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Paul Kaiju’s “Sepsis” Mockbat…


Paul Kaiju‘s classic Mockbat returns in an all-new painted colorway this weekend

  • Size: 7″
  • Articulation: 8 points plus Hellmock minifig and belly bloom bonus parts included
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $220 plus shipping
  • PK’s original Mockbat comes cast in a yellow sofubi, complete with metallic green, orange and black sprays
  • Up for grabs via the usual 12hr raffle system right here starting Sunday, February 25th at 8am Pacific

Paul Kaiju’s “Glow Green” Mockbat raffle…


Paul Kaiju‘s classic Mockbat returns in a blank glow green sofubi today

  • Size: 7″
  • Articulation: 8 points plus Hellmock minifig and belly bloom bonus parts included
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $175 plus shipping
  • PK’s original Mockbat comes cast in a glow green sofubi, remaining unpainted for this release
  • Up for grabs via the usual raffle system right here until 8pm Pacific time tonight (1/28)

Paul Kaiju’s Purple Passion sets…


Paul Kaiju unleashes his latest blank set this weekend

The Purple Passion set includes;

  • Dualbat
  • Mockbat
  • Hellmock
  • Domino Jack

All come cast in an unpainted purple vinyl with custom tagged bag for $420 shipped in the US (international customers add $50 for EMS)

Going on sale via one hour raffle through the PK site starting 8am PST this coming Sunday, September 24th



Shifty Toys’ latest custom lottery sale…


Shifty Toys comes with a whole host of one-off customs available via lottery this week

The sale includes 6 figures;

  • Poison Teal Mini Mockbat 105$
  • Hawaiian Punch Rangeas SS 225$
  • Iron Cat Mecha Nekoron MKIII 135$
  • Slimer Cadaver Kid 135$
  • Hawaiian Punch Cuccumi 185$
  • Hell Cadaver Kid 135$

Interested parties are going to need to send their Instagram name, name, address and country, phone number, email and PayPal address along with their desired figure to before close in the next 24 hours at the time of writing


Paul Kaiju’s “Teal Typhoon” sets…


Paul Kaiju has just revealed details for his latest blank release, the incredible “Teal Typhoon” set! Featuring the mighty Dual Bat, Biterfish, Mockbat and Hellmock companion, the quartet have all been cast up in a gorgeous teal Japanese soft vinyl that’s been left unpainted this time around- perfect for both display and customisation! Going on sale via a one hour raffle through the PK site starting 6pm Pacific this coming Sunday, August 21st, the Teal Typhoon set has been priced at $400 plus shipping… As always, good luck to those that enter!


Shifty Toys’ custom Mini Mockbat sale…

In celebration of his newly launched site, toy customiser-come-photographer Shifty Toys has painted up 5 one-off Paul Kaiju x Unbox Industries Mini Mockbats that’ll be up for grabs this weekend! Coming with layers of meticulous flat, metallic, GID and color-changing sprays with hand painted detailing (including a rather swank Kikader homage!), each has been finished with a sleek hi-gloss coat. Going on sale via the Shifty store at 3pm Eastern this Saturday, July 16th, the Shifty Mini Mockbats will set you back just $105 each plus shipping…


Paul Kaiju’s first Dual Bat paint run…


Having seen numerous one-offs over the past couple of months, Paul Kaiju‘s jaw-dropping Dual Bat returns this weekend in it’s first official colorway! Coming in at an impressive 10″ tall with 10 points of articulation and interchangeable Belly Bloom stomach insert, the beautifully realised figure has been cast in a wasabi-green soft vinyl this time around, featuring a plethora of metallic sprays and brushed detailing. Going on sale via an hour long lottery right here starting 6pm Pacific time this Sunday, June 12th, Dual Bat will set you back $300 plus shipping…