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MAN-E-NEWS// The one-off Halloween “Megara” micro-run from Butcherbrand…


Coming just in time for Halloween this week, Butch Adams over at Butcherbrand has just unleashed a slew of one-off “Megara” customs in his online store! Standing at around 3.5″ tall and featuring 1 point of articulation, the little guys have been cast up in a hot pink soft vinyl this time around, coming with a whole host of layered sprays, rubs and brushwork. Limited to just 5 pieces, the “Halloween” Megaras can be found in the Butcherbrand store right here for just $50 each plus shipping…


MAN-E-NEWS// The “Pumpkin Patch” one-off Megara sofubi from ButcherBrand…


Coming just in time for Halloween, Butch Adams of ButcherBrand is proud to present a special one-off “Pumpkin Patch” Megara custom! Standing at around 3.5″ tall, the soft vinyl mini has been treated to Butch’s signature layered acrylic work, coming in a mix of light orange and green textured paint with red and yellow eyes. Priced at just $60 shipped in the US, anyone interested in bagging the figure can PayPal Butch the monies to– the first to send it over bags the figure, so be sure to act quick to avoid disappointment!

MAN-E-NEWS// Mixed part custom Megaras from ButcherBrand…


Butch Adams over at ButcherBrand is happy to reveal that the latest batch of custom Megara sofubis have just landed in-store! Cast by Velocitron in both clear and opaque soft vinyl, the mixed part figures are said to all be one-of-a-kind, coming hand painted, dyed and rubbed in a huge variety of colours and finishes. Priced at just $50 plus shipping, Butch has stated that these guys could be removed from the store at anytime- so we suggest heading over right now to avoid any disappointment!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Sector 8 Megara micro run from Butcherbrand…

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 17.50.46

Fresh from their appearance at Toy Mafia last week, Butcherbrand’s Megara sofubi minis are back for another painted micro-run! Entitled ‘Sector 8’, the little kaiju turtles have been cast in a retina melting hot pink soft vinyl, coming with a number of metallic ‘n kandy sprays and signature black rub. Limited to just 5 this time around, the Sector 8 Megaras are currently up for grabs via lottery for just $55 plus shipping. To be in with a chance, be sure to send an e-mail to with the header ‘Sector 8’. Entry closes on Wednesday, 3rd June at Midnight PST, so be sure to get in there soon!

MAN-E-NEWS// Clutter’s Toy Mafia exclusives revealed in full…


Toy Mafia (\ˈtȯi mä-fē-ə\)
An organized international body of designer toy collectors, originally founded in NYC. Toy Mafia events take place monthly and are often associated with exclusive releases and excessive partying.

With June’s Toy Mafia opening it’s doors later today, the guys over at Clutter are proud to present the remaining 3 exclusives that’ll be available at Concrete NYC from 8pm onwards! Featuring a diverse mix of custom bootlegs, sofubi and mini figures, we bring you the full rundown of what lucky attendees can expect…


Bombermat Toys’s Cthulhu Warrior// Argentinian based Bombermat Toys, creator of the infamous Shit Wars custom bootleg line, have graced Toy Mafia with an exclusive edition of 10 “Cthulhu Warrior” figures. Kit-bashed from vintage Cthulhu and Conan the Barbarian, the H.P. Lovecraft inspired beasts has been cast in resin, coming hand painted by the artist. Bubble packed on a single-sided thick cardboard backer card, each figure has been signed and numbered, complete with Bombermat Toys sticker.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 14.39.28

Butcherbrand’s Megara// Butcherbrand’s popular kaiju turtle beast Megara will be making an appearance tonight in an exclusive micro run of just 5 figures! Standing 3.5″ tall, the black soft vinyl cast piece has been sprayed in a gorgeous mix of green and purple… While not exclusive to Toy Mafia, Clutter will also have a small handful of Megara pieces hand-painted by Velocitron on specially cast hot pink sofubi (featured here earlier in the week).

joe young

Monster Island’s Mighty Joe Young// Toy Mafia regular Monster Island is proud to present JUNIOR, a mini version of the barbarous beast Mighty Joe Young! Inspired by the classic Ray Harryhausen stop motion animation, this resin cast creation is small enough to fit in your pocket with a personality big enough to scare your kids! Limited to 7 pieces cast in smokey black resin, a select few feature a color-fade from the feet up. Each gorilla comes with a unique colourway of the micro hostage and is packaged with a vintange inspired header card.

Clutter Magazine‘s 3rd Toy Mafia at Concrete NYC, June 22rd 2013, 8pm-late… For more info, head over to the dedicated Facebook page here. Remaining pieces after the event will be heading to the Clutter online store here on Monday, June 24th…

MAN-E-NEWS// Painted Megara sofubis from Velocitron x Butcherbrand…

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 13.41.19

To all those, like us, who missed out on the first painted run of Megara sofubis last week, your luck may be about to change… as Butcher Brand reveals a limited batch of customs from none other than Megara producer, Velocitron! Originally available at Superfestival back in April, the 3″ tall customs have been cast in a gorgeous hot pink this time around, featuring teal, blue and gold sprays, plus a detail hugging dark wash. With a tentative release on the Butcher Brand store set for ‘this weekend’, we suggest keeping a close eye for the full lowdown on Butch’s IG feed here later in the week…

MAN-E-NEWS// Rampage Toys at Supefestival 62…

rampage superfest

Opening it’s doors this morning to the usual hordes of sofubi and kaiju fans, the 62nd bi-annual Superfestival played host to one of the biggest showings from Rampage Toys yet, so big in fact that one booth was barely enough to contain the staggering selection of mini figures and sofubi! With a number of collabs, exclusive releases, new blanks and painted runs, we bring you a comprehensive lowdown of what was on offer, and (with a bit of luck!) will be available in the Rampage store next week…

Glyos Micro UU// Featured here on Friday, Superfestival 62 marked the debut of Rampage’s long awaited micro Glyos compatible figure. Cast by Eric Nilla, the 1.5″ piece comes with fully articulated joints. Cast in red/yellow, these guys come packed in a handmade window box.

Rampage Megara// A collaboration with Butcherbrand, these stunning sofubi minis have been cast in GID vinyl coming with Rampage’s signature mix of vivid sprays and tight fades.

‘Cute’ Zou-chan// The latest release from Rampage x Kikkake, the adorable little elephant has been cast in a light blue soft vinyl with blue/purple sprays and black/white detailing.

Blank Ugly Unicorns// Popular as ever, the signature Rampage sofubi has this time been made available in 3 unpainted colours; hot pink, neon orange and blue.

Telephone King// Angel Abby’s Telephone King sofubi mini received the Rampage treatment for the festival, coming in 2 distinct flavours- a metallic rainbow fade and retina burning V-Color neon.

Superfestival Manotaur// The latest painted run of the impressive 8″ beast from Imps & Monsters x Rampage, the beast has been cast in a clear red soft vinyl coming with tight masked black and yellow sprays.

Dino Gacha Gacha// The Dino Cyclops sofubis return for their latest blind bag (capsule!) run, and this time around they’re ALL painted! Featuring all 3 designs, the little guys come in a number of different colourways including a few unique one-offs!

Cakefighter head// Previewed earlier in the week, this Frenzy barbarian compatible head was sculpted by Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt and cast by Eric Nilla in a flexible rubber. Available at the festival sans-body, Jon has hinted at a full painted run in the near future.

Eric Nilla/Nama Niku- various// Both Eric Nilla and Nama Niku once again had strong showings at the Rampage booth, seeing the public debut of Mutant Dungeon Bastard, plus the return of old favourites Muscles of the Universe, SD Rick, Chibi Meatgrinder and Universe of Violence.

Tru:Tek and the Disarticulators- various// Unfortunately due to time restraints we weren’t able to bring anything new to the table for this one, but we did manage to send over a whole host of Critters, Wave 1 H.U.S.T.L.E, Kesh-E-Face, H.O.R.D.E and Beardfist, all in the exclusive Rampage neon pink and green… The festival also saw the debut of the long awaited Rampaging Critters. Cast in resin by Tru:Tek, Zectron’s little guys were painted up by Jon in a beautiful concoction of colours.