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MAN-E-NEWS// The ToyCon exclusive ‘Fake Plastic Teas’ from Uncle Absinthe…


UK based artist Uncle Absinthe kindly shares details of his first ever art toy release, the Fake Plastic Teas… A custom run based on the ‘Mini Lunartik in a Tea Cup’ mini figure platform, each piece has been painstakingly adorned with roughly 500 individually sculpted tea leaves, coming signed, numbered and packaged in it’s own reusable plant pot. Limited to an edition of 6, the Fake Plastic Teas will be available exclusively at Generic Art‘s ToyCon UK booth for just £40 each (note- price include a Beardy hug and a swig of whatever’s in Unk’s hip flask… what a deal!)… Uncle Absinthe has stated he will also have a number of other pieces at the show including a War Tourist custom, Masks of Doom and a Fans of Teas #3 entry, so stay tuned for more reveals soon!


MAN-E-NEWS// “Goodbye Social Media, Hello Freedom!”- Lunartik breaks free…


Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram- all amazing platforms for showcasing work, consuming art and networking, but do we ever consider how much they eat into our everyday lives? Tired of the constant distractions, Matt Jones aka Lunartik is one such artist that has decided to do away with (for the time being!) all but one social media stream, You Tube. Instead of making announcements through Twitter and Facebook, Matt has decided to focus on a newsletter that will be sent out once a month, featuring a film that will be posted on You Tube alongside exclusive pics and info from the Lunartik blog. Head over to the site now and sign up- Matt has promised that the first newsletter will feature an exclusive peak of the Lunartik Mini Tea series 2!

“I’ve been dreaming about this day forever, Its the start of a new era in my life. I’ve loved following you all and had lots of fun on Facebook and Twitter, but its all become far too distracting for me. I think it’s best if I just get my head into my work and switch to using one social stream which is going to be even more fun, as its You Tube!”

Mr Tea Strong & Black Edition by Lunartik: Pre-order Now!

A regular here at the Tru:Teknology Files, UK based toy designer and illustrator Lunartik is set to drop yet another exclusive figure in the form of the long awaited Mr Tea: Strong and black edition.

Originally done as a commissioned custom “Lunartik in a cup of tea”, the A Team inspired piece became so popular that it went on to become one of the limited “special brews” in the Mini Tea series last year. With high demand for a full sized production run, Lunartik finally bowed to the pressure, making a strictly limited run of 100 that are only available to purchase through his site here.

Available for £85.00, each 6.5″ vinyl Mr Tea figure comes signed and numbered, with their own golden tea stirrer and sugar cubes. 35 of the toys have already been snapped up, so don’t hesitate in going over to the store if your interested. Lunartik will be posting all per-orders out on December 19th, so all UK collectors can expect a delivery before Christmas…


(photos- lunartik)

Lunartik’s Classic Cup Collection Series 1

Fresh off of the heels of his world encompassing Mini Tea Tour, and this month’s release of the latest series of ‘in a cup of tea’ figures (see below) the ever busy artist, Lunartik, is set to drop his new range of lovingly created cups, designed for holding the nation’s (and Lunartik’s!) favourite hot beverage.

Coming in White, Ice Tea, Rosie Lee, Green & Earl Grey “flavours”, each mug has been lovingly designed by the prestigious illustrator. Available through Lunartik’s online shop, the “Classic Cup Collection” (series 1) can be purchased for £34, with individual designs at £7.50 plus p&p.

All cups are produced in the UK and are made from bone china.

Ice Tea Design

Lunartik “in a cup of tea”- Series 2 + Special Brew Edition Launch

Following last year’s incredibly successful ‘in a cup of tea’ toy range, Lunartik has recently released another 4 colorways in the form of Series 2. Featuring Orange, Lemon, Mint and Berry tea designs, the beautifully cast figures, which stand at around 6.5″, are now available through Lunartik’s online store at £35 each. Just announced yesterday, Lunartik has also planned a ‘Special Brew’ edition of the toy, which will be available from October 10th with a price tag of £45. The colour of this edition is being kept secret until launch.

Each of the 6.5” vinyl figures come complete with cup & saucer, tea stirrer & sugar cubes. Editions have been limited to 150 for the Orange, Mint and Berry variants, whilst Lemon and Special Brew have been capped at 100.

Special Brew Edition

Plastik Surgery – Lunartik’s Resin Casting Guide Booklet

Last, but by no means least, is the arrival of Lunartik’s highly anticipated guide to resin casting. The most economically viable medium for budding toy designers / creators, resin plastic has risen in popularity amongst art toy aficionados in recent years, bringing artists such as Lunartik out of the garage studios and into the limelight. A three page downloadable booklet, Lunartik’s guide offers tool making and casting hints, alongside supply notes and various essential tips-of-the-trade, in his mesmerising cartoon style. The PDF is available to download through Lunartik’s site for £3.

(Below) Lunartik’s Plastik Surgery Resin Cast Nipples, created in conjunction with the Resin Casting Guide Booklet, for Pictoplasma 2011. The figures, an edition of 35, are signed and numbered by the artist, with a limited number available through the store at £25.92 a pair.

(photos- lunartik