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Paradise Toy’s Kaiju Hunting [Blind Box Series]…


Paradise Toy‘s mini series receives a full blind box release this month

  • Size: 2.5″-3″ each
  • Articulation: 0-3 points each
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $18.95 each plus shipping
  • Featuring Seedlas by Shoko Nakazawa, Kumanba by Konatsu, Satashi Yamamoto (Hunter) by Dehara, Triboo by Dan, BHM (Big Hairy Monster) by Uamou and Rasogimasu by T9G, each is available blind-style in 3 different colorways; original, GID and secret
  • Currently available via Rotofugi right here

Paradise Toy’s “Invisible” Kaiju Hunting set…


Paradise Toy team up with some of sofubis biggest artists for their latest set release

  • Size: 2.5″-3″ each
  • Articulation: 0-3 points each
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $19.95 each or $105 per set plus shipping
  • The set features Seedlas by Shoko Nakazawa, Kumanba by Konatsu, Satashi Yamamoto (Hunter) by Dehara, Triboo by Dan, BHM (Big Hairy Monster) by Uamou and Rasogimasu by T9G, each coming cast in a clear sofubi with minimal paint accents
  • Set comes packed in a deluxe box
  • Currently available via Rotofugi right here

Medicom Toy’s Vinyl Gatcha Artist Series 7 revealed…


Having had continued success with their Vinyl Artist Gacha line over the past couple of years, the guys vet at Medicom Toy are proud to reveal that a seventh series of the multi-artist minis will be touching down next month! This time featuring the return of PicoPico’s “Gakky-Kun” in alternate colorways, th little guy havs been joined by all-new additions the “Good Luck Darumaboya” from Hariken (sculpted by TTToy), “Batesuto God” from Perfect Studioand “Baby Rangeron” from Koraters and T9G. Following a similar template to previous VAG releases, the set of 4  figures feature a stanard 2.5″ tall 2-part design that come in a selection of 5 randomly assorted colorways. Touching down at Village Vangard alongside 26 other Japan-based retailers throughout June for a super-cheap 463yen ($4) each, expect to see VAG Series 7 to roll out internationally within the next few months…

[info courtesy of Sofvi.Tokyo]

Mintyfresh’s exclusive “Clear Green” Byron and Rangeron sofubi…


Debuting at ToyCon UK ’16 over the weekend, Mintyfresh‘s exclusive Byron and Rangeron from Koraters and T9G will finally be available online later today! Standing at around 5″ tall each, the adorable duo have been cast in a gorgeous clear green soft vinyl complete with inset black eyes. Going on sale in the Mintyfresh store right here at 10am Eastern time, pricing for the pair is still to be confirmed, although we’re guessing they’ll set you back somewhere similar to their original retail of £40 ($60)…

Konatsuya x Koraters’ Kaiju Negora show exclusive Negora/Byron and Kyubiros/Byron sets…

As part of her upcoming “Kaiju Negora” shows in both LA and New York, Japanese artist Konatsuya has teamed up with Koraters‘ Shoko Nakazawa for 2 very special toy releases! Kicking things off with the LA leg this coming Monday, April 1st at QPOP with a hand painted Kaiju Negora and Byron set, this will be followed by a similar Kyubiros and Byron release in NY some time in September. Pricing and edition sizes are still to be confirmed, but we’ll be holding out hope that a few of the Negora/Byron sets will make it to the QPOP online store soon…. Keep a close eye on Konstsuya’s blog here for more info on the show this week!

Koraters x T9G’s Medicom exclusive Rangeron…


With Byron having received a Medicom Toy exclusive last year, Koraters‘ adorable companion figure Rangeron steps up for a similar treatment later this month! A collaboration between Koraters’ Shoko Nakazawa and T9G, the 4.7″ tall figure – a mash-up of Byron and T9G’s Rangeas – is set to come in a white soft vinyl this time around, complete with orange, red, yellow and blue sprays with black inset eyes. Going on sale in the Medicom Toy store via open preorder starting Wednesday, February 24th, Rangeron will set you back just 4,860yen ($40) plus shipping…

[info courtesy of Sofvi.Tokyo]

The Angel Abby exclusive Byron and Rangeron set from Koraters x T9G…


As sole Hong Kong’s distributor of both Koraters and T9G, retailer Angel Abby are proud to announce that they’ve secured an exclusive Byron and Rangeron set from the pair! Standing at around 5″ tall, the adorable duo have been cast up in a matching pink soft vinyl this time around, coming with an explosion of classic Hawaii-style yellow, red, metallic real and purple sprays. Currently available to customers in Hong Kong until February 2nd (check the dedicated Instagram post here for details), we’re told to expect an online release soon after… Check back for dates, edition sizes and price over the next few days!