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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Major League” Madballs of Death from Joe Whiteford x Zectron…


Joe Whiteford has teamed up with Zectron for a special “Major League” run of the Madball of Death keshi! Designed and sculpted by Zectron and cast by our very own Tru:Tek, the ingenious 3-part figures have been treated to a number of jaw-dropping one-off paint apps courtesy of Joe, each coming packed in a custom baseball with a deluxe oversized header, also by Joe. Limited to an edition of just 7 pieces, the “Major League” Madballs of Death will be touching down in the Joe Whiteford store this Friday, July 17th for just $85 shipped in the U.S… Can’t wait until then?! Well, you’ll be glad to know that Joe is currently accepting preorders via e-mail. Hit him up at with your enquiries…


MAN-E-NEWS// The custom Madball of Death from Joe Whiteford…

One of the hottest customisers in the scene right now, Joe Whiteford has just revealed yet another masterpiece now winging it’s way to a very lucky private collector- a hand painted version of The Disarticulators‘ Madball of Death! Designed/sculpted by Zectron and produced by our very own Tru:Tek, the split-design 2″ rubber ball has been treated to Joe’s signature mix of decaying skin and bloodied, glistening flesh, coming finished with a photo-realistic, blood shot eye. Unfortunately just a privately commissioned one-off at the moment, word has it that The Disarticulators will be teaming up with the artist for a special run of figures very soon- more news on that as soon as it’s been confirmed!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Tru:Tek/Disarticulator Post-ToyCon UK sale…

post con sale

Ahead of returning to our regular postings next week, we’re proud to reveal a very important event in our store tomorrow… the Tru:Tek/Disarticulator post-ToyCon sale! Featuring all of the figures we’ve revealed throughout the past few days, keshi, glyos and madball fans alike are going to be in their element with the likes of the Tanklopula, Pachi Gacha Machine, and of course the Triclops x Disarticulator “Rip(p)er Red” Rotten Tomato ball all up for grabs… Dropping in the Man-E-Toys store this Monday, April 14th at 8pm London time, we suggest heading over prompt to avoid disappointment as many of these figures will never see another run again!

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The ToyCon UK exclusive “Color Change” MoDs from The Disarticulators…

mod color promo

Whilst we’ve unfortunately had to cease regular posting as we get ready for ToyCon UK on Saturday (we’ll be back next week!), we do still have a few Tru:Tek/Disarticulator exclusives that we’ll be revealing over the next few days, the first of which coming in the form of these “Color Change” Madballs of Death! One of the last chances to bag this incredible design from Zectron, the 2″ ball has been cast up by Tru:Tek in a marbled mix of thermal color changing pigments, complete with matching “parasite” insert nestled inside. Limited to an edition of just 6 unique casts, these will be up for grabs at the Rampage Toys x Disarticulator ToyCon booth (#16), priced at £28 each…

mad line

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The ToyCon UK exclusive MoDs and Oozeball sets from The Disarticulators…

mod ooze promo

As promised in our reveal of Atomic Uchuujin yesterday, we’re proud to announce another another 2 Disarticulator exclusives will be bringing to ToyCon this Saturday, April 12th… the TCon colour MoDs and Oozeball/claw sets! One of the last opportunities to snag both Zectron designed balls (just a batch of one-offs and a retailer exclusive to follow!), the pair have been cast up by Tru:Tek in matching mint green and magenta rubber for the release. Limited to editions of just 6, including special chase marble variants for each, con goers will be able to snag the MoD for £25, whilst Ooze sets have been priced at £22. Both making an appearance at the Rampage Toys x Disarticulator ToyCon booth come opening time this Saturday, April 12th, those unable to attend the event can expect details of online sales to follow soon after… Be sure to check back for another exclusive reveal tomorrow!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Disarticulators’ GID Madballs of Death dropping this Wednesday (3/26)…

gid problems nu

Following numerous requests from fans, The Disarticulators are proud to announce that the ever popular Madball of Death will be up for grabs in GID later this week! Inspired by AmToys’ classic 80′s gross-out toy lines, 50′s sci-fi and a dash of neo-kaiju, the incredible 2″ tall figure was designed and sculpted by Zectron, with production duties handed over to our very own Tru:Tek. Replete with a number of ingenious design features including a lenticular skull/cyclops head, exposed brain and hollowed out eyes, the pièce de résistance has got to be the figure’s central mechanism… featuring 2 magnetically joined halves that split open to reveal a grotesque tentacled parasite lurking inside! Finally made available in a classic Green Glow rubber, the run has been limited to just 10 this time around, each coming bagged and headed for $50 plus shipping. Touching down in the Man-E-Toys store this Wednesday, March 26th at 9pm London time, a number of additional surprise items will be dropping alongside, so be sure to stake out early to avoid disappointment!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Rampage Toys post-Design Fiesta 38 sale…

rampage df2

Offering up a huge selection of customs and original sofubi at Design Fiesta 38 over the weekend, Jon Malmstedt over at Rampage Toys has just revealed the leftovers that’ll be heading to the online store! Currently available to newsletter subscribers first (sign up here if you haven’t already!), any remaining pieces will be up for grabs at some point tomorrow. Here’s a little rundown of what you can expect… (Click through for more pics after the jump!)

Mini Many-me customs// Taking on Pop Soda’s awesome Many-me figure, Jon has 2 customs available to purchase, featuring either a red or green face for just $50 each.

Cupcake Guts UU//  Featuring a clear turquoise cast Ugly Unicorn, each of these ingenious figures has been fitted with a cupcake head inside! Priced at $35 each, these have been limited to just a couple of pieces.

Painted Dinos// A number of different painted sets are up for grabs, cast in a mix of yellow, clear green and black soft vinyl. Available alongside a whole host of singles, the figures have been priced at just $15 each, or $45 for the sets.

Dogosaurs// Jon has 2 of these bronto body/t-rex head mash-ups left. Painted in pink and purple striped sprays, they’ve been priced at just $15 each.

Cyclops Dino sets// All 3 dino sofubis make a return in both blank yellow and clear turquoise cast soft vinyl!  Available in super-limited numbers, the set comes in at $35.

Painted Gachapon Goblin Micros//  One painted micro UU and a few painted “Batboys” and “Slimeface” (Joseph Harmon’s characters) remain. Complete with a ton of sprays and brush work from Jon, these little dudes have been priced at $15 a piece.

Gachapon Goblin Micros// Cast in a pretty mint green soft vinyl, Jon is offering up the full set of unpainted Gachapon Goblins for just $50 all in- that’s a total of 7 figures PLUS the cupcake head!

Painted X-ray Uamous// The latest iteration of the ever popular Rampage x Uamou collab, the clear cast Uamou sofubis come painted with an acetate insert created by Jon. Priced at $40, each figure includes a painted Boo.

Madball of Death// The RAMPAGE exclusive neon green ball with pink insert returns for one final run! Priced at just $50 each, these are available in super-limited quantities.