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Acid Ma’s The Cherv Kickstarter…

Illustrator Acid Ma‘s first vinyl figure is now available via Kickstarter

  • Size: 5″
  • Articulation: 7 points (waist, tentacles)
  • Edition size: N/A
  • Price: $70 (basic blank), $125 (painted set), $220 (one-off customs)
  • Designed by Acid Ma and sculpted by Phobia Toys, the Cherv is set to be produced in soft vinyl courtesy of Red Hot Style with 4 different color options available; orange, green, purple, and pink
  • Kickstarter tiers range from a basic blank figure package, deluxe painted packages including shirts, pins, posters and stickers, plus a number of one-offs from the likes of our very own Tru:Tek
  • Interested parties can makes their pledges right here

Bad Teeth Comics’ Pachi Pins Kickstarter…


Bad Teeth Comics launch a new bootleg kaiju-themed pin series via Kickstarter this week

  • Size: 1.25″ (I’m a Kougai), 1.5″ (No Toys, No Life), 2″ (Hedoro Mascot)
  • Edition size: Open
  • Price: $12AUD (I’m a Kougai/No Toys, No Life), $16AUD (Hedoro Mascot), $40AUD (set)
  • Celebrating bootleg kaiju monsters and collecting monster toys, the first trifecta of Pachi Pins have been designed and illustrated by Bad Teeth’s Glenn Manders, each produced in a quality hard enamel
  • No Toys, No Life pin features a GID finish
  • Currently available via the Pachi Pins Kickstarter campaign right here

Gorgoloid’s Grimebrute Kickstarter…

Gorgoloid turns to Kickstarter to fund his first ever large-size soft vinyl figure

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 6 points (neck, arms, legs, wrist)
  • Price: $100 (blank), $135 (painted), $235 (blank.painted set), $260 (full package including art canvas)
  • Designed and sculpted by Gorgoloid, the artist kindly explains his thinking behind the figure here- “Grimebrute is a horror art toy that is an amalgamation of numerous monstrosities and tragic characters from cinema that has inspired and influenced my own art. It is an homage to our childhoods and the stories we saw and heard. Influences from Japanese tokusatsu films, American horror, b-movies, and cult cinema percolate from the form”
  • Available via Kickstarter until Saturday, May 6th, interested parties can go and check out the campaign page for the project right here

LRG’s Rise of the Beasts “Series 2” Kickstarter…

Spurred on by the success of both Rhino and Scorpion’s numerous releases since their debut back in November 2014, Jon Karris and Glen White over at Little Rubber Guys are proud to announce the return of their mini action figure line Rise of the Beasts for a second series! Tripling the initial line-up with 4 new characters; the original Lion/Asayid and Gorilla/Guwrah (previously scheduled for series 1), a modified version of the Horned Lizard/Khabasat, plus the all-new, wickedly cool, Ant!

Standing at around 2.25″ and featuring 4-5 points of articulation each (a huge feat for such a small scale!), each Glyos-compatible figure is due to be produced at the legendary Onell factory in China, coming in a similar rubbery-but-firm PVC seen in the likes of Glyos and OMFG. Currently available through a new Kickstarter campaign right here, a huge variety of different purchasing options are up for grabs, ranging from single, blank figures plus a weapon for $5, painted figures for $8, weapons packs, also for $8, and GID 2 packs for just $11… Go check them out right here before the campaign closes in few weeks time!

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Bear Death God” vinyl figure from Akashik Records…


Originally featured right here just a couple of weeks back, the debut figure from Akashik Records’ Soft Vinyl Toys (ARSVT) – “Bear Death God” – has just made it’s way onto Kickstarter! Designed and sculpted by California-based artist Dave Linares, the 6″ tall beast draws inspiration from right across sofubi and neo kaiju, featuring a beautifully textured, 2-headed design akin to Skull Head Butt’s Demon Cyclops figure complete with 4 points of articulation and both death scythe and battle axe accessories. Produced in a bright green soft vinyl for the Kickstarter campaign, early adoptees can currently pledge just $35 for a blank or $75 for a custom one-off from a number of different artists including D-Lux, Truslithers, UnaffiliatedSJ and Slave x One. Head on over to the campaign page right here and get your pledge in before close on Monday, December 7th to help make this awesome project happen!

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Bear Death God” vinyl figure from Akashik (ARSVT)…


California-based artist Dave Linares over at Akashik Records’ Soft Vinyl Toys (ARSVT for short!) is proud to introduce his first ever vinyl figure, the awesome Bear Death God! Drawing inspiration from right across sofubi and neo kaiju, the mid-large size figure features a beautifully textured, 2-headed design akin to Skull Head Butt’s Demon Cyclops figure, coming complete with 5 points of articulation and both pick and battle axe accessories. Due to be produced in soft vinyl following a Kickstarter campaign soon, be sure to look out for more details on this intriguing new figure over the following weeks…

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Noxious” BIO-HAZRD sofubi Kickstarter from Chokehazrd Toys…


Born out of his passion for sofubi and the designer toy world, UK-based artist/designer Luke Telford of newly formed Chokehazrd Toys comes with his debut figure, the jaw-dropping Noxious! Luke kindly explains a little bit about the project… “After collecting Sofubi toys for a while I found pretty quickly that I could not satisfy my love for these toys, no matter how many I accumulated.  It was then I realised I needed to start making my own.  A perfect way to express myself creatively and continue my love affair with Sofubi,  I decided to take the leap and start up CHOKEHAZRD TOYS… I plan to produce many toys under the CHOKEHAZRD umbrella, but the 2 main toy design streams will be; BIO-HAZRD – Creatures born out of the chemical and biological disasters polluting our planet and NUKE-HAZRD – Creatures born from radiation and waste from nuclear disasters as well as the use of nuclear weapons.” 


Kicking things off in the BIO-HAZRD camp, Noxious – designed and sculpted by Luke – stands at around 6.5″ tall, coming complete with a whopping 6 points of articulation and a removable eye that can be swapped between toys. Currently being prototyped over in Japan ahead of full soft vinyl production, Luke has set up a Kickstarter campaign for the figure which will go towards funding the final steel molds needed for casting. Offering up a range of different tiers for all budgets, £35 will secure the base figure in either purple, green or GID vinyl, whilst the highest, coming in at £120, includes a one-off custom, a blank figure, plus a t-shirt and sticker pack. Interested parties are going to need to head over to the Noxious campaign page here and get their pledge in before close on Wednesday, July 1st…