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Goccodo’s OBE [Out of Body Experience] OGAMANOUMI…

Goccodo‘s frog fighter receives its first internationally available release this week

  • Size: 6.25″
  • Articulation: 5 (head piece, neck, arms, waist)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 8,000yen plus shipping
  • Ogamanoumi comes cast in a clear sofubi, remaining unpainted for this release
  • Comes packed with a custom embroidered cloth mawashi
  • Currently available via lottery, interested parties are going to need to fill out the dedicated lottery form here

Skull Toys’ Dokurobuster lottery sale…

Skull Toys‘ Dokurobuster makes a welcome return in an all-new colorway this week

  • Size: 8″
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 8,000yen plus shipping
  • Skull Toys, Real x Head’s and Goccodo’s mash-up appears to have been cast in a black sofubi for this release, coming with layers of white, black and brown sprays with  gold accents
  • Currently available via e-mail lottery, interested parties are going to need to send their name, phone number and full shipping address to, being sure to include “mail order desired” in the subject header

Goccodo at 5 Points…

Goccodo unveils a quintet of releases he’ll have up for grabs at Clutter’s 5 Points Festival 

Releases revealed so far include-

  • Astro Unkotsu in a grey sofubi with various metallic blue and gold sprays
  • Mid-Size Gamanoumi in a grey sofubi with white, black, blue and red sprays
  • Bearos in a mix of GID and black sofubi with metallic blue and gold paint
  • Kiaida-kun in a blue sofubi with orange, gold and metallic blue sprays
  • Strong Smell Cyclops in a grey sofubi with metallic blue, brown and magenta sprays

Going on sale at 5 Points Festival starting Saturday, May 20th

Goccodo’s “Yellow Machine Gun” Strong Smell Cyclops…

Goccodo‘s hugely popular Strong Smell Cyclops gets a much welcome new colorway

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs) plus chained fly ball omake
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 12,000yen plus shipping
  • SSC comes cast in a bright yellow sofubi this time, complete with simple metallic purple, red, silver and black sprays
  • Currently available via e-mail lottery until 5.59am Japan time on Thursday, February 16th, interested parties are going to need to fill out the contact form found on the Goccodo blog right here

Goccodo’s Toyful exclusive “Halloween” Kiaida-kun & Boomy…


Goccodo teams up with Japanese retailer Toyful for a special Halloween-themed Kiaida-kun & Boomy

  • Size: 6.7″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, arms, waist) plus removable “Boomy” arm and helmet
  • Edition size: 20
  • Price: 8,640yen plus shipping
  • Cast in a mix of orange and brown soft vinyl, Kiaida-kun has been treated to simple masked green, gold and black sprays, whilst Boomy remains unpainted
  • Going on sale in the Toyful store right here starting 8pm Japan time on Saturday, October 15th

Goccodo’s Medicom Toy exclusive Strong Smell Cyclops…


Having seen numerous exclusive and limited online releases over the past 9 months, Goccodo‘s highly sought after Strong Smell Cyclops is finally set for a general release this month courtesy of Medicom Toy! Designed by Goccodo and sculpted by RESTORE‘s Abe Junnokai, the totally turdical wrassler has been cast in a flesh tone vinyl this time, coming with layers of gorgeous pink, magenta, lime green and gold sprays. Complete with chained fly ball omake, the figure will be going on sale via preorder in the Medicom Toy store on Friday, June 24th for just 12,960yen plus shipping…

[info courtesy of Sofvi.Tokyo]

The Convict exclusive “Real American” Strong Smell Cyclops from Goccodo…


Originally teased just a couple days back, Goccodo’s “Real American” Strong Smell Cyclops is now up for grabs as a Convict exclusive! Designed by Goccodo and sculpted by RESTORE‘s Abe Junnokai, this 9″ of wrasslin’ hot mess appears to have been cast in a brown soft vinyl this time, coming in a swathe of sprays inspired by legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan’s signature yellow and red get-up- complete with matching bandana! Currently available via lottery for just $140 plus shipping, interested parties can enter by e-mailing Convict at with their name, Instagram name, country, shipping address, phone number, PayPal address and the name of the product (GOCCODO KUSAIKUSOPS CONVICT LIMITED COLOR REAL AMERICAN) between Thursday, April 21st – Friday, April 22nd Japan time… Good luck to all who enter!