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Softoy Round-Up: Part 4…


WF exclusive Cure x Mishka x Grody Shogun Boogie Man lottery

  • Featuring Cure’s Boogie Man body and Mishka’s Keep Watch head
  • Marbled in neon green/pink/black sofubi with silver paint an yellow vinyl cape
  • Originally on sale exclusively at Wonderfestival
  • Price: $200 plus shipping
  • To enter, send your full name, shipping address and PayPal address to amy@lulubelltoys.com, being sure to include “WF Boogie Man Lottery” in the subject header
  • Lottery open now until Monday, September 26th at Noon Pacific Time

Plaseebo x PLT Toy’s “Blood Majin From Outer Space” one-off

  • Mash-up of the PLT Toys Blood Maijin and a resin cast alien head from Plaseebo
  • Painted by Plaseebo in neon Monster Kolor sprays
  • Fitted with a remote controlled 3-LED multicolor mini lamp unit mounted in the head that comes with a with a 21 key multi-function remote controller with 13 selectable colors and 2 different modes
  • Going on sale right here on Tuesday, September 27th

BigManToys x Creature Fasctory’s MUSCLE Kombat and Robokeshi 2-pack

  • The first in the pair’s ongoing 16BK (16 Bit Keshi) line
  • MUSCLE Kombat digitally sculpted by BigManToys
  • Robokeshi digitally sculpted by Creature Factory
  • Produced in a flesh keshi-style rubber by BigManToys as well as one-offs in resin
  • Price: $25 for the flesh 2-pack, and $14 each for the resin one-offs
  • Going on sale right here on October 1st, Midnight London time, 19:00 EDT

DRWG Co’s “The Assassin” Secret Chief keshi…


“Sneaky; underhanded; ruthless; made from keshi-style rubber. These are all suitable adjectives for, arguably the most loathsome of The Chiefs… the Assassin! Always willing to get his hands dirty, the Assassin revels in taking his victims unaware, happy in the knowledge that he sends them to their grave full of questions. Rarely heard and rarely seen by the living, the Assassin is surprisingly astute for someone that opted to have a worm feast upon his brain…”

The guys behind DRWG Co are proud to reveal that the third figure in their ongoing “Secret Chiefs” keshi series, the “Assasin”, is now finally up for grabs! First seen in companion publication “Secret Chiefs Zine: Vol. 1″, the beautifully realised Bikkuriman-style figure has been sculpted in-scale with both the “Slave” and “Librarian”, coming in at a similarly oversized 2.25″ tall and 2.5″ wide. Produced by our very own Tru:Tek at the Disart ToyLabs, 2 different colorways are available; a standard green, limited to 20 pieces, and a rarer yellow, limited to just 5. Packed with a hand finished scroll and holographic sticker for just £12 ($17) plus shipping, the Assassin can currently be found in the DRWG store right here

Super7’s M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E Series 2 general release…

Originally making a limited debut in 24-pack form at SDCC ’16 a couple of months back, Super7‘s officially licensed M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E Series 2 is now finally available via general release! Featuring all 12 new sculpts (He-Man, Stratos, Sorceress, Orko, Fisto, Battle Cat, Grayskull, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Kobra Khan, Spikor, and Stinkor), the authentically realised 2″ tall PVC figures have been cast in a classic fleshy-pink this time around, coming split up into 4 blister packed bundles of 3. Currently up for grabs through the Super7 store right here, each pack will set you back a wallet friendly $6 plus shipping…

Mirock Toy’s Karugaru, Dr Mirock keshi and more…

Mirock Toy have just launched their latest online mail order, with not one, not two, but four all-new creations seeing their first overseas sale! Featuring the latest figures in Mirock’s ongoing Buddha Squadron series, the Karugaru, in either “deep green strong” or “deep green light” soft vinyl for $130 a pair, these are joined by the totem-like Ryuutoukikai and Goshinngan with the same color options at $40 a piece, plus something we’ve been waiting fort along time here at Softoy, the Dr Mirock keshi in gray, neon yellow and purple rubber for $30 each. Currently up for grabs via e-mail lottery until Tuesday, August 16th, details on how to enter can be found on the Mirock Toy blog right here

Tim Clarke x Clutter Magazine’s “Zombie Tribe” Mini Boglins teased…

Hot on the heals of King Mini Boglin’s reveal just a few weeks back, it appears the single figure has quickly morphed into a whole series as creator Tim Clarke and producers Clutter have just unveiled 2 more designs that’ll be featuring as part of a zombie-themed run soon! Whilst we just have these preliminary sculpts and sketches to go on at present, it would appear the little guys will be very much in-keeping with the original early 90’s mini figure line, with a total of 8 rough and ready sculpts planned for this undead “tribe”. Due for release in resin over the next month or so, be sure to stay locked for the full lowdown soon…

XOR JAPAN’s Thrillerhouse keshi…

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.51.18

Hot on the heels of their recent Wonderfestival Summer ’16 exclusives, the guys over at Zoomoth have just revealed their next must-have keshi release… Thrillerhouse! The first unlicensed keshi under new monicker XOR JAPAN (TBC), the figure has been inspired by artwork from Namco’s Splatterhouse 3, featuring lead protagonist Rick Taylor minus shirt and in his revised Predator-style hockey mask. Coming in-scale with Zoomoth’s previously released official Splatterhouse designs, the little guy stands at an oversized 2.5″ tall, replete with removable baseball bat and cleaver. Free of concerns with licensing (a rarity for Zoomoth!), we should hopefully see Thrillerhouse roll out worldwide in a selection of different colored rubber soon. Keep an eye on Zoomoth’s IG feed for drop details!

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.51.29

UPDATE// Thrillerhouse is now a available to purchase! Cast in a selection of flesh, orange, green, blue, yellow, black and purple rubber, the little guy comes packed with a header for $30 plus shipping. Hit Zoomoth up with an Instagram DM to grab yours…

Alien Robot Monster’s one-off sale announced…


Alien Robot Monster has announced that he’ll be holding a holding a huge online sale of one-off casts next week! Whilst information is still thin on the ground at present, we can confirm that a number of items including Monsterex, the new Chewrocka and the pictured “Sherbet Green” M.U.S.C.L.E C.A.R are all set to feature. Touching down in the A.R.M store next Friday, July 29th, keep a close eye on the A.R.M Instagram feed right here for more reveals from the sale over the next week…