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ShinGangu’s Kaijyu Battleground: Ep01 playset…

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We bring back SoftoyHobby this weekend to shine a light on the debut sofubi from our very own ShinGangu imprint… the Kaijyu Battleground playset!

  • Price: $249.99 plus shipping 
  • Size: 6”x5” (playset), 1.75” (micros)
  • Articulation: 1 point (lid)
  • Contents: 1x playset, 2x micro, 1x boat omake, 1x seal pack, 1x pin 1x coloring book
  • The Line: Inspired by classic kaiju and the pachimon sub-culture, Kaijyu Battleground is an all-new series from the mind of ShinGangu’s TruTek. Set to feature a whole host of full-size figures and playsets, each will pay homage to a particular film, series or theme, whilst also helping to expand the deep alt-narrative planned for the many locations and characters in-store. The first set – Gargamon Vs Baraton – has its roots dug firm in Toho’s Frankenstein CtW and follow-up, War of the Gargantuas, featuring a similar heart (the playsets shell), caveman-like character and kaiju, all set against a post-war landscape in a Mighty Max-style format.

top down playset

  • The Playset: Kaiju Battleground Ep1 features a 3 part design complete with removable lid plus 2 micros, coming cast in a flesh tone Japanese soft vinyl and treated to various sprays, brush detailing and extensive flocking, all sealed with a super-smooth satin gloss. Sculpts courtesy of Kto Kto, paint/prototyping, ShinGangu.
  • Extras: Each playset comes complete with a number of extras, including a magnetic boat omake that can be held by Gargamon, a seal sticker pack, pin and coloring book that details the origins of KB.
  • How To Purchase: The Kaijyu Battleground playset will be available via a 48hr limited mail order starting 4pm London time this Thursday, September 12th. Interested parties can fill out the dedicated form RIGHT HERE. In the event of receiving more entries than allotted stock, a lottery will be held to determine successful applicants. 
  • Shipping will commence November 2019.

MAN-E-NEWS// Construction Site Monster “KOUZIRA” from Elegab…


The warped mind of Elegab spews forth yet another must-have kaiju, as he proudly presents construction site monster KOUZIRA… Standing around the same height as Wars Gon (approx. 9″), the breathtaking figure combines the ulikely worlds of kaiju and construction toys to dizzying effect, featuring numerous bulldozers, a quarry pile for a head and digger tracks for feet! Due to come cast in an orange soft vinyl with red and dark blue sprays, KOUZIRA will be available from the Elegab site right here from September 20th with a price tag of 8,400yen (approx. $84) plus shipping…

MAN-E-NEWS// Max Toy Co’s latest Kaiju Negora preorder and the Kaiju Tank revealed…


Max Toy Co are proud to announce that the latest iteration of Konatsu’s ever popular Kaiju Negora is now up for pre-order! Cast in a white vinyl with beautiful tiger-inspired black, orange and pink sprays, each little kitty comes complete with gold, black, pink and white detailing, plus matching fish accessory. Up for grabs through the Max Toy store right here for the next week or so, Negora can be yours for just $45 plus shipping… Joining news of the preorder, Max Toy have also revealed quite possibly our most anticipated sofubi this year- the Kaiju Tank! Consisting of a main tank body, it would appear from the shots that turrets can be swapped out for both fully kitted out army Negora bodies and micro heads. Expect more news as soon as we hear anything!


MAN-E-NEWS// Mixed part custom Megaras from ButcherBrand…


Butch Adams over at ButcherBrand is happy to reveal that the latest batch of custom Megara sofubis have just landed in-store! Cast by Velocitron in both clear and opaque soft vinyl, the mixed part figures are said to all be one-of-a-kind, coming hand painted, dyed and rubbed in a huge variety of colours and finishes. Priced at just $50 plus shipping, Butch has stated that these guys could be removed from the store at anytime- so we suggest heading over right now to avoid any disappointment!

MAN-E-NEWS// The TAG x PAUL KAIJU Luftkaiser “Painted Red” edition…


Toy Art Gallery is proud to present a new painted version of Paul Kaiju’s Luftkaiser! Cast in a yellow soft vinyl, the Painted Red Edition features teal, gold, yellow, and black sprays courtesy of Japan’s Shirahama. Standing at around 4” tall and articulated at the arms and waist, the figure will be available through the TAG online store this Wednesday, July 31st at 12PM PST for $55. Quantities will be extremely limited, so be sure to set your alarm to be in with a chance of nabbing one!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Semi Korosiya ‘RGB’ sofubi from Cop A Squat Toys…


Making the leap from resin into soft vinyl last month with the release of the highly anticipated Semi Korosiya sofubi in neon green, Cop A Squat Toys are proud to announce the second edition of the figure, entitled ‘RGB’… Cast in a clear Japanese soft vinyl, the Chauskoskis sculpted beast has been given a mix of red, green and blue sprays coming complete with tinsel, screen printed insert and custom window box. Limited to just 5 pieces in each colour, Semi Korosiya RGB will be touching down in the C.A.S.T store this Thursday, April 18th at 3pm EST for just $75 plus shipping…


MAN-E-NEWS// The Unpainted GIDPollen Kaiser and Luftkaiser from TAG x Paul Kaiju…


Toy Art Gallery has once again teamed up with Paul Kaiju for the release of Pollen Kaiser and Luftkaiser in pure unpainted GID! Cast in UV reactive glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl, Pollen Kaiser comes articulated at the arms, wrists and waist, featuring a doll eye and staff accessory, whilst little brother Luftkaiser features articulation at the arms and waist. Available exclusively from the TAG store today (February 20th) at 12pm PST, the 10” Pollen Kaiser is set to retail for $155 whilst the 4” Luftkaiser will be $45… orders have been strictly limited one of each toy per customer!