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ShinGangu’s Kaijyu Battleground: Ep01 playset…

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We bring back SoftoyHobby this weekend to shine a light on the debut sofubi from our very own ShinGangu imprint… the Kaijyu Battleground playset!

  • Price: $249.99 plus shipping 
  • Size: 6”x5” (playset), 1.75” (micros)
  • Articulation: 1 point (lid)
  • Contents: 1x playset, 2x micro, 1x boat omake, 1x seal pack, 1x pin 1x coloring book
  • The Line: Inspired by classic kaiju and the pachimon sub-culture, Kaijyu Battleground is an all-new series from the mind of ShinGangu’s TruTek. Set to feature a whole host of full-size figures and playsets, each will pay homage to a particular film, series or theme, whilst also helping to expand the deep alt-narrative planned for the many locations and characters in-store. The first set – Gargamon Vs Baraton – has its roots dug firm in Toho’s Frankenstein CtW and follow-up, War of the Gargantuas, featuring a similar heart (the playsets shell), caveman-like character and kaiju, all set against a post-war landscape in a Mighty Max-style format.

top down playset

  • The Playset: Kaiju Battleground Ep1 features a 3 part design complete with removable lid plus 2 micros, coming cast in a flesh tone Japanese soft vinyl and treated to various sprays, brush detailing and extensive flocking, all sealed with a super-smooth satin gloss. Sculpts courtesy of Kto Kto, paint/prototyping, ShinGangu.
  • Extras: Each playset comes complete with a number of extras, including a magnetic boat omake that can be held by Gargamon, a seal sticker pack, pin and coloring book that details the origins of KB.
  • How To Purchase: The Kaijyu Battleground playset will be available via a 48hr limited mail order starting 4pm London time this Thursday, September 12th. Interested parties can fill out the dedicated form RIGHT HERE. In the event of receiving more entries than allotted stock, a lottery will be held to determine successful applicants. 
  • Shipping will commence November 2019.

MAN-E-NEWS// Chris Grondin x Scumbags and Superstars’ “Slimey Siamese” Scumball revealed…


Having recently produced Madball-style figures for both Blurble and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, artist Chris Grondin has teamed up with none other than Scumbags and Superstars to kickstart their long awaited “Scumballs” line… starting with the jaw dropping “Slimey Siamese” you see above! Based on an original character design from longtime S&S collaborator Sexual Youkai, the suitably gross-looking ball had been hand sculpted by Chris at around 3″ wide, coming cast in an authentic latex foam and layered with a ton of sprays and brushed detailing. Going on sale in strictly limited quantities through the S&S store, be sure to keep checking the S&S Instagram feed here for first word on the drop soon…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Disarticulators’ Ooze-Claw sale tonight…

photo (42)

With the highly anticipated Ooze-Claw sale going live on the Man-E-Toys store tonight (1/15) at 9pm London time, we thought we’d give you a quick recap of the three separate releases that’ll be on offer- plus an exclusive look at the remaining custom one-offs that we held back from our post yesterday!

Ooze-Claw General Release// Created as a display stand for both the Ooze-Ball and MoD, this 2-part rubber piece will be available in 4 different colourways chosen to match past Ooze-Ball releases; an “Original” neon green and pink, a “Vintage” green and pink, a “Stealth” black, plus a “Crystal” clear cast in our special premium rubber. Available on their own for $14 each ($18 for Crystal), we will also be offering them up with a matching ball for $38 ($40 for Crystal)- both options coming bagged with a header co-designed by The Disarticulators and Ralph Niese…

“Cosmos Alien” [Print Ver.] Ooze-Ball & Claw set// Taking direct inspiration from the original Cosmos Alien (Ooze-It gachapon bootleg) print ad, the Ooze-Ball has been cast in a similar dark green with a silver marble this time around, whilst the Claw has been treated to a solid orangey red that matches the pictured plug accessory. Limited to an edition of just 5, each set is due to come packed with an exclusive Cosmos header for $40 plus shipping.

“One-Off” Micro Run Ooze-Ball & Claw set// Joining the Cosmos Aliens, we’ll also be unleashing a number of one-off Ooze sets too! Cast in a mix of two and three tone marbles with matching display stands, these are due to come bagged and headed for $45 plus shipping. Pictured here are the remaining three omitted from our early post- head over to the Man-E-Toys IG feed for a closer look!

photo 6

MAN-E-NEWS// One-off Oozeball and Claw sets releasing tomorrow…

photo 2 copy 2

With the Ooze-Claw display stands touching down in the Man-E-Toys store tomorrow (9pm London time), we’re proud to unveil the third and final part of the gargantuan release… a micro run of custom one-off Oozeball & Claw sets! Cast up by our very own Tru:Tek in a number of different colourways, including both two and three tone marbles, mixed parts and hand sprays, the unique packs are due to come bagged and headed for $45 each. Edition size won’t be revealed until tomorrow (the balls pictured are just a taster!), so be sure to keep checking the Man-E-Toys IG feed here for more customs revealed throughout the day… Stay tuned for a full recap ahead of the release tomorrow!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Cosmos Alien Ooze-Ball and Claw set revealed…

cosmos promo

With the launch of the Disarticulators‘ Ooze-Claw display stand in just a couple of days time, we’ve decided to unveil one of the many surprises that’ll be accompanying the drop… the “Cosmos Alien” Ooze set! Taking direct inspiration from the original Cosmos Alien (Ooze-It gachapon bootleg) print ad, the Ooze-Ball has been cast in a similar dark green with a silver marble, whilst the Claw has been treated to a solid orangey red that matches the plug accessory. Limited to an edition of just 5 this time around, each set is due to come packed with an exclusive Cosmos header for $40 plus shipping. Look out for them alongside the Claws this Wednesday, January 15th at 9pm London time in the Man-E-Toys store!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Disarticulators’ Ooze-Claw pre-sale and general release revealed…

oozeclaw options promo2

With both Superfestival 64 and (In)Action Figure 2 exclusives now finished off and heading to their desired locations, The Disarticulators can now finally announce the full release of the Ooze-Claw! Created as a display stand for both the Ooze-Ball and MoD, the 2-part piece will initially be offered up via e-mail to all who placed an order in the last Oozeball sale, with a total of 4 different options up for grabs; an “Original” neon green and pink, a “Vintage” green and pink, a “Stealth” black, plus an “Early Bird” orange and blue exclusive- all for the low pre-sale price of just $12 each plus shipping…

oozeclaw options 2

Those who purchased their Ooze-Ball(s) earlier, or who are looking to bag both the stand and ball as a set, fret not! The Disarticulators will also be offering up a number of different options in the Man-E-Toys store next Wednesday, January 15th at 9pm London time, including matching sets ($38), singles ($14), plus a number of exciting one-offs that fans are not going to want to miss… Keep track of the Man-E-Toys IG feed for reveals over the next few days, and to those who placed an order over the past month or so, expect an e-mail later on today!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Rampage Toys exclusive “Hawaii Version” Ooze-Ball and Claw set from The Disarticulators…

hawaii promo newe

Hot off the heals of the (In)Action Figure 2 exclusives revealed over the weekend, The Disarticulators come with the latest edition of their new Ooze-Ball and Claw set… the Rampage Toys “Hawaii” version! Due to be making an appearance at Superfestival next Sunday, January 12th, both rubber ball and claw have been cast in a selection of vintage “Hawaii” kaiju inspired colours this time around, including fleshy pink, dark blue, black and yellow.

photo (24)

Limited to an edition of 10 unique sets, each coming with 4 randomly mixed parts, the Hawaii Version Ooze-Ball and Claw are due to come bagged and headed with exclusive artwork from Disarticulator, Tru:Tek, for around 4,000yen (approx. $40) each… Stay tuned for details of the online release soon!