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Myth Toys’ “5th Version” Monkeyking…


Myth Toys‘ debut creation returns for it’s fifth online release this week

  • Size: 7″
  • Articulation: 7 points (neck, arms, legs) plus removable cane
  • Edition size: 15 (including 5 purple chases)
  • Price: $250 plus shipping
  • Monkeyking has been cast in an undisclosed soft vinyl, coming with layers of green/purple sprays and hand painted detailimg inspired by Devil Man
  • Available via e-mail lottery from Midnight Japan time on July 2nd for 24 hours, interested parties are going to need to send their name, address, phone number, Instagram name and PayPal address to toysartcafe@gmail.com, being sure to include “Monkeyking 5th version” in the subject header

Angel Abby x P.P.Pudding’s Journey to the West sofubi prototypes revealed…


Angel Abby have joined forces with P.P.Puddng for a new line of sofubi minis based on Wu Cheng’en’s 16th century literary classic, Journey to the West! Featuring a total of 4 figures – what we can presume to be Monkey King, Zhu Bajie, Xaunzang and Dragon Prince Tang – each stands at around 3.5″ tall, feature 3 points of articulation, and in the case of Monkey King, comes with a cloud for the figure to sit in. Pictured here as finished clay prototypes, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that we see these in soft vinyl over the next couple of months…

Myth Toys’ “Monkey King” Instagram contest…


Elusive new sofubi producer Myth Toys are celebrating the upcoming debut of their Monkey King sofubi with a special Instagram contest this week! Whilst little is known about the figure (or Myth, if we’re honest!) at present, it appears to stand at around 6″ tall, coming complete with articulation in the arms, legs and head as well as a fully detachable staff. Produced in an unpainted milky soft vinyl for the competition, interested parties looking to win the figure are going to need to (1) give Myth Toys a follow on Instagram, and (2) repost the above image with the tags @myth_toys and #mythtoys before close on Sunday, April 24th… Good luck to all who enter, and be sure to stay tuned for news of the first release soon!

The “Lucky Monkey” Monkey King from T9G…


T9G is celebrating the year of the monkey with a very special release, the “Lucky Monkey” Monkey King sofubi! Marking a welcome return for the adorable little primate, the 5″ tall piece will be making an appearance in 2 different colorways; a Superfestival 70 exclusive version, coming in a gold glitter-infused vinyl with gold/flesh sprays and red neck tie, and a presale version, also in gold glitter, but with silver/flesh sprays and a blue/white tie. Going on sale to Japanese customers this weekend through Sufes70 and the T9G store respectively for just 5,500yen ($46) each, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that a few will filter through to the regular T9G retailers soon…

[info/pic courtesy of Sofvi.Tokyo]

MAN-E-NEWS// T9G’s “Black” and “White” Monkey King sofubi at Angel Abby…


Hong Kong-based toy retailer Angel Abby are proud to reveal that they’ve secured a limited batch of T9G‘s latest figure, the adorable Monkey King! Coming in at around 5″ tall and featuring articulation in the arms and waist, the hairy little chap comes complete with T9G’s signature inset googly eyes. Produced in unpainted white and black soft vinyl for his first retail release, the Monkey King will be touching down in Angel Abby’s online store later on today for an undisclosed sum…

MAN-E-FEATURE// OMFG! Series 2 submissions…

With the closing date for OMFG Series 2 submissions looming (entries must be posted in the October Toys forum by February 29th), we’ve decided to give a quick run-down of some of the best entries we’ve seen so far. Competition has been fierce this time around, with the dedicated thread now holding well over 8 months and 140 pages of ideas, concepts, and wip sculpts. The final submissions will be collated on October Toys’ site, and will be ready for voting at the end of the week. Stay tuned for more information in the next few days…

[Monkey King’s Scorpion Girl] 

“Probably the last sketch I’ll do for Scorpion GIrl, Barbella. Was trying to give her a mini figure feel, hope you guys like it…”

[Delko’s GameBro]

“I gave him a face grid, looks kinda meh unpainted but… you can actually get some nice expression going on with just a 10×10 box.”

[Natron’s Nipplor and Cuddlefish]

First off, Nipplor—a muscley guy covered in nipples. I imagined rubber nipples, but I think flesh nipples might be more disturbing. Pictured is a draft sculpt of Nipplor, along with the Cuddlefish (thanks for the encouragement, T16skyhopp!). I haven’t done the Cuddlefish’s eyes yet, but I like how her back pattern turned out. I also need to redo her arms so she can stand properly. Nipplor is about half an inch too short, so I’ll have to redo him (and I hadn’t done arms or any detail yet).

[Jimmy Foo’s Tongue/Vomit (?!) entry]

“For want of a better name this lil fella is Lick-Or…….”

[Très’ MOTU themed Robot Meteor and Okt ver4]

[Monster Forge’s Elder and Alien Bob]

Been working on a couple of ideas here and there as I’ve had time… these are still rough… need to clean them up and sand them a bit to make ’em smoooooooooove. The alien guy is Bob. The crab guy is The Elder…

Talking of his Elder entry-The similarity to the Crayboth is totally unintentional, but I kinda like that it works that way… maybe a subspecies of Crayboth that lives in the ocean. I was going for a Lovecraftian horror meets the Garthim of The Dark Crystal type of critter.

[We Become Monsters’ as yet unnamed entry]

[Ironmask’s  the colossus of rictus row, Deadface, and a new unnamed freestyle sculpt]

[RedJaroJam’s entry, The Living Candle]

[RuFuS’ B.A.B.E.E. entry]

“Stands for Bionic. Atomic. Bionic. Earth. Enforcer…”

[oOMoSOo’s Skeleton Viking] 

Okay well I’m starting the sculpt now it will be a slightly different design to make it more fitting style wise instead of so sharp. Seeing as he was the most popular of my designs for N.E.C.R.O I decided to submit the Viking looking dude.

[Eric Nilla’s Rock Ogre and Pet Robot entries]

[Scott Tolleson’s ‘Missing’ Milk Carton entry]

[Turbopistola’s Cuddlehard]

Turbopistola previewed an entry for the new series last month with his take on the logos huge lipped design (pictured), but on reading his latest posts, we expect the figure to differ wildly once it’s revealed tomorrow- take a look…