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Leo Sofvi Bouya’s “Set B” Ouroboros…


Leo Sofvi Bouya‘s modular sofubi series returns for it’s second outing at Mandarake Ark

  • Size: 5.5″-6″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, arms, waist) that can be interchanged
  • Price: 16,200yen plus shipping
  • All 3 designs – Typhon (kaiju), Graviol (robot) and Iris (girl) have been cast in the same squishy vinyl as the first release, this time coming in alternate brown, light blue and magenta
  • Interested parties can currently find the set in the Mandarake Ark store right here

MAN-E-NEWS// Mirock Toy at Wonderfestival Summer ’15…


Mirock Toy‘s Kaneko Yowohei has just unveiled a ton of new figures he’ll be bringing along to Wonderfestival Summer ’15 this weekend! Featuring a number of Dr Mirock mash-ups including the jaw-dropping Massive Attack you see above, these have been joined by the debut of Mirock’s new 1-part “Idol” figures (check them here if you haven’t already) in a blue vinyl with aqua fades, plus our personal favourite, the beautifully weathered OG-AT/Dr Mirock tank. Whilst unfortunately securing any of these outside of the event is going to be as easy as pulling teeth from a chicken, we can at least rest easy in the knowledge that all these new figures are bound to see some sort of overseas release soon… We hope!


MAN-E-NEWS// The Toy Art Gallery x AOI Designer Con exclusive Ion Men…


Any Old Ion have teamed up with Toy Art Gallery for a Designer Con exclusive run of Ion Men! Available in two different colourways; a mixed part, unpainted ivory/black and a graphite sprayed blue with red vinyl cape, the modular soft vinyl figures have been limited to just 10 of each. Priced at an estimated $25 a piece, the little guys will be available at the TAG booth (#215) from 9am this Saturday, November 9th… Unable to attend the event, but still want an Ion Men fix? Then you’ll be glad to know that both standard and REMIX build artist proofs are still available from the Turbopistola store right here.

MAN-E-NEWS// ION MEN: REMIX EDITION VOL.1 from Turbopistola…


Hot off the heals of last week’s artist proof drop, Turbopistola proudly presents ION MEN: REMIX EDITION VOL.1! Unlike the previous release, this line up of figures are ALL one-off builds that really push the level of playability in the modular sofubi line. Consisting of a total of 6 off-the-wall creations, each cast in Turbopistola’s exclusive clear black, the soft vinyl figures have been priced between $25-$40 plus shipping. Heading to the artist’s online store tonight (10/28) at 9pm Eastern time, we suggest setting your alarms to avoid any disappointment- these particular builds will never be offered up again!

MAN-E-NEWS// Turbopistola’s Ion Men artist proof release…


Featured here last week, we thought we’d just give you guys a little reminder that Turbopistola‘s Ion Men artist proofs will be going on sale later today! Consisting of a total of 8 different builds that utilise all of the series’ overwhelming number of different parts, the 5″ tall figures have been cast in a sleek clear black soft vinyl by Siccaluna Koubou for this release. Available in super-limited quantities, all 8 variants have been priced at just $25 plus shipping, each coming with a total of 6 points of articulation and 7 fully interchangeable parts for your building and customising pleasure. Dropping in the Turbopistola store at 9pm EST tonight (10/23), all of the available figures can be viewed ahead of time right here

MAN-E-NEWS// Turbopistola’s Ion Men artist proof release…


We’ve seen them released in a number of exclusive runs over the past couple of months, so it came with great pleasure today to find that the long awaited Ion Men will finally be getting a full online release next week courtesy of the toys’ co-designer Turbopistola! Cast in a super-sleek clear black vinyl for this artist proof run, Turbs will be offering up a total of 8 different builds this time around (including the pictured transforming Uchusen), each coming with a total of 7 fully interchangeable parts. Priced at a wallet friendly $25 a piece, the figures will be touching down in the Turbopistola store next Wednesday at an undisclosed time… Can’t wait to get your fix? Then you’ll be glad to know that Lulubell are currently offering up their remaining NYCC exclusives in both black and blue. Check them out here!

MAN-E-NEWS// The ‘Stony’ resin figure from Rawk Toys…


The guys over at Rawk Toys come with the first part of their planned March release, as they kindly share details of their latest resin figure, the rather aptly titled Stony! Designed and sculpted by the collective’s Izok, the 4″ tall piece is set to become the latest addition to the ‘3 Piece Rawk’ series, coming cast in 3 sections that are completely interchangeable with past and future releases. Finished off in a mixture of black and red Monster Kolor brushable, Stony will be touching down in the Rawk store alongside another to-be-revealed piece on Saturday, March 23rd at Noon PST for just $30 plus shipping…