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MAN-E-NEWS// Black resin Mini MAD*Ls from MAD…

Revealed on Instagram in the early hours of this morning, MAD‘s highly anticipated second Mini MAD*L drop has will be making its way onto the MAD store at some point today. Coming in highly polished black resin, each 3″ piece has taken MAD around 3 hours to prepare, making the already modest price of $50 an absolute steal! Limited to just 20 pieces in this colourway, be sure to keep an eye on the @MADLBrand twitter feed for regular updates throughout the day…

MAN-E-NEWS// The clear resin Mini-MAD*L from MAD…

Following the recent reveal of MAD‘s previously canned Mini-Mad*l in 3D print out form (pictured below), we can confirm through a tentative Instagram photo posted yesterday that the little guy will be getting a release soon. Coming in clear (glow?) hand cast resin, the super limited figures will be making their way on to the MAD store in the next few weeks. Expect more news regarding pricing and edition size to hit soon…

MAN-E-NEWS// ‘Morksta’ Mork Wondercon exclusive from De Korner x MAD x Pobber Toys…

Released last month in prisoner  #816 and #913 editions, Jeremy Madl aka MAD has teamed up with De Korner for the release of the latest addition, Morksta. Available exclusively at the De Korner Wondercon 2012 booth (#390), Morksta is said to be a reinterpretation of the good half of the Mork Twins, pre-jail sentence. Featuring a pearlescent and silver colour scheme with raised glossy logo detailing, the vinyl figure has been limited to 50 pieces, available for just $85 each. Any leftover stock will be heading to the De Korner shop after the con, so be sure to keep checking the site regularly for further updates…

MAN-E-NEWS// Bruce Lee’s Temple of Kung Fu by MAD x Round 5…

UFC toy makers Round 5 have recently revealed their first ever Bruce Lee collaboration with legendary toy designer Jeremy MadL, in the form of the ‘Temple of Kung Fu’ mini figure series. Marking the first of several collaborative projects lined up by Round 5 based on the iconic martial artist, the first batch of 3″ ‘Temple of Kung Fu’ figures will come blind box with a whopping 28 different designs to collect.

Expected to drop this summer, anyone interested in getting a preview of the figures should head over to the New York Toy Fair (February 12th-15th), where the line will be available to view in full at booth #4517…

So over the past year I’ve been working on an amazing collaboration with Round5 and Bruce Lee Enterprises. It’s dropping in August of this year and to build up for the release Round5 shot 3 video’s about me, Bruce, and the process we went through in the development of this line of collectibles.  This video is the first of the 3.


New Feature// The custom round-up…

Whilst we endeavour to cover all of the latest production and self-made projects the art toy movement has to offer, one of the most important aspects of the scene is often neglected- custom toys. In our new weekly feature, we’ll be rounding up the best custom pieces the scene has to offer, including further links to featured artist’s work, availability, and pricing…

To kick the feature off, we be delving into the latest work from NemO, Matt Jones, Chris Ryniak, and Kevin Gosselin to name but a few… Hope you enjoy!

Mr. AZ custom 5″ MAD*L by Kevin Gosselin

Heralded as one of the most skilled and imaginative customisers in the scene, Kevin Gosselin has just revealed his latest privately commissioned piece, the custom 5″ MAD*L Mr. AZ. Head over to Kevin’s site here for custom commission requests and one-off pieces.

Mr. AZ backstory-

It is not known who Mr. AZ is but the Hopi people in Kykotsmovi Village will tell you that one day this outsider began showing up asking for food and water. The outsider would appear every few days for about half of a year.  When he stopped the Hopi feared for his safety and set out to locate him.  They found he had created a permanent camp a few miles from their Village.  As he was not disturbing anyone they let him be but kept a careful watch over him.  In the next few years they would learn little of him. Where he came from and why he was here? Who was he protecting himself from with his primitive stone spear?  These are questions the Hopi have no answer for.

The Hopi would tell Mr. AZ that he was being cared for by Madl. In Hopi mythology, Madl is the Kachina spirit dedicated to the troubled soul seeking penance.  Madl watches over these souls and keeps them safe until they find inner peace.

Over time the Hopi believed Mr AZ did find peace and he devoted his life to the Kachina spirit Madl.  He has built a monument dedicated to the spirit and dwells within.

Boba Fett 10″ Teddy Troop custom by Jon Paul Kaiser

Revealed on Clutter Magazine, Jon Paul Kaiser treated us all to yet another beautiful custom piece this week, in the form of the privately commissioned Boba Fett 10″ Teddy Troop. Coming in his trademark graphic b/w style, the piece’s red accents really help to make this one stand out. JPK x Star Wars = guaranteed success!

Head over to Jon’s twitter feed for any custom requests, and check his Flickr for a huge collection of past works. We’ll be posting an exclusive interview with the man himself next week, so stay tuned!

The “156st Dskunk Squad” custom Squadt by Dust

Previewed last week, German customiser Dust has finally revealed full pics of his latest custom, the “156st Dskunk Squad” custom Squadt. Currently winging its way to one lucky collector, the custom Squadt comes replete with custom guns, knives, and diorama, finished in Dust’s trademark weathered style. Head over to the artist’s site here for more details on custom requests.

JuJu the Witch Doctor Clown custom 8″ Dunny by JFury

Coming with one of the first customs of Jesse Hernandez’s new “Calavera” Dunny, artist Justin P. aka JFury revealed his latest piece this week, JuJu the Witch Doctor. Painted in a beautiful white, blue, red, and gold colour scheme, there’s no news yet as to the availability of the toy, but check Justin’s twitter feed for more info on his work.

“Lapin dans une Tasse de Thé“ custom Eeerz by Matt Jones

Coinciding with Thursday’s launch of the second leg of the Eeerz DIY Tour at Artoyz, Matt Jones aka Lunartik, has just revealed his second custom for the show, the  “Lapin dans une Tasse de Thé“. A mixture of Eeerz Rabbid and Lunartik in a Cup of Tea, the “French impressionist artist” should be available to purchase through Matt’s store at the end of the tour.

The Navigator custom 8″ Dunny from Hugh Rose

Revealed on the Kidrobot forums yesterday, The Navigator is the latest custom 8″ Dunny from Guernsey based artist, Hugh Rose. Created to reflect the nautical history of his island, the stunningly painted figure was inspired by the artist’s contribution to the ‘Icons’ custom toy show at Leeds back in October.

No news as to the availability of the toy, but head over to Hugh’s site with any custom requests.

The Navigator backstory-

The navigator is a mysterious fisherman who can sometimes be seen fishing off the coast of Guernsey, my island home. His knowledge of the treacherous local reefs and submerged rocks is unrivalled, and he has been fishing for so long that his beard is woven into a fishing net.

The fish he has caught in his beard is a fully functional wind-up toy, although it looks like his swimming days are over!

Doodle Budz customs from NemO

Bad Applez INC’s Mike Mendez aka NemO revealed his latest Doodle Budz customs in the form of Doodle Bat and Bluebud (the first of three tribesmen). Both of the 3.5″ vinyl toys are available to purchase now- the bat through the Bad Applez store for $45, and Bluebud through Tenacious Toys for $50.

Custom Horselington from Rsin

Just finished by Rsin this week comes the first of three Horselington customs that the artist will be working on in 2012. Unfortunately, this one was for a private commission, but head over to his twitter feed to find out the availability of the other two. Based on the beautiful sculpt and painting work of the first, we doubt they’ll be around for long…

Custom Bee Skelve by Chrisosaur

After the overwhelming response to his first custom Bee Skelve, Chrisosaur has announced that he will be working on a further three this year on top of the original privately commissioned piece. Available to pre-order through Chrisosaur’s shop here from Friday (January 27th), the figures will set you back $150 a piece.

Flocked Dog custom Stitch from Motorbot

Revealed on Motorbot’s twitter feed yesterday comes the latest, and sadly penultimate Stitch custom to come from the talented artist. Re-sculpting the muzzle and eyes, Motorbot has coated the dog custom in good, old fashioned black and white flocking, resulting in one of our favourite customs from the artist so far. No news as to the availability of the toy, but expect it to land on the Deadbear shop for around $110 soon.

Baby Blewgle custom Stitch from Chris Ryniak

Yet another Stitch custom was brought to light this week, in the form of Chris Ryniak’s Baby Blewgle. Created for Dragatomi’s Year of the Dragon show (launching February 11th), the intricately sculpted figure will be available to purchase at the end of the show on the Dragatomi store. Check their site here for more details…

A week in toys…

Welcome to our third weekly round-up of the art toy scene! In our endeavour to search for exclusive content for the site, we regrettably miss a lot of the art toy industry’s biggest stories throughout the week. To combat this, we’ve decided to create a new weekly feature that helps sum up some of the most important developments in the scene…

This week we take a look at the soon to be released Matt Groening Simpsons x Kidrobot collaboration, MAD*L’s Mork artist proofs, J*Ryu’s ‘King of the Boards’ winning custom, and much, much more!


Tru:Teknology Files writer/editor


Simpsons x Kidrobot: Matt Groening 6″ vinyl toy

This week saw the reveal of the latest addition to the Simpsons x Kidrobot toy series, in the form of show creator, Matt Groening. Commemorating the show’s 5ooth episode (to be aired in February), the 6″ vinyl figure is set for release on February 9th at all Kidrobot authorised dealers for $50 (£40 UK).

If you were born in the last 35 years, and spent any of that time watching American television, odds are you learned a thing or two from The Simpsons. Some of us remember many more pearls of wisdom from the animated powerhouse THE SIMPSONS than from our own parents… which explains the continued success of donuts!

Created by legendary “Life is Hell” cartoonist Matt Groening, THE SIMPSONS is celebrating its 500th episode in February 2012, and Kidrobot is honoring the father of primetime animation in the only way we know how – making him into a 6-inch vinyl toy! Complete with goatee and glasses, director’s jacket, and pad and pencil accessories, it is the first EVER Simpsons Matt Groening toy. -press


UPDATE// Ron English’s Fat Tony: A ton of tiger with a short shelf life

Announced last week, the guys over at Clutter Magazine have just revealed new images of Ron English’s imminent Fat Tony vinyl toy. Gearing up to drop in the next couple of weeks, the 8″ figure will be limited to 500 in it’s original colourway, with follow up colours limited to 100 each. More news on pricing and release dates to follow…


MAD’s Artist Proof MORK and custom MORK MAD*Ls

Released on MAD’s web store yesterday, Mork ‘816’ and ‘913’ are the latest figures from the artist’s Pobber Toys company. First seen at New York Comic Con last year in extremely limited quantities, the 6.5″ tall signed and numbered artist proofs are available for only $80 each.

Coinciding with the vinyl toy release, MAD also released two one-of-a-kind 10″ Mad*L customs. Decked out in both ‘816’ and ‘913’s colours, the toys were available for $400 each, but have since sold out.


Skinner x Jay222: H.P Lovecraft “Figure-a-Month”- The Colour Out of Space

It’s been a long time in coming, but legendary artist Skinner and master sculptor Jay222‘s collaborative project is finally coming to fruition in the form of the H.P Lovecraft “Figure-a-Month” series. Limited to only 10 figures per batch, each release will feature a different creature inspired by the H.P Lovecraft universe. First up comes the 5.5″ Colour of Space figure, which will will be available Monday, January 23rd for $100 each. Anyone interested in the toy should e-mail Skinner directly via skimmerdog2003@yahoo.com, as this wont be available in any shops!


J*RYU- Kidrobot’s King of the Boards

In a relatively short amount of time, toy customiser J*Ryu has become widely regarded as one of the hottest talents the scene has to offer, so it comes with no surprise that he’s been crowned Kidrobot’s ‘King of the Boards’ for the month of January. Head over to Kidrobot’s blog for an extensive interview with the man himself, plus a chance to win the 3″ Dunny that got him crowned.

To enter you must find the secret title of this toy on J*RYU’s Twitter steam and email this Dunny’s name and where you are from to wheelbarrow@kidrobot.com by next Thursday, January 26 at 6pm EST. As an added bonus, Twitter addicts must Follow@Kidrobot & @J*RYU and Retweet the hashtagged name of the Dunny to be in the running to win a mysterious custom 3-inch Dunny. Only the lucky winner will be able to see the secret display in side the head.


Kaiju Coup’s ‘Warui Inu’ ‘Ghost Edition’ viny toy from Medicom

The elusive Kaiju Coup revealed his latest figure this week, with the ‘Warui Inu’ dog getting an official release through Medicom Toys in the form of a ‘Ghost’ edition. Limited to only 6 pieces, the 6.5″ tall vinyl figure comes with 2 motion activated led units set in color gels inside the head and body that project light effects through the clear vinyl. Available via e-mail lottery through kaijucoup@gmail.com, the figure will set the 6 lucky winners back $220 a piece.


Keithing’s ‘Black Gold’ edition Dragon Warrior

Revealed by Keithing earlier this week, his breathtaking Dragon Warrior is set to drop in it’s latest colorway- Black Gold. Hand sculpted, cast, and painted by the artist, the 10″ resin figure is likely to set you back around $165 on it’s release this Monday (January 23rd) at Toy Qube.