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MAN-E-NEWS// Custom Cosmic Squadron from Max Toy’s Mark Nagata…

Swiftly following last month’s awesome Todd Robertson collaboration, the Cosmic Squadron are back… this time at the hands of Max Toy‘s Mark Nagata! Revealed on his Twitter feed yesterday, the set of four vinyl figures have been painted in Nagata’s unmistakable “galaxy” style, featuring other-worldly airbrushing, meticulously brushed facial detailing and subtle additions including cigarettes and battle scarring which really help to make the pieces pop. No news on release or pricing as of yet, so be sure to stay locked on the Cosmic Squadron blog, and creator Matt Walker’s Twitter feed for details in the coming weeks…

Mark Nagata’s custom Eyezon for Monster Mayhem at FOE Gallery//

As promised earlier in the week, we bring you yet another reveal from the FOE Gallery’s Monster Mayhem show, Mark Nagata’s custom Eyezon! Featuring hand crafted guts and removable chest plate, the beautiful piece has been airbrushed and painted by Mark in a number of Monster Kolor paints. No news on pricing, but Mark has stated that the figure will only be available to those who attend the event- so be sure to head down!

Running from May 11th – June 3rd at Western Massachusetts’ FOE Gallery, Monster Mayhem is set to featuring the weird and wonderful creations of Brian MahonyBob Conge/PlasseboMonster WorshipJames GromanKoji HarmonElegabMiles NielsenMichael Nordstrom,Ricky Wilson/VelocitronMartin OntiverosBob EggletonMichael SkattumEric TalbotJoe Merrill/SplurrtDennis Hamann/Shirahama,Steven ErstMark NagataPaul KaijuStephen BlickenstaffMark Masztal, and Michael Bracco/Spaghetti Kiss.


MAN-E-NEWS// New Captain Maxx and Mecha Nekoron protos from Max Toy Company…

It’s been a busy week already for Max Toy collectors with the re-opening of the exclusive membership club on Monday, so it came with great surprise today to find that Mark Nagata has revealed not one but two new protos that should be heading to the Max Toy shop soon!

First up comes the much anticipated collaboration with Japanese toy company, Frenzy, the re-imaging of Max Toy‘s signature spaceman, Captain Maxx. Sculpted in a new standard size, the figure is set to come with 2 different helmet variations (Version A and Version C, a nod to Nagata’s favourite hero!), a newer, sleeker version (right), and one more faithful to the original (left). Nagata has stated that a test shot of the newly revived character should be available at Design Fiesta in May, so be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details…

Next up we have Mecha Nekoron, the would-be robot companion to Negora! Designed and sculpted by Makino-san of TTToys, the micro sized mecha cat stands at just 2.5″ tall. Coming with his own Mewship, the tops and bottoms of both figures can be removed and interchanged to create a number of different variations! With iron molds in the process of being made, expect to see this little guy debut at Design Fiesta (with a healthy surplus promised for us collectors in the West!). Stay tuned for test shots soon…

Monster Kolor’s Artist Series featuring the Sucklord

Regarded as the premier paint manufacturer amongst the custom art toy community, Monster Kolor have recently revealed their latest Artist Series of paints to wide fanfare. Featuring collaborations with the Sucklord, Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co), and Todd Robertson (Mecha Virus), Monster Kolor’s Matt Walker has worked side-by-side with each of the artists to create colours that best represent their different styles.

So far the line up consists of-

Suckadelic: Robot Foreskin, Hot Jizz, Immortal Hemorrhoid, Gay Empire, and Robot Diarrhea in a five colour set.

Max Toy Co: Eyezon Yellow, Captain Maxx Red

Mecha Virus: Mecha Super Flake Silver

with more planned from a number of different artists in the coming months. Check the MonsterKolorStore for further details on ordering and availability.

Each color is something (the artists would) use when producing their awesome toys. In addition to the colors themselves, each artist has designed their own custom Monster Kolor label for each of their paints. -Press

UPDATE// The Rising Tide 2 @ Rotofugi artwork reveal

Covered here on TTF a couple of weeks back, the artwork for Rotofugi’s latest group show, The Rising Tide 2, has finally been made available to purchase through their online store. Curated by LiLJapan, the show features the work of several Japanese and Japanese/American artists including Max Toys’ Max Nagata, Skulltoys, Shun Nakatsura, Uamou, and Kenta Shimbo.

Playing host to a wide variety of mediums including paint, illustration, custom toys, and paper craft, the show stopper of the exhibition had to be Nagata’s paper mache Kaiju Eyezon.Standing at over 12″, the custom hand painted and sculpted beast has unfortunately already been nabbed by a collector for a cool $300. Check out some of our other favourites from the show below-

(photos- rotofugi)

Toy Karma 3 @Rotofugi Gallery

Now in it’s third run, Toy Karma, in association with Max Nagata’s Max Toy Company, will be finally opening it’s doors at the Rotofugi gallery on September 10th. Celebrating the weird and wonderful world of Japanese Kaiju toys (made famous by the likes of Godzilla, Mothra and Ultraman in the 70’s), the exhibition has been host to well over 200 world renowned artists over the past 6 years including Itokin Park, Marmit, Bob Conge, Paul Kaiju and Tru:Teknology Files favourite, the legendary Buff Monster. Confirmed way back in March last year, Toy Karma 3 promises to be THE show for the discerning Kaiju collector.

Curated by Nagata and close friend Yo Miyamoto, the exhibition will be featuring a number of highly anticipated original pieces (2009’s Toy Karma 2 debuted the exquisite Jumping Brain Kaiju by Emilio Garcia, covered in the T:T Files earlier this month) alongside an extensive collection of custom toy creations, including Nagata’s own mighty Winged Kaiju Eyezon (pictured in various stages of build below).

Whilst not to every toy enthusiasts taste, Kaiju (roughly translated as strange beast or monster) has seen a huge resurgence in recent years through the growing popularity of art toys, with industry leading illustrators including Frank Kozik, Tim Biskup, Joe Ledbetter and even David Horvath (of Ugly Doll fame) creating pieces in this very unique style. With highly desirable companies such as Bounty Hunter and Secret Base only producing limited runs of their various toy lines (usually only in their 10s or 100s), the popularity and (unfortunately!) price of these figures has sky-risen in recent years- a few examples in our own personal collection have been valued at well over $300 a piece!

Toy Karma 3 will be running throughout September at Rotofugi’s Chicargo based gallery, with a selection of the artworks on display available to purchase through their website upon close. A dedicated blog has been created for the event, featuring previews, videos from the two previous shows, and step by step builds of some of the exhibitions greatest customs for Kaiju fans to whet their appetite before the grand opening.

Footage from 2009’s Toy Karma 2, courtesy of Toy Bot Studios.