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Blurble’s Garglmon debut…


Unveiled last week, Blurble‘s latest sofubi is set for its first release next week

  • Size: 8″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Edition size: 4
  • Price: $90 plus shipping
  • Inspired by cult toy Ooze-It, Garglmon has been digitally sculpted based on an original design by Blurble, coming cast by Grody Shogun in a Japanese soft vinyl
  • Limited to just 4 pieces for its first outing, Garglmon has been treated to several different paint applications by Blurble on an undisclosed vinyl base
  • Going on sale in the Blurble store on Wednesday, December 14th at 6pm Pacific time

Hell painter’s Sufes 73 exclusive Hell Maijin sofubi…

Hell Painter‘s incredible Hell Maijin garage kit finally gets a release in sofubi next month

  • Size: 7″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, arms, tongue)
  • Edition size: 30
  • Price: 8000yen
  • Cast up in a green colored soft vinyl for its first outing (flesh test pull pictured), Hell Painter’s ultimate homage to Ooze-It will be going on sale via their Superfestival 73 booth on January 8th, 2017. Here’s hoping for an online release soon after!

Blurble’s Garglmon revealed…


Originally teased way over a year ago now, Blurble‘s latest sofubi is now finally ready for release

  • Size: 8″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Price: TBC
  • Inspired by cult toy Ooze-It, Garglmon has been digitally sculpted based on an original design by Blurble, coming cast by Grody Shogun in a Japanese soft vinyl
  • Originally intended for release at DCon ’16, we’re told that the first release will be making it’s way onto Blurble’s store very soon. Keep track of the artist’s Instagram feed here for drop details soon

Kuidaore Toy’s latest overseas sale…


Kuidaore Toy make their quartet of keshi available to overseas customers for one last time

The sale features the following figures (starting top left):

  • Melty Moldy (flesh, vermilion, pink, green, blue), $18
  • Mr Rucksack (flesh, vermilion, pink, green, blue), $18
  • Tsukimono Tatary (lavender), $18
  • Kokekakky (pink, lavender), $18

Interested parties are going to need to send the name of their desired product, their own name, Instagram ID, country, shipping address, phone number and PayPal account to before close on November 28th

Creepy Co’s Oozing enamel pin set…

Whilst not strictly a toy, the latest release from horror merch industry leaders Creepy Company was just too good for us Ooze-It obsessed collectors to ignore… proudly presenting the “Oozing” enamel pin! A perfect homage to the cult classic doll, this high quality hat pin perfectly recreates old Oozie’s face to a tee, coming complete with real “working” ooze holes, a tub of ooze to play with, plus a card backer that faithfully recreates the original Ooze-It packaging. Currently available through the Creep Company store right here for $19 plus shipping, a cheaper variant (top right) that comes without ooze can also be found for just $12… As with most of Creepy Co’s releases, we suggest heading over to the store quick if fancy picking them up as they certainly wont be around for long!

Tru:Tek’s one-off Earthly, Mimi Monster and Ooze-faced Jinmenken for the Gory Hole relaunch…

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 22.38.43

Joining the slew of shirts, pins, patches and keshi that’ll be dropping as part of the Gory Hole relaunch tomorrow evening, owner Tru:Tek will also have a trifecta of one-off custom sofubi up for grabs too! Here’s a quick rundown of what will be on offer in-store (minus a couple of surprises) come 9pm London time this Friday, June 24th…

terminator earthly

“Terminator” Earthly// One of six custom Earthlys Tru:Tek will be releasing over the next couple of months, this “Boy” version has been cast in a flesh-tone soft vinyl complete with blood red, flesh, black and silver sprays to resemble the one and only Termonator. Packed with removable mask that reveals Arnie’s true android self, the future cyborg-come-Earth conscious diety has been priced at $160 plus shipping…

mad mimi

“War Pup” Mimi Monster// Hot on the heals of the recent PiguMimi run, this one-off Mimi Monster comes sprayed in a mix of flesh, pink and brown over a black rub, complete with “Valhala” silver sprays, real leather strap and weathered neck scarf to resemble the young War Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road. The War Pup can be yours for $150…

butter oozedog

“Neo Ice Cream” Ooze-faced Jinmenken// The latest version of Tru:Tek and Awesome Toy’s Oozeball/Jinmenken mash-up, this one-off has been cast in a mix of flesh and yellow soft vinyl, coming with mint blue, flesh and neon sprays with purple detailing. Featuring a removable cap on the ball for dual display, the “Neo Ice Cream” Ooze-faced Jinmenken has been priced at $170…

Tru:Tek’s Slimerballs and Norris Oozecrab for the Xenoplasm group show…

unnamed-9 2

With the highly anticipated Xenoplasm group show touching down at Melbourne’s Outre Gallery in just a couple of weeks time, our very own Tru:Tek exclusively reveals the 2 entries he’ll have up for grabs! First off, we have the Slimerball micro-run. A mash-up of the Oozeball and STKL Toys‘ Uneasy Joe (in particular, his arms!), this limited edition of just 3 balls have been treated to various slime-green, purple and pink sprays to resemble everyone’s favourite little spud Slimer, coming complete with yellow-sprayed glass eyes to match the original 80’s Kenner toy…

unnamed-14 2

Next, we have the Norris Oozecrab one-off. Once again featuring a number of arms from STKL’s Uneasy Joe (5 this time!), the custom, based on the fateful Norris from cult horror flick The Thing, has been treated to layers of fleshy sprays, blood splatters, a blood shot glass eye stalk and a gruesome hi-gloss finish. On display alongside a whole host of other one-offs and painted runs at the event on July 8th, interested parties can get a preview of what will be on offer by checking out the event’s dedicated Instagram feed right here