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Mighty Mashroom’s Marco, Drake and Skull Face debut…


Mighty Mashroom‘s MOTU-style sofubi action figure returns with 2 new head variants

  • Size: 4.5″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, arms, waist), plus removable hand cast sword/battle axe and shield
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 6,000yen each plus shipping (TBC)
  • The He Man-esque Marco, Drake and Skull Face come cast in a mix of flesh, green and purple sofubi for their debut release, coming with various masked/free sprays and matching accessories
  • Going on sale in the Imitation Gold store this Sunday, December 9th at 12am Japan time

Tractor’s latest Toxi mail order…

Newtervision‘s MOTU-style sofubi action figure returns in 2 new painted colorways this week

  • Size: 4.5″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, arms, waist), plus removable rubber cast sword, battle axe and belt
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 6,000yen each plus shipping (TBC)
  • The He Man-esque Toxi comes cast in both green and blue sofubi for this release, both coming with masked neon pink and blue sprays with matching accessories
  • Going on sale in the Imitation Gold store this Saturday, January 28th at 12am Japan time

Newtervision’s Mighty Mashroom keshi…


Originally debuting at Superfestival, Newtervision‘s latest keshi makes an online appearance this week

  • Size: 2.5″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 3,000yen (TBC)
  • Designed and sculpted by Newtervision, the articulated Mighty Mashroom comes cast in 4 different colors for its first release; flesh, mint, purple and gray
  • Going on sale in the Mighty Mashroom store this Saturday, October 14th at 10am Japan time

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Newtervision’s WF exclusive SD Scopedog keshi…


With Wonderfestival Winter 2016 just a few days away now, keshi producer Newtervision has just unveiled the first exclusive figure he’ll have up for grabs at the event, a breathtaking “SD” Votoms Scopedog keshi! Officially licensed by Armored Trooper Votoms’ producer Sunrise, the beautifully realised mech has been sculpted in-scale with the vintage Marukoshi SD Gundam Deca figures at an oversized 2.5″-3″ tall. Cast in a selection of flesh and army green colored soft resin, the little guys come packed with a removable heavy machine gun and insert for just 3,000yen ($25) a piece. Those lucky enough to attend Wonderfestival this Sunday, February 7th can find the Votoms SD Scopedogs alongside a whole host of other exclusives at the Paralyzing Toyz booth (8-26-06)…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Wonderfestival exclusive “Gonbi” Ikki keshi from Newtervision…


Having had continued success with their “Karnov” keshi last year, Newtervision are proud to reveal that they’ve secured yet another one-day license for Wonderfestival Summer ’15, taking on Sunsoft’s cult scrolling action game “Ikki” (Riot)! Based on lead protagonist “Gonbi”, the little guy has been faithfully recreated in the classic keshi style, standing at around 2.5″ tall and coming complete with his signature bambo kendo stick and emakimono (Japanese scroll). Debuting at the Paralyzing Toyz WF booth (5-28-02) next Sunday, July 26th in the standard flesh-tone colorway, Gonbi is likely to set you back around 3,000yen ($24)…

MAN-E-NEWS// Newtervision’s Dracula-inspired Deformate keshi revealed…


With “Frank”, “Madman” and “Pyonshi” releasing last year to huge critical acclaim (check them here if you haven’t already), Newtervison‘s horror keshi series “Deformate” is set to return soon with the arrival of an all-new Dracula inspired figure! Pictured here on the work-bench of sculptor Kto Kto as a near-finished clay prototype, the little guy is very much in-keeping with the previous figures (pictured here with Frank), featuring a chunky super-deformed aesthetic and coming in at around 2.5″ tall. Whilst release details are still scarce at present, we’re guessing the latest Deformate will be making his debut in a selection of different colored rubber/resin at Design Fiesta 41 later this month. Stay tuned for more news as soon as we hear anything!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Amazing Modelling Expo exclusive “Giant” MASH keshi from Newtervision…


Newtervision is proud to reveal that the latest figure in his ongoing MASH keshi series, “Giant”, will be making a return this week for the Amazing Modelling Expo in Osaka! Standing at an oversized 2.5″ tall, the split torso, resin/rubber hybrid will be up for grabs in 2 mixed part colorways; black with metallic purple and “devil” red with gun metal grey. Touching down at the Newtervision booth (1f) this coming Tuesday, May 5th for around 2,500yen ($21) each, we can but hope for some form of online release soon after…