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MAN-E-NEWS// New Occupy Cybertron and Gay Energon figures from The Sucklord…

After months of agonising waiting, The Sucklord’s Occupy Cybertron figures have finally made it into the Suckadelic store! As with the previous editions, there are two very different figures to choose from; the standard Occupy Cybertron bootleg in a fetching Optimus Prime inspired red, white, blue and black, and the “Delux” version, which stands at a “Mego” sized 8″, coming complete with cloth outfit and gold pin, packaged on a wood panel backing card. Priced at $85 and $375 respectively, the dreaded “ONE PERCENT” Supervillains can be found on the store right here… Joining the long awaited pair, The Sucklord has also released yet another Transformers bootleg in the form of Beta Banjee, the latest figure in the Gay Energon line! Hand cast and painted in the usual mix of pink and silver, the 3.75″ figure comes mounted on a blister card. Limited to just 50 pieces, Beta Banjee can be yours for just $85 plus shipping…


MAN-E-NEWS// The Rejects & Chop Suey 2 from The Sucklord…

Arriving a little later than expected, The Sucklord‘s latest cynical cash-in, the Rejects Series 2, are finally available in the Suckstore! Consisting of miss-casts, colour tests and other random crap hobbled together to create the Frankentein-esque monsters you see before you, the Rejects 2 features parts from many of The Sucklord’s work, past, present and future (!), including Liquorice Lesley, Gay Energon, Occupy Cybertron and Karate Chumps. Limited to 90 pieces, the blister carded figures are available for the princely sum of $85 each… Looking for something even crappier than the Rejects? Well your in luck, as last year’s Chop Suey has also made a reappearance! Coming packaged in a pint-sized takeaway container, the latest batch of Chop Suey contains all of the strange, bottom-of-the-Barrel resin scraps not even good enough to be resurrected as a figure… Priced at just $50 per box, The Sucklord has included a pair of Suckadelic chop sticks to help soften the blow of buying such utter rubbish!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Chop Suey Rejects 2: Reanimators from The Sucklord…

“Resurrected from the shit pile…”

Having already managing to shift a ton of crappy defected resin in the first Chop Suey Rejects sale last year, The Sucklord is about to pull the same cheap move again- with the announcement of round 2! Set to drop in the Suckadelic store at some point this week, the latest batch of colour tests, broken figures, miss-castings and random junk have be cobbled together to create one of the artist’s most cynical and money-grabbing series yet- awesome! Consisting of toys from projects past, present and future (!), judging by the posted pic it appears that rejects from the recent Karate Chumps, Gay Energon, Occupy Cybertron and MicroSexual Suck-Peg lines will all feature… Be sure to stay locked on the Suckadelic twitter feed for release details in the next few days.

Artwork Reveal: The Sucklord’s Occupy Cybertron @ End of the Century NYC

Featured last week here at TTF, the Sucklord’s Occupy Cybertron opened on Monday (December 5th) at the End of the Century retail and gallery space to huge success. Making an unusual departure from his extensive work with the Star Wars universe, the Sucklord’s latest collection of suited and boot-legged Transformers, mini 3″ “protestor” figures, and his first excursion into 8″ “Mego Style” toys are some of the most desirable sucky art we’ve seen!

Unfortunately none of the toys have been made available to the general public yet, but keep checking the Suckadelic store here for updates.

The Sucklord recent put photos of the “stash” on-line, here are some of the highlights-

Sucklord, acting as the leader of the Decepticons, will defend his vast fortunes against a solidarity protest of Autobots, AKA the 99%, who will attempt to“occupy” the End of Century retail space and gallery in New York City’s Lower East Side. -Event press

(photos- sucklord)

Occupy Cybertron: New works from the Sucklord @ End of the Century

Check out the updated post including artwork here!Opening Monday December 5th at New York Lower East Side’s  “The End of the Century” gallery, “Occupy Cybertron” is the latest exhibition from bootleg toy supremo, the Sucklord. His first appearance since being voted off Bravo’s “Work of Art”, the Sucklord’s latest show pays homage to the Occupy Wall Street Movement, in his trademark sucky style. Featuring a huge collection of toys, including exclusive classic bootleg figures, mini 3″ “protestor” figures, and the first ever Suckadelic excursion into 8″ “Mego Style” toys, Occupy Cybertron is gearing up to be one of the Sucklord’s biggest shows yet.

In a collaboration with Apro Nation and Sidekick, the Sucklord has also created a range of exclusive trading cards for the event- with packs going free to anyone who turns up suitably dressed for the event. Sucklord’s long-time co-conspirator The Crystal Pharoah will be on hand for dj duties on the night, with drinks coming courtesy of Beerlao.

Sucklord, acting as the leader of the Decepticons, will defend his vast fortunes against a solidarity protest of Autobots, AKA the 99%, who will attempt to“occupy” the End of Century retail space and gallery in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Occupy Cybertron runs from 7-9pm December 5th at The End of the Century gallery and retail space, NY. Check the Sucklord’s Flickr page here for previews and further updates.

Jerk of Art

To commemorate (?!) his recent departure from Bravo’s Work of Art television show, the Sucklord recently revealed his latest bootleg style figure- the Jerk of Art. Featuring the show’s host Morgan Philips in his pants, the figure has been carded in Sucklord’s trademark lo-fi style (with added put downs on the reverse!). No news has been given of yet as to the release, but be sure to check Sucklord’s blog here for more information.

(photos- sucklord)