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James Groman x Lulubell Toys’ Rotten Rexx and Diceratops garage kits…


Groman‘s undead dinos return as part of a special garage kit release this week

  • Size: 15″
  • Articulation: 9 points (head, arms, wrists, legs, ankles)
  • Edition sizes: Open
  • Price: $235 each plus shipping (standalone heads $65)
  • Produced by Grody Shogun in his all-new industrial glow sofubi, both Rotten Rexx and Diceratops remain unassembled and unpainted for this release
  • Full body figures and standalone heads can currently be found in the Lulubell store right here
  • Shipping estimated July/August 2017

Dski One’s Rotten Rexx micro-run…

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James Groman and Lulubell Toys’ Rotten Rexx is back for 2017 in the form of artist painted micro runs, first up coming in the form of 2015’s Rotten Rexx painting contest winner Dski One

  • Size: 13″
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $250 plus shipping
  • Cast in what appears to be a pink sofubi (TBC), Rexx has been treated to layers of neon green, purple and white sprays courtesy of Dski One
  • Available via e-mail lottery until April 14th Noon Pacific time, interested parties are going to need to send their full name (in English), shipping address, PayPal address and shipping method choice (Priority/EMS) to, being sure to include “Dski One Rexx Lottery” in the subject title
  • Alongside Rexx, the mini-sized Rancid Raptors have also made a reappearance, with 3 colorways on a dark brown sofubi base currently available in the Lulubell store for $25 each plus shipping

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James Groman’s “Meat” Rotten Rexx preorder…


The humungous Rotten Rexx returns in Grody Shogun’s signature “Meat” marbled colorway

  • Size: 15″
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs)
  • Edition size: Open
  • Price: $250 plus shipping
  • Cast by Grody Shogun in a marbled red and off-white soft vinyl by Grody Shogun
  • Currently available in the Lulubell Toys store via open preorder right here

MAN-E-NEWS// James Groman x Lulubell Toys’ latest Zombiesaur sofubi revealed…


Hot on the heals of the recently revealed diplodocus proto (check it here), it would appear that another entry into James Groman‘s Zombiesaurs line will be making it out of the blocks first, the awesome, as-yet-untitled ankylosaur you see above! Designed and sculpted by James in-scale with the previous Rancid Raptor mini release, the gorgeous 2-part figure is currently at the wax prototyping stage ahead of full soft vinyl production courtesy of Lulubell Toys in Japan. Whilst a specific release date is still to be set, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for the figure’s debut over the coming months…

MAN-E-NEWS// James Groman’s third Zombiesaur sofubi revealed…


Having had continued success with both Rotten Rexx and the more recent Rancid Raptor sofubi, James Groman has got to work on a third dino for the ongoing Zombiesaurs line! Whilst the beast is still to receive a name just yet – or a pair of legs judging by the above pic! – it would appear the diplodocus inspired figure will be in-scale with the previous releases, sitting between the two at a mid-sized 7″-8″ tall. Due for soft vinyl production in Japan courtesy of Lulubell Toys soon, be sure to keep a close eye on Groman’s Instagram feed here for more updates on this must-have figure soon…

MAN-E-NEWS// The DCon exclusive Lazzuraxx Idols of Ressurection from James Groman x Lulubell Toys…


Having debuted at NYCC last month, James Groman‘s Lazzuraxx Idol of Ressurection returns for Designer Con 2014 this weekend courtesy of Lulubell Toys! Featuring the original 2.5″ tall design that was created as a pendant for Groman’s Rotten Rexx figure, this has been joined by a new upscaled version that can be worn as a standalone piece of jewellery. Hand cast in resin, treated to several detail hugging washes and finished with authentic beaded string necklaces, both Idols will be up for grabs at the Lulubell Toys booth over the next 2 days for around $25 and $50 respectively (TBC)…

MAN-E-NEWS// The DCon exclusive Rancid Raptor “Grab Back” bags from James Groman x Lulubell Toys revealed…


Following its debut at NYCC earlier in the month, Luke Rook over at Lulubell Toys has revealed that the Rancid Raptor sofubi is set to return for a special Designer Con 2014 exclusive “Grab Back” bag release! Designed and sculpted by James Groman and produced by Lulubell in Japan, the 2-part, 4″ tall sofubi mini is the first in a series of companion figures for the gigantic Rotten Rexx. Whilst little is known about the release save the above image at present, it would appear that the little guys will be offered up “blind bag” style, coming in a selection of different colors including light green, GID, orange and a super-limited flesh/black marble. Stay tuned for more info on the release closer to the event in just a couple of weeks time!