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Double Parlour’s Merryners and Banshees return…

Double Parlour‘s sofubi collaborations return for an online release this week

  • Size: 7″ each
  • Articulation: 3 points (Banshees), 4 points (Merryners)
  • Edition size: 3 (Banshees), 2 sets (Merryners)
  • Price: TBC
  • Produced by Grody Shogun and featuring the standard Grody Monster body, the Banshees have been cast in sofubi and treated to acrylic paint app in one-off color mixes, each complete with inset dolls eyes
  • Produced by Toy Art Gallery, the Merryners – Fen, Uwie, Chap and Kip – have been cast in sofubi and treated to an acrylic paint app, each complete with uniquely colored plaid pants and monogrammed shirts
  • Going on sale in the Double Parlour store this coming Friday, June 29th at 12pm Pacific time

MAN-E-NEWS// Merryners, Kiddos, Giggles and more from Double Parlour…


Joining the previously posted “Brice” (check him out here), the San Francisco-based duo behind Double Parlour have begun to reveal the extensive selection of other figures they’ll have up for grabs as part of their huge sale later this week! Featuring all-new limited runs of some of their most popular resin figures – the Kiddos, Giggles, Catrinettes and Scott Tolleson collab, the masked Weishaupts – these have been joined by the latest painted run of Merryners sofubi. Produced by Toy Art Gallery in a light mint soft vinyl, the quartet – Fen, Uwie, Chap and Kip – have been treated to a mix of subtle light green, flesh and red sprays. Due to touch down in the Double Parlour store this Friday, April 24th at Noon Pacific time, interested parties can find out a little more about what will be on offer by heading over to the DP Instagram feed right here


MAN-E-NEWS// Toy Art Gallery’s “Death Rides Again” group show now online…


Having opened it’s doors during our brief break over the weekend, the leftovers from Toy Art Gallery‘s “Death Rides Again” group show are now available online! Featuring a plethora of awesome paintings, drawings and sculpture from trio Lurk, Double Parlour and Mike Egan, highlights include a number of one-off custom Bones “With Wings” mash-ups, plus the debut of TAG’s latest sofubi, Lurkfoot from Lurk (top right) and the Merryners from Double Parlour (below). With stock already disappearing quick, we suggest any interested parties should head over right here and check out what’s left before it’s all gone…