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MAN-E-NEWS// The first painted “Hag-X” and “Dark Side Hunter-X” sofubi from Rampage Toys x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Skull Head Butt revealed…


Originally teased here last week in blank flesh vinyl, the latest round of Skull Head Butt “X” figures from Rampage Toys and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore have finally been revealed in their debut painted colorways! Featuring a Skeletor-inspired witch going by the name of Hag from Rampage and a sinister six-eyed alien called Dark Side Hunter from MVH, the pair have been produced in the afforementioned flesh toned vinyl with paint apps from Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt; Hag-X coming with red, white and gold sprays over a black rub, and Dark Side Hunter-X, a mix of metallic teal, black, silver, pink and yellow sprays with silver detailing. Going on sale at the “Clash of the Titans” show at Rampage Studios this Friday, June 26th for an undisclosed sum, we’re told that a limited number will be held back for an online release soon after- more details on that later on this week!