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Elegab’s January ’18 lottery sales…

Elegab returns with two figures for his latest round of lottery sales this week

  • Size: 8″ each
  • Articulation: 5-6 points each
  • Price: 8,300yen (Satan Killer), 8,900yen (Hedoron Chaku)
  • This month sees the return of Hedoron Chaku in a clear purple vinyl with yellow/red sprays and fitted inserts; and Satan Killer; coming it what appears to be a white vinyl with metallic teal, red and yellow sprays with brushed detailing
  • All available via lottery until January 25th, interested parties can find details on how to enter right here

Skull Head Butt’s Medicom exclusive Space-X 2…


A subtle reiteration of Skull Head Butt‘s Space-X makes its debut through Medicom this month

  • Size: 11.8″
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs)
  • Edition size: Open (TBC)
  • Price: 12,960yen plus shipping
  • Featuring the original alien “X” body with an all-new version of the 3-eyed Space-X head, the figure has been cast in a clear green sofubi, coming with gold/red sprays and dolls eye inserts
  • Going on sale through Medicom Toy and their usual international distributors starting January 24th
  • Info via Sofvi.Tokyo

Siccaluna’s Arktz exclusive “Psychedelic” Galmega…


Siccaluna‘s latest offering receives its second Arktz exclusive this week

  • Size: 10.6″
  • Articulation: 6 points (neck, arms, legs, tail)
  • Edition size: 5
  • Price: 18,000yen plus shipping
  • Galmega comes cast in a white sofubi for this release, coming with layers of multi-color psychedelic sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Comes packed in a deluxe box
  • Going on sale in the Arktz store this Saturday, January 13th at Noon Japan time

Leo Sofvi Bouya’s Idola [Fifth Term] Guzo Kaiju…


Leo Sofvi Bouya‘s “Idola” Guzo Kaiju returns in an all-new colorway this week

  • Size: 10″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 6 points (waist, arms, wrists, head)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 35,000yen plus shipping (TBC)
  • The latest version of the Taboo Monster appears to have been cast in a clear sofubi, complete with neon purple/orange sprays, inserts and hand painted detailing
  • Comes with reversible OG Guzo/Taboo head
  • Currently available via lottery, interested parties can enter by filling out the dedicated entry form found as a link on Leo’s Instgram page here

KK Factory’s [SP] Gokai Kong…

KK Factory‘s latest kaiju-mecha hybrid returns in an all-new colorway this week

  • Size: 12″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 6 points (neck, waist, arms, legs)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 28,000yen plus shipping
  • Based on the same fictional 1964 military ‘bot as HxS’ Brutal Ace and Target Earth’s Parabola Ace, Gokai Kong comes cast in what appears to be a classic dark blue sofubi for it’s third release, coming with a mix of silver, gold, red and black paint
  • Available via lottery until January 13th, interested parties can fill out the dedicated entry form right here (unfortunately it is unclear as to wether the sale is Japan-only at present)

Leo Sofvi Bouya x Marusan’s one-off Giant Gorilla lottery…


Originally unveiled at Sufes 76, Leo‘s recent collabs with Marusan are now available online

  • Size: 13″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs) plus Mini Gorilla omake
  • Edition size: 3
  • Price: 30,000yen each plus shipping
  • Designed and produced by Marusan, the giant sofubi ape has been treated to 5 different one-off paint apps (3 available here) in Leo Sofvi Bouya’s unique style
  • Currently available via e-mail lottery, interested parties are going to need to fire their details over to, being sure to include “Giant Gorilla” in the subject header

BLObPUS x Rampage Toys’ Two Toed Tom release…

Rampage Toys team up with BLObPUS for the latest Two Toed Tom release

  • Size: 10″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, waist, arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 23,000yen plus shipping
  • Designed and sculpted by Rampage Toys’ Jon Malmstedt, Two Toed Tom has been cast in BLObPUS’ signature GIS sofubi with 3 different colorways up for grabs; [A] featuring gold/metallic red/black/blue sprays; [B] featuring pink/metallic teal/silver/black sprays; and [C] featuring pink/purple/teal/gold/black/silver sprays
  • Each Two Toed Tom comes complete with either a BLObPUS or Dokugan mini
  • Currently available via e-mail lottery, interested parties can find out all the information on how to purchase through the BLObPUS blog right here