shortly before a devastating meteor impact on Planet Prehis, a team of soldiers and scientists of the Lazer-Saur race were sent into space to find a place that was told to be the source of life. This fabled place was the so called “Forbidden Zone”, palladium of the Prima Materia, which was protected by an ancient ape civilization known as the Holo Apes. The Lazer-Saurs had to construct the ultimate weapon to stand against an almost invincible force. They created the Tricera-Tanks: powerful, fully robotic dino warriors! The Tricera-Tanks are the Lazer-Saurs last hope to defeat the Holo Apes, gather the essence of life, return to their home planet, and to save Prehis from its fate…”

Swiftly following our “Infinition” coverage last week, Ben Spencer of Galaxxor fame has unveiled yet another figure that’ll be up for grabs this week, teaming up with the fine chaps over at Goodleg Toys for the release of the latest Lazer Saur, Tricera-Tank! Ben kindly explains a little about the project… “The term “evil genius” gets thrown around an awful lot, these days. It most certainly applies, however, to my good friends in Germany, those maniacs from Goodleg Toys. Luke and Pablo’s resin creations run the gamut from pop art pieces to proper action figures, from absurdly hilarious to grotesquely badass.More often than not, their highly sought after chunks of resin are a bit of all of the above. Following our Grape-Apes collab, Luke and I were really excited about following it up with something even more involved. I’ve been a long time fan of Goodleg’s War On Prehis property, a line full of zombie cyborgs and bionic dinosaurs, all done in the classic 5.5″ scale. So, the idea came about to maybe try my hand at adding a figure to that extended universe. Goodleg and Kaiju Lab‘s Lazer Saurs were a subline of Prehis that I always particularly dug, and, after much contemplation, the concept of a gigantic, hulking, clockwork Triceratops tank man seemed like the the only right thing to do…Working in another universe, with an aesthetic that is decidedly different from the Galaxxorverse was really creatively inspirational, because it forced me to think about some of the iconic design elements that I play with, and then turn them on their ear. Prehis has a far more gritty and detailed visual than I typically work with, and that pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone. I allowed myself to mash together bits of various iconic figures, along with a bit of sculpting, and come up with a Frankenstein of a beast, which, chile working on it, I often referred to as “An Excercise in Absurdity”. I’m extremely pleased with the resulting figure, one which I feel straddles the line between my aesthetic and Goodleg’s aesthetic.” Mashed-up and re-sculpted by Ben, produced in resin by Goodleg Toys and then handed back over to be hand painted in a mix of grey, black, red and gold, the hulking 5.5″ Tricera-Tank has been limited to an edition of just 5 pieces for this initial run. Packed with 2 War on Prehis comics and a high quality 8″x10″ print with art from JB Roe, the figure will be up for grabs in the Galaxxor store today (2/6) at Noon CDT for just $95 plus shipping…


MAN-E-NEWS// Galaxxor’s Space God Infinition for Clutter’s InAction Figure 3 Show…


Yep, yet more from Clutter‘s upcoming InAction Figure 3 Show today, as Ben Spencer of Galaxxor fame proudly presents his entry, Space God Infinition! Ben kindly explains a little about the figure’s background- “From the crystalline planet at the center of the Galaxxorverse, Alpha Supremis, comes Infiniton, one of the cosmic Seven Space Gods! Anyone who’s been playing along at home knows that The Seven Space Gods are the real movers and shakers of the Galaxxorverse, so it’s super cool to have one of them realized in resin. I was honored to have the opportunity to participate in Clutter’s Inaction Figures 3 group show this year and wanted to come up with something really special to contribute. Like most people my age, I was a huge fan of Transformers as a kid, and, for some reason Ultra Magnus’s head really spoke to me (not literally. I’m not that crazy). Taking into account that the overall theme for Clutter’s Inaction Figures shows is toys form the 70’s-90’s, I jumped at the chance to mash up that iconic head with my very own Galaxxor figure. I always envisioned The Seven Space Gods as being very Kirbyesque in appearance, and, maybe I’ve been reading too much of Tom Scioli’s Transformers vs. GI Joe, but Ultra Magnus’s noggin really seemed to fit the bill.”  Featuring the standard Galaxxor buck with the aforementioned Ultrus Magnus head, the articulated 5.5″ figure was produced by Marty “The Godbeast” Hansen and True Cast Studio, coming hand painted by Ben in a minimal mix of purple and black with neon green inserts. Limited to an edition of just 3 pieces, Space God Infiniton has been priced at just $95…

Clutter’s Inaction Figure 3 Show; featuring work by 2bitHACK, 8-bit ZOMBIE, BigManToys, Bombermat Toys, Credenda Studios, Danny Frankenstein, Dave Bondi, Death Cat Toys, DLL Customs, DMS, Eric Nilla, Falcon Toys, Fantastic Planet Toys, Galaxxor, Goodleg Toys, Healeymade, Josh Longo, Kaboom Toys!, Killer Bootlegs, LRG/Plastic Imagination, ManOrMonster?, Marty “TheGodBeast” Hansen, MonstreHero, MuscleThings Laboratories, Nama Niku, Schmucklord, Scott Wilkowski, Scraped Resin, Star Case, Sucklord, The Tarantulas, Ted Terranova (Rivet Wars), Tone Tank, and Triclops Studio.

MAN-E-NEWS// The Barbalien Warrior and Magus 2 Pack from Galaxxor x Extra-Truckestrial…


Two of the resin action figure scene’s heavyweights – Ben Spencer of Galaxxor and Extra-Truckestrial Customs – have joined forces for their first collaborative release, the Barbalien Warrior and Magus 2 Pack! Created in the same vein as Galaxxor’s previous Cyborg Space Barbarians and Grape-Apes, the 5.5″ Barbalien features the body from a vintage MOTU buck ingeniously coupled with an in-scale Alien head. Recast in resin by Extra-Truckestrial, the figure was then treated to Galaxxor’s black-on-neon paint app complete with removable skull trophy necklace. Joined by one of ET’s infamous bootleg budhas (Magus) – this time around sporting a reduced Alien head, clear acrylic display and matching paint app – the pair have been limited to just 5 sets this time around, coming in at $85 each plus shipping. Look out for the duo in the Galaxxor store this coming Monday, November 10th at Noon CDT…


MAN-E-NEWS// Nerd City at C2E2…


Nerd City is set to celebrate the true spirit of indie toys and art this weekend at C2E2 (April 2527th in Chicago), with their booth (#750) in The Block playing host to a huge collection of special guest artists, including The Godbeast, ManOrMonster? Studios, Alexis Ziritt, Ben Spencer, True Cast Studio, Fantastic Plastic Toys, Battle Babies, The Mark Ultra, Toyfinity, JB Roe, Jimbot and Sandtastic Toys and Art. Featuring a variety of prints, zines, comics and one off toy pieces, highlights from the booth include:
  • Fintastico The Lucha Shark from Ben Spencer x The Godbeast
  • Mystical Warriors of the Ring Pearlescent Neon Green sets from Fantastic Plastic Toys x True Cast Studio
  • Purple Frenzy Lazer Saur from Goodleg Toys x Kaiju Lab
  • Metallic Blue Kabuto Mushi and Metallic Purple Kabuto Mushi from The Godbeast
  • Nightmare from Frenzy Bros.
  • Cyborg Space Barbarian Frostkronna from Ben Spencer x BigManToys
  • Cosmic Green Megakeshi Galaxxor from Ben Spencer x The Godbeast x True Cast Studio
  • Jah Warrior from Holler Toys
  • Galaxxor 013 from Ben Spencer x The Godbeast
  • Wooden Robot from Jimbot
  • Galaxxnar from ManOrMonster? x Ben Spencer x Monsterforge
  • Samhain from 5.5 Customs x Monsterforge
  • Boss Apes from Goodleg Toys

For even more gory details on all of the Nerd City 2014 C2E2 releases, check out the official mini blog right here! Click through to check out the other 12 exclusives (inc. edition size and pricing) revealed so far…


MAN-E-NEWS// The MoM? x Galaxxor x Monsterforge GALAXXNAR revealed…

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 09.48.46

Brandon Barker over at ManOrMonster? Studios has just revealed a toy mash-up of epic proportions, proudly presenting the mighty GALAXXNAR! Combining the worlds of Ben Spencer’s Galaxxor and WoW, the stunning Bog-nar remake was kit-bashed and re-sculpted by none other than Monsterforge, coming cast by MoM? with the now standard neo-mag articulated joints. Pictured here as a blank black resin test shot, we’re told that the first painted run will be making it’s debut at the Nerd City C2E2 booth (750) next weekend, so be sure to stay tuned for a full reveal soon!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Megakeshi and Mini Galaxxors from Ben Spencer x True Cast Studio…


It’s been a while since we last heard anything from the Galaxxorverse, and with good cause, as creator Ben Spencer has been busy preparing one hell of a release! First up, we have the debut of the Megakeshi Galaxxor… With the help of The Godbeast and the rest of the True Cast Studio, Ben has been able to take the highly popular 5.5″ to the next level in terms of playability, with the figure now coming cast in a flexible keshi-style rubber with 3 points of articulation and 3 interchangeable heads (including one by the mighty Matt Doughty!). Initially going on sale as a limited batch of one-off prototypes, the Megakeshi will be touching down in the Galaxxor store on Tuesday, November 19th at Noon CST, priced at $90 each… Joining the Deka-sized piece, Ben will also be unleashing a number of Mini Galaxxor’s too! Hand sculpt and cast by The Godbeast based on Ben’s design, the Kinnikuman scaled figures will be available in a number of one-off swirled and solid resins. Priced at just $17 each, expect these to touch down in-store alongside the Megakeshi next week…