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Rampage Toys’ Tenacious Toys exclusive Halloween release…

Rampage teams up with Tenacious Toys once again for 2 exclusive releases this week

  • Size: 10″ (Zombie Hag), 1.5″ (Shaggy Unicorn)
  • Edition size:  6 (Zombie Hag), 25 (Shaggy Unicorn)
  • Price: $120 (Zombie Hag), $15 (Shaggy Unicorn)
  • The “Blue Spectre” Zombie Hag comes cast in a clear blue sofubi with gold/metallic pink sprays
  • The “Cornicorno” Shaggy Unicorn comes cast in a yellow sofubi with red sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Both are currently available in the Tenacious Toys store right here

Rampage Toys’ Clutter exclusive Hag Zombie-X at NYCC ’17…


Clutter secures a limited run of the latest Rampage Toys x Skull Head Butt collab

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Edition size: 8
  • Price: $150 each
  • Featuring the all-new SHB Zombie body with the revised “Grinning” Hag head, the figure has been cast in a flesh sofubi and treated to layers of black, metallic blue, red and gold sprays courtesy of Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt
  • Going on sale at Clutter’s NYCC ’17 booth (#575) starting October 5th


Kore Kore x Rampage Toys’ ToyCon UK exclusive Hag-X…


Kore Kore team up with Rampage Toys for a number of ToyCon UK exclusives, the first to be revealed coming in the form of a mixed-part Hag-X

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • Skull Head Butt’s X-body and Rampage’s Hag V.2 head have been cast in mixed clear blue and GID sofubi, coming complete with GID inserts, metallic pink and blue sprays, plus creeper dolls eye inserts
  • Going on sale at the Kore Kore TConUK booth alongside a whole host of other exclusives starting Saturday, April 29th

Rampage Toys x SHB’s new Hag-X head and X-body revealed…


Rampage Toys unveil a new version of the Hag-X head along with Skull Head Butt’s all-new X-body

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • The latest version of Hag-X features a number of new design elements, including a GeGeGe Yokai Kaiju-style mouth that wraps around the back, deeper eye sockets and more refined bone texturing
  • The new SHB X-body retains much of the look of the original, albeit with a more skeletal, exposed flesh look akin to the Colossal Titan
  • An official first release is still to be announced, but we’ve been told that the figure is likely to make an appearance in the Rampage Toys lucky bags next month
  • Keep track of the Rampage Instagram feed here for more news soon

Rampage Toys’ Superfestival 71 exclusive Skelehag and Big Foot…


Hot on the heals of yesterday’s Fig-Lab mini show at Rampage Studios (of which a few recap pics can be found at the bottom of this post), Rampage Toys‘ Jon Malmstedt has started to reveal the various exclusives he’ll have up for grabs at Superfestival 71 this weekend! First up, we have the Skelehag… The latest version of Rampage’s “Hag-X” collaboration with Skull Head Butt, the piece – inspired by MOTU’s Skeletor – appears to have been cast in a black soft vinyl this time around, coming with faithful purple/blue/yellow sprays and a matching “He-Man” settler omake…

Next up, we have the first official third party run of Awesome Toy‘s new Bigfoot sofubi. Standing at a monstrous 10″ tall, the elusive ape has been produced in a red soft vinyl with gorgeous metallic sprays and detailing from Rampage. Both going on sale alongside a ton of other soon-to-be-revealed exclusives this Sunday, April 24th, look out for more exclusive reveals on the Rampage IG feed throughout the week…

Rampage Toys’ Convict exclusive HAG-X lottery…


Yep, yet more from Rampage Toys today! Originally teased here last week, we can now finally announce release details for the Convict exclusive HAG-X’s… Available in 2 very different flavours; a standard “X” type (right), produced in yellow vinyl with metallic blue and red over black sprays, plus a suited “Convict HAG” variant (left), coming in black vinyl with masked white/blue sprays and dry brushed red detailing; both come packed with a Bikkuriman-style sticker plus matching cap that transforms the Hag head into a standalone, Madball-type figure. Currently up for grabs via lottery for $160 and $190 respectively, interested parties can enter by e-mailing Convict at with their name, Instagram name, country, shipping address, phone number, PayPal address and the name of the desired product (RAMPAGETOY HAG X Convict LIMITED COLOR/RAMPAGETOY Convict HAG) between Friday, February 19th to Sunday, February 21st Japan time…

The Convict exclusive HAG-X from Rampage Toys…

Rampage Toys‘ Jon Malmstedt has revealed that he’s teaming up with Japanese lifestyle brand The Convict for an exclusive run of HAG-X! Featuring Skull Head Butt’s standard “X” body with Rampage’s HAG head (complete with cap that transforms it into a free-standing Hag-Ball), the 9″ tall figure has been produced in a primary yellow soft vinyl this time around, coming with metallic blue, silver and red sprays inspired by 80’s bootleg toys. Going on sale via The Convict later this month, we suggest keeping a close eye on their Instagram feed here for release details soon…