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MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// Deka Manzilla: Tijuana Nights from Nama Niku x Tru:Tek…

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Revealed on Instagram earlier this week, we thought we’d give you guys the rundown on our latest collaboration with Nama-Niku, the mighty Deka Manzilla: Tijuana Nights! A love letter to wacky dollar store bootlegs and swap-meet pick ups, the hilarious figure is due to become the first Deka H.U.S.T.L.E release, a sub-series featuring a number of kit-bashes and re-sculpts based on the oversized 5″ tall kinkeshi platform. Set for an extremely limited soft-release in early September, the figure will be making it’s official debut at Superfestival and NYCC a few weeks after. Stay tuned for more news on colourways, packaging and pricing soon… REALLY can’t wait to add one to your collection? Then you’ll be glad to know that a couple of early test-pulls will be up for grabs in our Big August Preorder starting Friday- come back for the full lowdown tomorrow!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Rampage H.U.S.T.L.E “Matchbox Keshi” Artist Proofs…


After long last, the Rampage Toys H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Proofs will finally be up for grabs over the weekend! Featuring both Ugly Cenicorn and Super Cupcake designs from Wave 1, the pair have been cast in a mix of yellow and red keshi-style rubbers, coming packed in an ingenious Matchbox inspired slide box with insert. Due to go on sale at the “Paralyzing Toys” Wonder Festival booth (8-28-09) this Sunday, July 28th, any remaining stock will be heading to the online store soon after…

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Disarticulators’ ‘Madball of Death’ revealed in full…

Madball of Death promo1

Following the debut (and sell-out!) of our latest release at Clutter’s Toy Mafia over the weekend, we’ve decided to treat you guys to a closer look at the one and only Madball of Death… Inspired by AmToys’ classic 80′s gross-out toy line, 50′s sci-fi and a dash of neo-kaiju, the incredible 2″ tall figure was designed and sculpted by Zectron, with production duties handed to Tru:Tek. Replete with a number of ingenius design features including a lenticular skull/cyclops head, exposed brain, and hollowed out eyes, the pièce de résistance has got to be the figure’s central mechanism… featuring 2 magnetically joined halves that split open to reveal a grotesque tentacled parasite lurking inside!

Madball of Death promo2

Cast in a super-bouncy polyurethane rubber, each ball comes packed with a Disarticulator button, plus some jaw-dropping header art from the collaborative minds of Zectron and Ralph Niese… Whilst the Toy Mafia exclusives have unfortunately already sold out, we will be running a number of others in the run up to the general release in August (including the pictured Test Shot Blue), so be sure to keep your ear to the ground for more exclusive details soon!

madball of death header 3

MAN-E-NEWS// Clutter’s Toy Mafia exclusives revealed in full…


Toy Mafia (\ˈtȯi mä-fē-ə\)
An organized international body of designer toy collectors, originally founded in NYC. Toy Mafia events take place monthly and are often associated with exclusive releases and excessive partying.

With June’s Toy Mafia opening it’s doors later today, the guys over at Clutter are proud to present the remaining 3 exclusives that’ll be available at Concrete NYC from 8pm onwards! Featuring a diverse mix of custom bootlegs, sofubi and mini figures, we bring you the full rundown of what lucky attendees can expect…


Bombermat Toys’s Cthulhu Warrior// Argentinian based Bombermat Toys, creator of the infamous Shit Wars custom bootleg line, have graced Toy Mafia with an exclusive edition of 10 “Cthulhu Warrior” figures. Kit-bashed from vintage Cthulhu and Conan the Barbarian, the H.P. Lovecraft inspired beasts has been cast in resin, coming hand painted by the artist. Bubble packed on a single-sided thick cardboard backer card, each figure has been signed and numbered, complete with Bombermat Toys sticker.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 14.39.28

Butcherbrand’s Megara// Butcherbrand’s popular kaiju turtle beast Megara will be making an appearance tonight in an exclusive micro run of just 5 figures! Standing 3.5″ tall, the black soft vinyl cast piece has been sprayed in a gorgeous mix of green and purple… While not exclusive to Toy Mafia, Clutter will also have a small handful of Megara pieces hand-painted by Velocitron on specially cast hot pink sofubi (featured here earlier in the week).

joe young

Monster Island’s Mighty Joe Young// Toy Mafia regular Monster Island is proud to present JUNIOR, a mini version of the barbarous beast Mighty Joe Young! Inspired by the classic Ray Harryhausen stop motion animation, this resin cast creation is small enough to fit in your pocket with a personality big enough to scare your kids! Limited to 7 pieces cast in smokey black resin, a select few feature a color-fade from the feet up. Each gorilla comes with a unique colourway of the micro hostage and is packaged with a vintange inspired header card.

Clutter Magazine‘s 3rd Toy Mafia at Concrete NYC, June 22rd 2013, 8pm-late… For more info, head over to the dedicated Facebook page here. Remaining pieces after the event will be heading to the Clutter online store here on Monday, June 24th…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Disarticulators at Toy Mafia, plus the reveal of our Madball of Death!


Toy Mafia (\ˈtȯi mä-fē-ə\)
An organized international body of designer toy collectors, originally founded in NYC. Toy Mafia events take place monthly and are often associated with exclusive releases and excessive partying.

We’re sure a number of you have been wondering why our posts have been a little irregular over the past couple of weeks, well now we can reveal why… As we’ve had the honour of preparing not 1, not 2, but 3 exclusives for this week’s June ToyMafia- including 1 all-new, never before seen figure, the Madball of Death! Expect a closer look at the incredible AmToys send-up later in the week, but in the meantime, we bring you a quick rundown of exactly what we sent over…


The Madball of Death// The latest (and quite possibly greatest!) release from the Disarticulators, the MoD was designed and sculpted by our very own Zectron, with production duties handed to Tru:Tek. Inspired by AmToys’ classic 80’s toy line, 50’s sci-fi and a dash of neo-kaiju, the ingeniously designed piece features numerous heads/surfaces depending on which angle you’re looking from. The piece de resistance has got to be the balls main unique design feature though… through the aid of neo-magnets, the thing splits in half to reveal a separate tentacled parasite figure!

madball5Limited to just 11 for this ToyMafia exclusive (5 black w/pink insert, 5 pink w/black insert, 1 chase mixed part with marbled insert), each comes packed with epic header art created collaboratively between Zectron and the legendary Ralph Niese… The Madballs of Death have been priced at $50 a-piece. (Head over to our IG feed here for a look at the figure in some slightly more photogenic colours)


Kesh-E-Face// This month’s ToyMafia will also play host to the return of one of our most popular figures, Kesh-E-Face! Once again sculpted by the amazing Zectron, the loving homage to MOTU (in particular, our namesake Man-E-Face) has been cast by Tru:Tek in a keshi style rubber, featuring a TM exclusive black body and pink fully rotating/detachable head. Limited to an edition of 5 this time around, Kesh-E-Face comes packaged on a matching exclusive backer designed and hand cut by Tru:Tek. Priced at $40 each.

hustle toy mafia

H.U.S.T.L.E Old Vs. New 2 Pack// Last, but by no means least, we bring you the latest batch of H.U.S.T.L.E, the Old Vs. New 2 Pack! Featuring fan favourite Mekamess (Nama Niku) from Wave 1, coupled with upcoming Wave 2 entry Kamen Fighter (Bigmantoys), the pair have been cast in a randomly assorted mix of pink, black and marbled- with no 2 sets alike! Packaged in an authentic gacha style capsule with exclusive TM insert and button badge, Old Vs. New has been limited to just 5 sets (10 figures in total), priced at $25 a piece… Stay tuned for info on the next June ToyMafia featured artist tomorrow, and be sure to head over to the Man-E-Toys IG feed here for a closer look at all the figures on offer!

Clutter Magazine‘s 3rd Toy Mafia at Concrete NYC, June 22rd 2013, 8pm-late… For more info, head over to the dedicated Facebook page here. Remaining pieces after the event will be heading to the Clutter online store here on Monday, June 24th…

MAN-E-NEWS// Nama-Niku’s ‘Kinkeshi Flesh’ Mekamess auction on LRG…


As mentioned in our Ray Skull coverage last week, Nama Niku is the latest out of the blocks with his H.U.S.T.L.E Wave 1 Artist Proofs, proudly presenting the long awaited ‘Kinkeshi Flesh’ Mekamess! Undeniably one of the most popular designs from the first batch of figures, the MechaGodzilla kit-bash has been cast up in the original, lighter kinkeshi flesh colour by our very own Tru:Tek using a flexible urethane rubber (check out a comparison shot here). Limited to just 5 pieces, 4 of which have already been taken for, the remaining figure is now available through board auction over at LRG. Donated by Nama Niku to help fund a new hard drive for the popular mini figure forum, interested parties can review and post their bid right here– be sure to head over soon though, bidding finishes at 6pm Pacific time this Sunday, May 5th!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Ironhaus: BLACK exclusive program…


As a way of saying thank you for his fans minions continued support, Jimmy Rommel of Ironhaus Productions has revealed that a number of his most popular figures are to be rereleased through a special ‘exclusives’ program entitled Ironhaus: BLACK. Consisting of a number of different toys from the numerous lines Jimmy has worked on, these are due to run in smaller numbers with a slightly higher pricetag- the upside being that a whole host of extras will be bundled in with each release including exclusive mini comics, companion figures, t-shirts, stickers and a whole lot more… The first release will be coming in the form of the pictured H.O.R.D.E set- keep your eyes peeled for full release details soon!