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MAN-E-NEWS// The Batmono bootleg figure from Tone Tank…


Tone Tank proudly presents his latest custom bootleg release, Batmono! Half man, half bat, half ape, and with a seemingly super-human power to defy mathematics (!), the figure was originally created as a one-off piece for a recent show, now seeing the light of day as a fully fledged resin figure. Inspired by a trip to Mexico, Batmono follows a similar aesthetic to Tone Tank’s original figure “Space Gorilla”, featuring intentionally crude sculpting, a simple black and white paint scheme, plus the all-important yellow vinyl cape- a common staple of all the best bootlegs from south of the border! Standing at 5.5″ tall, the figure has been limited to 50 pieces this time around, priced at $60 plus shipping. Check him out in the Scumlife store right here

MAN-E-NEWS// WAR ON PREHIS’ Death Drone from Goodleg Toys…


“War on Prehis rages on. Merciless. Endless. Without remorse… The abominable face of Death on this godforsaken planet has taken another lethal form: Death Drones, raiding patrols of the infamous Skull Squad – leaving a path of annihilation wherever they go…”

The fine chaps over at Goodleg Toys are proud to present the third figure in the ongoing War on Prehis line, Death Drone! Kit-bashed and re-sculpted from various 5.5″ action figures, the humanoid protagonist has been cast up in 3 different colourways for the initial release; Opaque Green, Translucent Green, and Glow in the Dark! All handmade by the Death himself, each Drone comes bagged and headed with a copy of the first WoP mini comic whilst stocks last. Touching down in the Goodleg Shoppe today (9/13) at 6.66pm London time (7.06pm!), pricing on the figure is still to be confirmed… Head over to the new Goodleg Tumblr here for more pics!


MAN-E-NEWS// The HUGE August “Made 2 Order” Disarticulator sale…


You guys may have read about it elsewhere already, but today we bring you the official lowdown on our huge August “Made 2 Order” sale! With most of our Disarticulator figures only seeing releases as limited exclusives, we’ve decided to offer them all up one last time in a whole slew of unreleased colours…

color chart final 2

Featuring fan favourite, the Critter, alongside Kesh-E-Face, Higekami, and for the first time, the whole of the Tiny Terrors series as singles, the motley crew will also be joined by the general release of both Wave 1 & 2 of the Disarticulator x Ironhaus Pro H.O.R.D.E mini series. Up for grabs starting this Friday, August 2nd at 9pm London time over at the Man-E-Toys store, pre-orders will be running right through until the end of August. Pricing options won’t be revealed on the store until early tomorrow, but we can confirm that a number of figures will be receiving cheaper “bagged and headed” options for those looking to get more mini figure for their money!

manzilla blog final

But that’s not all… To kick things off in style, we’ll also be offering up this stunning 1/1 Deka Manzilla test shot! Revealed here yesterday, the figure will mark the first in our Deka H.U.S.T.L.E series coming later this year. Designed/kit-bashed by Nama Niku, the 5 inches of wacky bootleg goodness has been cast in a light blue rubber by our very own Tru:Tek for this one-off preview release, priced at just $30 plus shipping… Stay tuned for more info on the full release later this month!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Disarticulators CTaTC post-con sale…

ig tatt collage 2

Whilst the blog has unfortunately taken yet another hit today (back tomorrow, we promise!), we’ve been hard at work preparing the online sale for the slew of goodies we have left over from last weekend’s Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Con. Featuring a number of previously posted Disarticulator exclusives including the latest Madball of Death, collaborations with the likes of Ironhaus, turboPISTOLA, 1Shot Toys and Edge of Doom, PLUS the preview of Rampage Toys’ latest keshi figure, the Cupcake Plane, we suggest heading over to the store right here to take a closer look at what will be on offer come 9pm London time tonight (just an hour and a half away now!)… We once again thank you guys for your patience with the blog, expect a HUGE backlog of news stories to follow tomorrow!

keshi plane blog

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Disarticulators Wonder Festival Summer 2013 exclusives revealed…

wonder promo 2

First off, we’d like to give a massive apology to our readers for our lack of posts over the last week. What with Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Con over the weekend, and a whole load of casting to be done for a certain Wonder Festival in just a few days, we unfortunately had to put the old girl on the back burner… The good news is that we’ll be back at full steam in the morning with a whole host of new stories, PLUS the all important release details for tomorrow’s post-con drop! In the mean time, you’re just going to have to put up with a full rundown of what we’ll be offering up courtesy of Rampage Toys at Wonder Festival on Sunday… Enjoy!

Kesh-E-Face// We will be offering up both a restock of the original Rampage exclusive Green variant and a Wonder Festival exclusive marbled blue/red. Standing at 3″ tall and cast in a flexible keshi-style rubber, the loving tribute to all things MOTU comes with the standard 3-faced, fully rotating head. Packed with custom hand cut backers and blister bubbles, both colourways have been limited to 3 pieces each.

Madball of Death (The Deathball)// The fourth edition of our newly released AmToys homage, the MoD has been cast in a Rampage exclusive green w/pink insert. Consisting of 3 parts (2 magnetically joined halves and parasite insert), the figure comes bagged and headed with collaborative artwork from Zectron and Ralph Niese. Limited to just 3 this time around, there are talks of another limited run in the near future.

Cupcake Keshi Plane// Making a secret appearance at Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con over the weekend, Wonder Festival will see the official release of Rampage Toys‘ latest keshi, the Cupcake Plane! Sculpted by Jon Malmstedt using the Micro Cupcake Kaiju, the adorable little figure has been cast by the Disarticulators in a mix of flesh, red and blue rubber. Limited to just 11 this time around, each comes with interchangeable pilot plus 2 points of articulation.

photo 4

Elephantos// Designed and sculpted by the one and only turboPISTOLA, Elephantos receives his second exclusive keshi variant in a retina melting marble green/pink colourway! Cast by the Disarticulators in their special blend of super-bouncy rubber, the little guy has been limited to 4 bagged and headed pieces… Expect more news on the general release soon!

Higekami// The master of Beard-Fu makes one last exclusive appearance before his long overdue general release next month, coming in a stunning red/blue Wonder Festival colourway! Cast in a flexible rubber, the 2″ figure comes mounted on a thick, hand cut backer with SNES style insert and Beard Fist badge. These have been limited to 3 pieces.

Sgt. Angus// As with Elephantos, 1Shot Toysleader of the beef battalion makes his second appearance as a Rampage Toys exclusives. Again cast in the standard Rampage green/pink, the little guy has been limited to 3 pieces, each coming complete with die-cut vinyl sticker and cut-out-and-keep card.

H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series: Wave 1 FULL SET// The first and only time the whole of Wave 1 will be offered up together (barring Spanky Stokes’ FGF!), the full set of 10 figures have been cast in a vivid green and pink rubber. Missed out on the little guys the first time around? Then this is your chance to bag the lot at a single, reduced price!

photo 1 copy

Weirdos in Space// A huge success upon release last month, the Weirdos in Space, well Cupcake Lucha at least, has made a return! Cast in a Rampage exclusive silver w/ pink pilot, the multi-part rubber figure has been limited to just 4 this time around, with another batch in silver/green to follow next month.

The Critters// Last, but by no means least, Zectron‘s ever popular Critter inspired mini figure will be gracing Wonder Festival with yet another exclusive colourway! Matching both Kesh-E-Face, Higekami and the Cupcake Plane’s, the 1″ minis have been cast in a marble blue/red rubber. Limited to 4, each comes packed with an exclusive header and insert.

Due to go on sale this Sunday at the ‘Paralyzing Toys’ booth (8-28-09) alongside a whole host of other amazing artist’s work, any remaining stock will be heading to the Rampage Toys online store soon after. Stay tuned for more reveals from the booth (including the long awaited Rampage H.U.S.T.L.E APs!) later this week…

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Disarticulators’ Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con exclusives: Part 2…

final promo tatt real

As promised earlier in the week, we’re very proud to present the second round of exclusives we’ll be bringing along to the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this weekend! Featuring a mix of uber limited “Preview” edition figures, the return of Lobsterman, plus a second AshMadeThis exclusive, we bring you the full lowdown of what to expect, plus those all-important online sale details…

Snack Attack: Sgt Angus// Ahead of a full release next month, 1Shot Toys‘ first Snack Attack figure, Sgt Angus, receives his first official outing in a limited CTaTC preview exclusive! Cast in the standard neon orange/blue colourway by the Disarticulators’ Tru:Tek, the keshi-style rubber figure has been limited to 5 pieces, priced at £10 each. Expect more news on the general release next week…

Elephantos: Keshi Edition// Making the move into rubber courtesy of Tru:Tek, turboPISTOLA‘s awesome Elephantos mini figure will also be debuting as a preview exclusive. Packed with a header designed by Tru:Tek, this initial run has again been cast in a blue/orange mix. Limited to an edition of 5, these have been priced at £15 a piece.

TTFTD: Lobsterman// Everyone’s favourite Tiny Terrors from the Deep figure returns for CTaTC in it’s first marbled colourway! Sculpted by our very own Zectron and produced by Tru:Tek, the mini has been limited to just 5 this time around, priced at £10 each.

Star Flaws: D.E.A.T.H 3 Pack// The latest figures to feature in our Star Wars inspired H.U.S.T.L.E off-shoot, 3 of Edge of Doom‘s custom bootleg figures feature, including the highly popular Big Daddy Vain. Originally released in resin (and still available here), these have been cast in rubber by Tru:Tek, coming blister packed on an authentic M.U.S.C.L.E/Star Wars mash-up header. Available in both flesh and a con exclusive blue/orange, each has been limited to just 5 pieces at £20 each.

H.O.R.D.E Wave 2// Last, but by certainly no means least, we’re very proud to reveal the latest batch of H.O.R.D.E figures! Designed/sculpted by Ironhaus and produced by Tru:Tek, the 3 figures, Danny Cancer, Xackis and Sarcophokill, stand at just under 2″ of bone-crunching rubber. As with Star Flaws, these will be available in both flesh and orange/blue, offered up separately for £10 each. Colourways limited to just 5 of each design…

Unable to attend the con? Then you’ll be glad to know that any remaining stock will be heading to the Man-E-Toys store next Wednesday, July 24th at 9pm London time…

The CTaTC exclusive “Skate and Destroy” Critter from AshMadeThis x The Disarticulators…

critterheaderASH blog

Mentioned in our coverage of the “OG Cyclops” Madball of Death earlier in the week, we bring you a full reveal of the second exclusive AshMadeThis will be carrying at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this weekend… the “Skate and Destroy” Critter! The latest iteration of Zectron’s insanely popular mini, the figure has been cast by Tru:Tek in a marbled light blue/pink colourway, coming with the signature ‘safety manual’ insert and header art from Ash. Limited to 20 pieces, these will be available from the AshMadeThis booth for £10 each…


MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Disarticulators’ Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con exclusives: Part 1…

con promo real 1

With the first ever Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Con opening it’s doors next Saturday, we’ve decided to forego regular posting today to share with you guys the first round of exclusives we’ll be bringing along to the event! Featuring the return of a number of old favourites, some unexpected collaborations, plus the latest colourway of the highly popular Madball of Death, we bring you a rundown of the 4 that’ve been revealed so far…


The Critters// Resurrected one more time, Zectron’s infamous Critters inspired mini figure has been cast in a marbled neon orange/light blue keshi-style rubber for this CT&TC exclusive. Limited to just 10 pieces this time around, the bagged and headed 1.5″ tall beasties have been priced at £10 each.


Kesh-E-Face// Still to receive a formal general release, the highly sought after Kesh-E-Face will be making an exclusive appearance one last time before he hits the public domain! Once again cast in a neon orange/light blue rubber, the loving homage to all things MOTU stands at 3″ tall with rotating Man-E-Face style head. Packed on an authentic blister backer with artwork exclusive to the event, Kesh-E-Face has been limited to 10 pieces this time around, priced at £25 a piece.


Higekami// Another incredible mini figure sculpt from the one and only Zectron that is still to receive a general release, the Master of Beard-Fu has again been cast in a matching blue/orange rubber. Limited to 10 pieces, each figure comes backed on a vintage SNES-style backer complete with Higekami button for £15 each.


Madball of Death// Completing our first round of exclusives in style, we’re very proud to reveal that we have produced not 1, but 2 Madball of Death exclusives for the event! Again designed/sculpted by Zectron and produced by Tru:Tek in a super-bouncy rubber, The Disarticulator booth will be playing host to the orange/blue variant you see above, whilst a certain insanely talented tattoo artist will be carrying another… more news on that later today! Priced at £30 (TBC), both editions have been limited to just 10 pieces each.

Stay tuned as we reveal more exclusives throughout the week, and be sure to come back later to check out THAT new Madball colourway in full!