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MAN-E-NEWS// Yum Yum London’s winning character set…

After nearly 2 years in the making, Beth and Jonny of Yum Yum London are proud to reveal the five figures that will be making up there first toy release! Originally asking readers of the Yum Yum blog to decide which characters were to be chosen back in 2010, Zombie, Cactus, Hotdog, Popcorn and Granny have since gone on to be produced as 12cm tall figures. Featuring a very English aesthetic akin to the likes of James Jarvis, the beautifully realised designs are now available to pre-order directly from Yum Yum for an incredible price of just £60 for the whole set (due to go up to £75 at retail). No news on the material chosen for the figures, but we’re guessing for that price it’s likely to be vinyl over resin… Head over to the Yum Yum blog for more info on the release, plus a look at the animated series on which the characters are based.

MAN-E-UPDATE// Martin Longbottom from UME Toys… Now in resin!

Swiftly following the reveal of Martin Longbottom V.3 over the weekend (find out more here), Richard Page spent the whole of yesterday locked away in the UME Toys resin lab- with the breathtaking results shown above! Limited to an initial batch of 10, the super-smooth castings just require some minor assembly and paint (plus some cheeky details) and then they’ll be good to go! No news on pricing, release dates or colour schemes as of yet, so be sure to stay locked onto the UME Toys blog for more info in the coming days…

MAN-E-NEWS// UME Toys’ Martin Longbottom final sculpt revealed…

After months on the drawing board and 3 sculpts later, UME Toys‘ mascot “Martin Longbottom” is finally ready to hit the mould making depot and become a fully fledged resin toy! Sculpted by Richard Page, the newly revised Martin stands at a cute 5″ tall with his hat on. No news as of yet with regards to how this little guy will be released, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will be the same one-off custom approach that made Pembleton Stranglefoot such a success (keep your eyes out for another MAN-E-FACE wrestler if that’s the case!). Stay locked on the UME Toys blog for more info this week…

ARTWORK REVEAL// GROTY: new work from Casey Weldon @ Gallery 1988

With Casey Weldon’s Groty drawing to a close this weekend (December 24th), we’ve decided to take a look back at the art that made the show so special. Held at Gallery 1988’s Venice location, the exhibition featured a number of paintings and drawings, with iconic 80′s toys and their attached nostalgia a focal point for Casey’s work. 

Sure to resonate with any child of the 80’s, Groty draws inspiration from iconic toys including Lego, My Little Pony, thumb monsters, Lucky Trolls, and He Man, placing them in various scenes that reflect exaggerated memories of childhood; a boy searching for that all important Lego piece, a poor cat used as an unwilling test pilot, and a girl with the dreaded cooties- all of which are steeped in the beautiful nostalgia and irony that Weldon has become famed for. 

All of the show’s artwork is now available to purchase through Gallery 1988’s site here, with prices ranging between $150-$900 per piece.

(photos- gallery1988)

“I Still Feel Something” New Works by Shannon Bonatakis @ Rotofugi

Opening to a warm reception at Chicago’s prestigious Rotofugi gallery last Friday (November 11th), ‘I Still Feel You’ is the latest exhibition from Denvor based illustrator Shannon Bonatakis.

Inspired by human experiences, both personal and interpersonal, Shannon’s highly stylised and emotionally charged portraiture has propelled her to the top of the low-brow art/illustration scene- with her latest offering no exception. Partly autobiographical, the exhibition gives us a look into the “deep dark caverns of the artist’s psyche”, emanating a deep personal significance that is not always clear, but eternally compelling.

‘I Still Feel You’ will be running until December 4th at the Rotofugi gallery, Chicago. All of the works can now be previewed/purchased online through the gallery’s store here.

(photos- bonatakis/rotofugi)

‘Plush-o-Rama’ Group Art Show @ Dragatomi

Opening last Saturday (November 12th), ‘Plush-o-Rama’ is the latest show at Sacremento’s premier art toy gallery and store, Dragatomi. Organised by highly respected low-brow illustrator Julie West, the show features a number of talented artists including 64 Colors, Gary Ham, Shawnimals, Superdeux and Scott Tolleson, all of which have created stunning one-off plush toys in their beautifully unique styles.

Show curator, West, has gained a huge reputation amongst the art community over the years, with clients including Nike, Disney Vinylmation, Taco Bell and Hewlett Packard, but it’s been her continued work with the likes of Kidrobot (Ye Olde Dunny series, Fatale Dunny series), Toy2R (Skelanimals series) and Strange Co that has cemented her position as one to watch in the art toy scene. Julie has also created a piece for the show, check it below. For more information on the artist, go to her site here.

Dragatomi have recently released a full preview on their gallery page, anyone interested in purchasing any of the pieces should contact the gallery directly. ‘Plush-o-Rama will be running at Dragatomi until December 3rd.

(photos- dragatomi)

TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’ @ Opera Gallery, NY

Opening this Friday evening (October 21st) at the Opera Gallery, NYC, ‘Life Cycles’ is the latest exhibition by the infamous street art crew, Trustocorp. Featuring the group’s larger-than-life approach across film, painting and interactive sculpture, Life Cycles is set to be their most ambitious project to date.

“After a long summer of highly publicized, illegal street projects ranging from fake bus stop ads for ‘The Real Housewives of Baghdad’ to illegal billboards for ‘Drive Thru Lipo Suction’, the anonymous art collective brings their work in doors for a more in depth look at their p…erspective on the state of American culture. The exhibition examines the experience of growing up and dying American with four installations representing childhood, puberty, adulthood and death. With the American Life Cycle as a jump off point, TrustoCorp brandishes satire and criticism through a range of over 50 works including stained glass windows, giant board games, kiddie rides, fortune tellers and vintage arcade games.”

-Life Cycle press

Botched Operation, Trustocorp 2011

100% American, Trustocorp 2011

Various Trustocorp NY signs

Forming shortly after the 2008 Presidential election, Trustocorp quickly gained notoriety by making and installing illegal political and satirical street signs across 13 of the US’ major cities. Once word was out about the crew’s intentions, Trustocorp was able to recruit a large following of volunteers, who actively install, paste and spread their socially conscious work and ideas across the country.

Having conquered the street, Trustocorp have been working on several different projects leading up to Life Cycles, including illegally ‘shop-dropped’ fake products (pictured), fake tabloid magazines and illegal billboard post-ups. Their latest efforts have caused quite a stir in the mainstream media, with features on the likes of ABC, Fox and BBC World News.

Shop-Dropped Fake Trustocorp Cereal Box

Pin drops of Trustocorp’s work across New York, one finger up to the establishment!

Alongside the massive undertaking of the Life Cycles show, Trustocorp have also been working closely with Everlast on the video for their latest single, ‘I Get By’. Featuring the masked artists at work across New York City’s streets, the film sees them spraying, painting and installing their infamous signs- at one point directly in front of the NYPD! Check out the video below.

Everlast feat.Trustocorp- I Get By [Music Video] 2011

Life Cycles- New Works by TrustoCorp

115, Spring Street

October 21st – November 11th 2011

(photos- trustocorp)