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MAN-E-NEWS// The Sucklord x L’Amour Supreme “Bootleg Party Packs” for Tiny Trifecta…

Tasked with creating a series of 3 small pieces of art for The Cotton Candy Machine‘s upcoming Tiny Trifecta group show, The Sucklord and L’Amour Supreme have teamed up to create 2 joint efforts, the aptly titled Bootleg Party Packs! Featuring 2 sets of 3 bootlegged figures from the Sucklord (our favourite has to be Steroid Shark!), the oversized carded blisters have been completely hand drawn by L’Amour. In-keeping with the show’s tight price limit, the 2 packs will be available for just $100 each… Be sure to head on down to the opening event on Saturday, July 7th at 7-11pm to be in with a chance of bagging one of these awesome sets.

MAN-E-NEWS// JellyBot 2.0 from Selina Briggs x Argonaut Resins…

The Jelly Empire’s Selina Briggs has just sent over a teaser for her latest project with Eric of Argonaut Resins, the JellyBot 2.0! Set to debut at the  MOCCA Festival in New York on April 28th and 29th, the pair have promised to reveal more about the project closer to the time. For now though, I guess we can only speculate from the above image what to expect- our money’s on a revised cube shaped body! Expect more info as soon as it hits…

MAN-E-NEWS// Art toy in a cup: The Creature Cups…

“Creeping along the bottom of your cup, the Octopus is up to noooo good. He’ll be a little startled if you catch him, and who knows what he’s doing if you don’t.”

Whilst sifting through the stacks of cool designers and products over at Storenvy yesterday, we stumbled upon the perfect drinking untensils for the most hardened of toy fanatics- the Creature Cups. Coming individually, or as sets of 2 and 4, each 11oz Creature Cup comes with it’s own amphibious beast that slowly emerges the more you drink! Designed by Broklyn based artist, Yumi, ‘Octopus’, ‘Sea Otter’, ‘Lobster’, and ‘Crocodile’ are available for just $14.99 each, or $49.99 for the set, exclusively from Yumi’s store here


MAN-E-NEWS// ‘Super Fattie’ 6″ Fatcap from Queen Andrea x Kidrobot…

Dropping alongside Frank Kozik’s ‘Bondage’ Labbit this month comes the arrival of Kidrobot‘s latest 6″ Fatcap, the ‘Super Fattie’ from New York based artist, Queen Andrea. It’s been nearly 3 years since we last saw the super-sized Fatcap platform in action (Toofly’s 2009 addition was the last, I think?!), so it was a great surprise to see it in action again in such a timely fashion. Instead of re-interpreting her recent ‘Bombo’ series 3 Fatcap (which I’d also love to see in this size!), Queen Andrea has gone to town on a design full of throw-ups, retro patterns, and vivid colours that better suit the added scale. Limited to 1000 pieces (with 1 in 6 coming in the purple and gray chase colour), Super Fattie will be available from all good Kidrobot retailers from March 22nd for just $60 a piece…

Occupy Cybertron: New works from the Sucklord @ End of the Century

Check out the updated post including artwork here!Opening Monday December 5th at New York Lower East Side’s  “The End of the Century” gallery, “Occupy Cybertron” is the latest exhibition from bootleg toy supremo, the Sucklord. His first appearance since being voted off Bravo’s “Work of Art”, the Sucklord’s latest show pays homage to the Occupy Wall Street Movement, in his trademark sucky style. Featuring a huge collection of toys, including exclusive classic bootleg figures, mini 3″ “protestor” figures, and the first ever Suckadelic excursion into 8″ “Mego Style” toys, Occupy Cybertron is gearing up to be one of the Sucklord’s biggest shows yet.

In a collaboration with Apro Nation and Sidekick, the Sucklord has also created a range of exclusive trading cards for the event- with packs going free to anyone who turns up suitably dressed for the event. Sucklord’s long-time co-conspirator The Crystal Pharoah will be on hand for dj duties on the night, with drinks coming courtesy of Beerlao.

Sucklord, acting as the leader of the Decepticons, will defend his vast fortunes against a solidarity protest of Autobots, AKA the 99%, who will attempt to“occupy” the End of Century retail space and gallery in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Occupy Cybertron runs from 7-9pm December 5th at The End of the Century gallery and retail space, NY. Check the Sucklord’s Flickr page here for previews and further updates.

Jerk of Art

To commemorate (?!) his recent departure from Bravo’s Work of Art television show, the Sucklord recently revealed his latest bootleg style figure- the Jerk of Art. Featuring the show’s host Morgan Philips in his pants, the figure has been carded in Sucklord’s trademark lo-fi style (with added put downs on the reverse!). No news has been given of yet as to the release, but be sure to check Sucklord’s blog here for more information.

(photos- sucklord)

‘Carry The Fun’ New Works By Sonni @ MPH: Artwork Reveal

(Che Gomita by Sonni)

Running until the end of this week (November 27th) at My Plastic Heart’s NYC showrooms, ‘Carry The Fun’ is the latest debut show from Argentine artist and graphic designer Sonni. Featuring a collection of nine paintings and over forty of Sonni’s trademark wooden house sculptures, the exhibition has recently been put online, with all of the works available to purchase through MPH’s store (the ‘standing houses’ are available for $40 each, whilst paintings range between $60-$3,800).

MPH explain a little about the project-

“In Carry the Fun, Sonni portrays the virtuous fun in carrying the responsibility of the craft; that when artistic obstacles are mixed with passion and fun, the burden seems weightless.”

(Carry The Funhouse by Sonni)

(Squashed by Sonni)

(Cohete/Everyone Wants to Live Here by Sonni)

(Various Standing Houses by Sonni)

Hailing from Argentina, Sonni has worked for a number of different agencies both at home and in the US, with a long list of clients including the likes of Coke, Nike, Visa, McDonalds, MTV and Nickelodeon. His murals and illustrations have featured on walls and galleries around the world, with his recent large-scale ‘Boombox’ mural named “Best Public Art of 2011” by the Miami Times (pictured below). Founder of Brooklyn based Sonni Studios, Sonni  blends his love of illustration, animation, and public art in what has to be one of the most dynamic agencies in recent years. Check Sonni Studios’ site here for a further look at their extensive portfolio.

(Boombox by Sonni)

‘Carry The Fun’
New Works from Sonni
My Plastic Heart NYC
November 3rd – November 27th 2011

(photos- MPH)

TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’ @ Opera Gallery, NY

Opening this Friday evening (October 21st) at the Opera Gallery, NYC, ‘Life Cycles’ is the latest exhibition by the infamous street art crew, Trustocorp. Featuring the group’s larger-than-life approach across film, painting and interactive sculpture, Life Cycles is set to be their most ambitious project to date.

“After a long summer of highly publicized, illegal street projects ranging from fake bus stop ads for ‘The Real Housewives of Baghdad’ to illegal billboards for ‘Drive Thru Lipo Suction’, the anonymous art collective brings their work in doors for a more in depth look at their p…erspective on the state of American culture. The exhibition examines the experience of growing up and dying American with four installations representing childhood, puberty, adulthood and death. With the American Life Cycle as a jump off point, TrustoCorp brandishes satire and criticism through a range of over 50 works including stained glass windows, giant board games, kiddie rides, fortune tellers and vintage arcade games.”

-Life Cycle press

Botched Operation, Trustocorp 2011

100% American, Trustocorp 2011

Various Trustocorp NY signs

Forming shortly after the 2008 Presidential election, Trustocorp quickly gained notoriety by making and installing illegal political and satirical street signs across 13 of the US’ major cities. Once word was out about the crew’s intentions, Trustocorp was able to recruit a large following of volunteers, who actively install, paste and spread their socially conscious work and ideas across the country.

Having conquered the street, Trustocorp have been working on several different projects leading up to Life Cycles, including illegally ‘shop-dropped’ fake products (pictured), fake tabloid magazines and illegal billboard post-ups. Their latest efforts have caused quite a stir in the mainstream media, with features on the likes of ABC, Fox and BBC World News.

Shop-Dropped Fake Trustocorp Cereal Box

Pin drops of Trustocorp’s work across New York, one finger up to the establishment!

Alongside the massive undertaking of the Life Cycles show, Trustocorp have also been working closely with Everlast on the video for their latest single, ‘I Get By’. Featuring the masked artists at work across New York City’s streets, the film sees them spraying, painting and installing their infamous signs- at one point directly in front of the NYPD! Check out the video below.

Everlast feat.Trustocorp- I Get By [Music Video] 2011

Life Cycles- New Works by TrustoCorp

115, Spring Street

October 21st – November 11th 2011

(photos- trustocorp)